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Site Update 11/26

Ok, heres what is going down. We are now moving everything into a forum site. I think it is just best for us because our members don't have a place to discuss movies and say ideas. I have already talked it over with Kevin and he is ok with it. We will keep the old movies here and post the new ones their. Ill keep this site up and their is alink to the forum site next to giltching 101.                                       

                                                                                                                             Co Creator,

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    Hi, we are one of the many thousands of Halo 2 Movie makers.
Me, Steven, and My friend, Kevin, got tried of just killing. So, we started making movies.
If you or your friend has xbox live and would like to help us make movies send a friend request to
Chaos Sage or SleeplessZulu     
                                                                     Co Creator, Steven             


9/17 Website Update

    Well first thing, we finally have a video of our first movie. It is just a sneak preview of what is to come.We know how bad the quality is and we are working on it. Second, since we can't directaly upload our videos we have upload them on youtube and then to our website. Also since Kevin is a "Master Glitcher" we will have some glitching videos soon.
                         Co Creator, Steven

9/19 Website Update

We would just like to tell you that we will try to have new videos on every sunday if possible, there are no promises.
Also it takes about 6 hours to upload our videos so just wait awhile we will try to upload on saturday but if we have to, sunday. Then it will be ready on monday.

Thank you for your support corpation Flaming Hog fans!

Creator, Kevin                                                     

10/31 Website Update

Happy Halloween flaming hog fans we are very sorry our halloween movie is not out yet but it will come soon maby by sunday if evrey one will coperate but agian sorry and happy Halloween... oh and for you guys out there who think halloween is for the devil suck my balls bitch.

                                                                                       From all of us here, at Flaming Hog


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