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New Site Layout!

Hey guys, Michael here (I think I was a cameraman). I logged into the site today as I felt the urge to correct Harrison's rather poor grammar. Anyway, apparently our old template is now for Premium members only, so I've changed it.

Don't get excited - First Gear is not coming back - for now!

Michael :) 


Hello and welcome to First Gear the Heaven of bike racing! To find out about First Gear and its Presenters then take a look around!!




Unfortunately, after barely a season of filming, First Gear was aborted. Sadly, I dont think it is ever coming back. We are all in year 9 now, and we just wouldnt be able to have the time to pull the episodes together. However, the site will remain up, but un-edited, just as an archive of our time together. So this is me, Harrison signing off First Gear, for the last time...


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First Gear is Sponsored By Evans Turkey Farm

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Where are we?

Pastures Poultry Farm
Olney Road
Yardley Hastings
Tel: 01604 696586
Email: james.pastures@virgin.net 

You can find us on the B5388 (Yardley Road). From OMS head north and take the 2nd exit at the roundabout. Go past the Industrial Estate for about 2 miles, then you will see our big sign with a photo of a turkey. Turn left down the track!