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Full Name: Ryan Burton

Alias: Flamzeron, Tasuke (on YouTube)


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My Fandubbing Resume

Recurring roles are in bold.

Lemon Gumi Fandub - Veigue Lungberg

Tales of Stupidity - Lloyd Irving, Veigue Lungberg

Tales of Stupidity 2 - Lloyd Irving, Luke fon Fabre, Kratos Aurion

Tales of the One Heart - Ohira Imasu

Tales of Stupidity 3 - Lloyd Irving

Tales of Edlessia - Lucion Thyme

Tales of the Masks - Alexander Ares

Tales of Grace - Ethan Blake

Cruxis Aurion's MUGEN - Haze the Hedgehog

The Elder Scrolls IV: Silgrad Tower - Redguard Male

Tales of Darkness - Tyrone Garth

Tales of Stupidity 4 - Lloyd Irving , Kratos Aurion, Director

Cruxis Aurion's Fire Emblem -Zehaal

Tideia - Zobel Chaster

Tales of Cadence - Raven Sendemere

Tales of Cascadia Samuel Rodinion

Tales of the Keepers - Ed Judson

Tales of Eternia: The Novelization Reid Hershel, Narrator

Tales of Rebirth fandub - Veigue Lungberg

A3 - General Voice Actor

Tales of Astromia - Riki Tanku

Tales of Eris - Daavis Winchester

Tales of Symphonia 2: Toan's Story - Toan Ignon

Tales of Unity - Neil Fordber

Tales of Children - Sean Panstea

Hijacked - Ryan

Tales of Symphonia OVA - Zelos Wilder

Tales Channel: It's a Comical World - Emil Castagnier

Eclipsing Chaos - Gean Chaos, Zaeren Zede, Mavis Sigmund

More to See - Jason

House of Night - Heath

Fidelity - Phoenix

Start All Over - Jason

PPF Entertainment's Dragon Ball Z Fandub - Goku

Pokemon Black & White Fandub - Dent

Fate/Stay Night: The Abridged Series - Shirou Emiya

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