Age of Empires III

The latest installment of the famous Age of Empires series, Age of Empires III brings the colonization of the New World - from the American Revolution to the westward expansion to the battlefield, as well as a few key new features. Armed with new units and the new home city feature, you have the power to dominate your opponents, or get crushed trying. By sending shipments from the motherland, reinforcements can be available in a tight spot or just used to build the army with which your enemy will meet his downfall. The new graphics engine makes this a truely eye-popping game, with the ability for parts of buildings to fly off at random when struck and infantry to be send flying over cliffs and into water by cannon fire. Overall, this is one sweet game and if your looking to buy a good rts, this is one of your best bets.

Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs Expansion:

The expansion pack to the ever popular Age of Empires III, The Warchiefs adds new elements to the already extensive features of the original. It adds 3 new playable Native American factions to the fray, allowing the player the chance to control the ingeneous Iroquis, the agile Sioux, and even the mighty Aztec. The European nations also get some handy new features such as the ability to revolt in the fourth age, allowing access to the new Revolution home city deck. If you were a big fan of Age of Empires III, you'll love this new expansion.

Age of Mythology

Play as the Greeks, Norse, and Egyptians in this RTS game that combines regular human soldiers with mythological units. Use god powers to create havoc in your enemy’s empire, ranging from a swarm of locusts to devastate crops to a meteor shower to destroy units and set buildings on fire. Use heroes and Myth units to destroy your enemy. Play through the singleplayer campaign or face others online in multiplayer. Guide your civilization through four ages, and come out victorious, or the loser, in the end!

Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion:

Adding the Atlanteans to the ever-popular Age of Mythology, The Titans Expansion adds many new features to this great game. Now, not only are you able to advance to the Mythic Age, you may go a step further and advance to the Titan Age, where you may dig a Titan gate and let loose this powerful unit. Play as the Atlanteans and have more heroes than ever before, since you can now upgrade all human units to heroes. Continue the story with a new Atlantean campaign, and use more god powers, heroes, and units to destroy your enemy.


Age of Empires III:

Age of Mythology:

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