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                                                      PLEASE SEE THE DOES AND BUCKS PAGES for adult animals that are for sale.
Please be sure to read our sales policy at the bottom of the page.
                                                                                   UPDATED on 8/5/2016
All animals are ADGA/AGS registered.

We currently have a lot of animals for sale--see below. Our kidding season ran from January through May 2016. My husband and I separated in spring 2016, so I need to lower herd numbers to make sure I can take care of and feed the remaining animals. The following animals can be purchased together (as a complete herd) or sold separately. Pictures and pedigrees are available on doe pages for most animals:

All animals below can be purchased for $4000 as a starter herd package; that includes both bucks intact. If you choose to wether, that is ok, but the price is non-negotiable and is a savings of almost $1000. I will sell animals below separately, too, as long as the whole herd hasn't yet been spoken for. I would prefer to keep them together if possible.

*B On Firestone Creek MS Palazzo *S                   $300
GOLD --does have horns/scurs (disbudding did not take)    
Son of Palisade and Mi Sol; has proven to produce very long bodied and dairy doelings

Not yet named Buckling
1 Buckskin buckling available as a wether or intact out of Palladia and Palazzo
Horned; would make good company for Palazzo  $300 intact or $100 as wether

SG 2*M AR2013 On Firestone Creek P Palisade 5*D AR2820  
LA 2013 : 89
LA 2015: 88 VVEV 
FOR SALE: $700

NC Promisedland Epilogue  
Young Stock LA 2015: ++V+
Epi is the final NC PromisedLand animal that was produced
$650 (taking a loss on her; I paid more than this for her)

On Firestone Creek  Palmella               $400
LA 2015: VEEV 87  'VG'

Run Joey Run M Emma (daughter of Jody and Mesa)

Young Stock: VEcVV
Beautiful gold buckskin daughter out of our SG Jody Girl 90 E
For sale: $400

On Firestone Creek MS Flamenca (daughter of Symphonia and Sol)
has scurs--junior doe $350

On the Knoll F Symphonia
not appraised 2016 (not bred); beautiful udder that is socked on tight
Still in milk from last season
For sale: $400

Proctor Hill Farm B Palladia (Bolero and Palisade daughter)
FOR SALE in milk $500
  --son available intact or as wether

On Firestone Creek TrnThePaige  (triplet sisters; I sold 1 and retained 2. Now I am selling this one)
GOLD    For sale: $450

On Firestone Creek NBR Cashew
Daughter of Pistachio X Rumor -- buckskin with moonspots (horned)

Kids will be posted here occasionally, but they will be posted sooner on our Facebook farm feed and blog as they are born. See the kidding schedule if interested in when does will kid. If you have a reservation, you will be notified via email before the photos are posted so you can choose your kid before it is made available to the public. :)

We do NOT require deposits on breedings, so if you want to make sure you are notified when someone kids, you need to get on the reservation list. Deposits are required as soon as you make a choice in order to hold a kid. Email for more information

Nigerian dwarf bucks Nigerian dwarf doelings
Nigerian dwarf bucklings/wethers Nigerian dwarf does

Silkichin hens     Silkichin roosters

                                                                   Nigerian Does

If you see someone that you are interested in that is not for sale, you can always contact us about that specific animal. I sometimes retain kids and sell adults. Does may eventually be available or I may consider selling one for the right price.  I cannot keep every animal that we have here because I, like most people, have limited space.



See kidding schedule
All kids are disbudded, wormed, and vaccinated

None available at this time.


Bucklings, including wethers
See kidding schedule
All kids are disbudded, wormed, and vaccinated

Remember: All animals must go to a home that has at least one other goat for a companion animal.

Sales policy:  All animals must go to a home that has more than one goat as a companion animal. Does will be priced according to overall quality and pedigree--not color or eye color. Prices range from $300-800. Bucks from first freshening does are not generally sold for breeding. However, in cases where lines are proven, I may sell an outstanding buck for this reason if he goes to a breeding home using the same lines. Intact buck prices will range from $300-500. Wethers will be approximately $125 each (you wether them). Discounts are sometimes given for multiple purchases. I DO GIVE 4H DISCOUNTS, too. However, discount guidelines must be met to receive discounts; if not, invoices can and will be adjusted. For instance, if you are offered a specific number of animals, that discount applies only to those animals. If you do not purchase those specific animals, you will not receive that discount as with any other animal or product. If you buy less than the specified number of animals, discounts may also change. For example, I shouldn't be expected to offer the same discount on 2 animals as I would on 5 animals. I do not offer guarantees on animals. There is no way to guarantee how an animal is cared for or what it is exposed to after it leaves this farm, so no breeder that I know guarantees for anything other than something that is proven to be a genetic defect. If you have documents from genetic testing proving it is genetic, I will work with you on a trade of an animal of equal value. I do not offer refunds unless you take the animal to a vet within 24 hours and the vet requests the animal returned for a genetic reason, and in that case, the refund is minus the deposit posted on the animal. I require deposits on kids or adults to hold them, but I do not require or accept deposits on scheduled breedings. Therefore, the only animals that require deposits are kids or adults that are already born. If you are interested in a specific breeding, let me know, and I will mark you down as reserved in the order of kids that are born/ reserved. If a kid you want is not born, you have lost nothing and are expected to pay nothing. However, if a kid is born that you want to hold, you will need to send a $100 deposit to hold that kid or it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Deposits are $100 and are non-refundable. I will only hold animals until weaning or for 30 days after the sales date. I do allow payments on animals or groups of animals beyond a specific dollar amount. Beyond that date, a boarding fee will be assessed and will be due and payable before the animal/animals may leave the farm. I will ship goats and eggs to many states; the buyer is responsible for crates, shipping cost, vet check costs, etc. I will ship youngsters in crates together, but I cannot do this for mature does or bucks due to size and shipping constraints. Note that we reserve the right to retain any kid in our own herd for our own use. Most of the time I will make note that I am interested in retaining a doe or buck from a particular breeding, but I do reserve the right to decide I want to keep an extraordinary animal for my own use.

A note on stud service: I do not currently offer stud service because I have a closed herd. The only time I will do this is if you have purchased the does from me and also have a closed, tested herd. I would need proof that you have a clean, disease-free herd. Yes, I  will occasionally lease select bucks to clean herds. We can always discuss this option.