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My Pets

This Page is dedicated to all my Kittys I love, most I don't have any more BUT not forgotten. 

Starting in 1980 with Tiger then 1982 Tommy 1988 The Duke & Duchess 1989 Princess was born Our first Baby AKA Baby, 1991 Snoball, Oct.1992 Queenie & Patches was born to her Nov.14th 12:30 AM, 1994 lost Duchess & Tommy got Timmy 1995 Jasmine  had babies Christina Duchess2 AngelBaby 1996 2nd litter TeddyBear(AKA Boyby) Destiny 5 months old TeddyBear got 3 of four sisters pregnant & had Bandit Corrina & gave rest away then he got Jasmine his Mom pregnant & had LittleGirl PrettyGirl, TeddyBear got fixed!  then Timmy got Queenie pregnant Timmy got fixed & we kept  Friskies & CaptainKnight then we adopted Bootsy & 1998 Queenie2.  2000 lost all but Duke & Patches 2005 got Peaches(AKA Peachee) & August 2007 adopted Tuffy, our current two Kittys.  Duke died in 2005 & Patches died February 19,2007.  As Paul Harvey would say "NOW You Know The Rest Of The Story".