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                                     Spot-reducing fat


Question: I want to reduce fat in one particular area of my body. How do i do that?

Answer:  Focus on reducing overall body fat.  Your body will decide where the fat is burned from.  Unfortunately, it's not possible to choose where fat comes off.  In other words, you can't "spot-reduce" fat.


Q: But isn't there an exercise that targets the area i want to shrink?

A: Yes, but it only targets the muscle layer, not the fat layer next to it.  When you work a muscle, it doesn't burn the fat next to that muscle - it burns it from wherever your body chooses.  Working your ab muscles doesn't target the ab fat layer, it just builds the muscle under it.


Q: Well the muscle feels flabby.  I just want to firm it up so it's not jiggly. 

A: The muscle layer is always firm.  The jiggle is the fat layer.  That will shrink as you reduce overall body fat.  Strengthening that area won't target the fat just in that area.


Q: Well it sure feels like something is burning when i work that area!

A: The burning you feel is acid - a waste product of your muscles working hard.  That is not fat that's burning.  People usually lose fat in the most recent place they put it on - regardless of whether they work that area or not!


Q: But i thought strength training was important for burning fat?

A: It is - but the fat that's burned from it could come off from anywhere on your body - you don't get to choose.  Try to forget where the fat is, and just follow a full-body strength program.


Q: So you're saying i can't lose fat in that area?

A: No, i'm saying you can't choose where you lose.  You can, however, choose IF you lose fat.  To lost body fat, you will need to get into a calorie deficit


Q: So what are the best exercises for burning body fat?

A:  The exercises that burn the most calories & fat usually involve your larger muscle groups, so spend most of your time working them.  The larger muscle groups are your legs, upper back, and chest.  Remember that the fat could come off from anywhere on your body, not just those areas.  Here is a good fat-burning workout.





   "Spot reduction myth"