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Tentative Kidding Schedule 2015-2016
*Breedings are not set in stone until they happen :)

Yes, we ship!

Last updated: 3/10/2016

FF=First Freshener--first time kidding; SD=Senior Doe
Note: this list is not written in stone. It may change. :)
For reservations, contact me at  (replace the at with an @)
Do not send reservations via PayPal without contacting me first, please. :) PayPal uses a different email address.

Note: Kids are evaluated based on parents, LA scores, show wins, DHIR records, and on the conformation of the kid as it grows toward weaning and beyond. First freshening does must also be evaluated, so kids from first fresheners generally cost less. After a doe has proven herself and shown excellent conformation, udder capacity, and quality of udder, the cost of animals rises. If your goal is to purchase lower priced stock, it's a good idea to go with kids out of our first fresheners. If you want proven conformation,etc, choose animals who have kidded previously. *Note: FF means first freshener.
Sire Dam Bred Date/Due Date Special Info $
J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor SG *M On Firestone Creek HWD Jody Girl *D AR 'E' 90 Bred 11/7/2015
Due 3/31/2016

Excellent doe and buck potential

Run Joey Run M Emmett
SG 2*M On Firestone Creek P Palisade 5*D AR 'VG' 88 Bred  11/26/2015
Due 4/19/2016

Excellent doe and buck potential

*B On Firestone MS Palazzo *S Proctor Hill Farm CH Pure Joy  'VG' 87 Bred 10/23/2015
Due 2/16/2016
2 doelings born 2/21

1 doeling retained--Delight
$400 SOLD
chocolate buckskin doeling available
J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor On Firestone Creek BP Palmella 'VG' 87            Bred 8/10/2015        
           Due 1/2/2016
  Kidded 1/4 with triplet bucklings
   2 available --buckskin w/white

2 bucklings available--$100 each as wethers

$300 each intact

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor On Firestone Creek M Pistachio 'VG' 86   blue eyes          
                 bred   12/12/15
Due 5/6/2016

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor
'VG' 86 as 1 yr old
*M On Firestone Creek UP Sunnee Day *D AR         bred  11/11/15   due 4/4/16

doeling to be retained

Run Joey Run M Emmett On The Knoll F Symphonia (not appraised) not yet bred

On Firestone Creek NBR Fable* On Firestone Creek SB Bonita (kid back agreement)             10/19 due  3/12  

Proctor Hill Farm ZU Rolo
SG On Firestone Creek CG Palea V+++ Bred 12/22/2015
Due 5/15/2016

doeling to be retained

*B On Firestone Creek Palazzo *S Proctor Hill Farm B Palladia '+' 83  (Palladia will be for sale after kidding) Bred 12/21/2015
Due 5/14/2016

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor Run Joey Run M Emma  'V Ec V V' young stock               FF Bred 2/8/2016
Due 7/2/2016

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor NC PromisedLand Epilogue ++V+ young stock                 FF open

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor On Firestone Creek MS Sunshyn V+VV young stock        FF  open

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor On Firestone Creek MS Flamenca                                     FF open

Run Joey Run M Emmett On Firestone Creek C Her Strut                                        FF open

J-Nels L Nutn Butta Rumor On Firestone Creek Trn The Paige                                    FF open

Sales policy:  Note: We reserve the right to keep any animal and to change our minds before a sale is final. Does will be priced according to overall quality and pedigree--not color or eye color. Though I do listed probabilities on eye color and other colors, I offer no guarantees on those. That is nature's choice. I do NOT breed specifically for eye color or coat color. I breed for conformation and milking ability/production.  Prices range from $300-800. Bucks from first freshening does are not generally sold for breeding. However, in cases where lines are proven, I may sell an outstanding buck for this reason if he goes to a breeding home using the same lines. Intact buck prices will range from $300+. Wethers will be approximately $125 each (you wether them). Discounts are sometimes given for multiple purchases. I DO GIVE 4H DISCOUNTS, too. However, discount guidelines must be met to receive discounts; if not, invoices can and will be adjusted. For instance, if you are offered a specific number of animals, that discount applies only to those animals. If you do not purchase those specific animals, you will not receive that discount as with any other animal or product. If you buy less than the specified number of animals, discounts may also change. For example, I shouldn't be expected to offer the same discount on 2 animals as I would on 5 animals.

I require deposits on kids or adults to hold them; Deposits are NOT required on scheduled breedings to RESERVE a kid. However, after the kid is born, you will be notified that it is born and be given a choice on whether or not you want it. If you decide you want it, you will need to pay a deposit to hold it.  f you are interested in a specific breeding, please let me know before sending a deposit via PayPal ( to genna1020 at I will reserve without the deposit, BUT those reservations are taken in the order received. The deposit to hold a kid ($100) is due within  one week of notification of the kid's birth (unless other arrangements, ie payments, are made). If no arrangement or money is received within 1 week, the kid will become available to other people.  All deposits are $100 (unless otherwise specified) and are non-refundable. I will only hold animals until weaning or for 30 days after the sales date. If the animal is bottlefed, you will need to pick it up within 1-3 weeks of becoming a bottle baby so it bonds with you, preferably. I offer a small discount on bottlefed babies if picked up 'dripping wet,' which means before they are a week old. I do allow payments on animals or groups of animals beyond a specific dollar amount. However, the animals do not leave the premisis until all or most of the $ is paid. If an animal is not picked up by the agreed upon pick up date (or shipped by such date), a boarding fee will be assessed (weekly-$10) and will be due and payable before the animal/animals may leave the farm. If the animal is not picked up by a specific date beyond that, it will be re-sold. Please read my sales terms on the Sales Page, too.

Yes, we ship!

I will ship goats and eggs to many states; the buyer is responsible for crates, shipping cost, vet check costs, etc. I will ship youngsters in crates together, but I cannot do this for mature does or bucks due to size and shipping constraints. AGAIN, note that we reserve the right to retain any kid in our own herd for our own use. Most of the time I will make note that I am interested in retaining a doe or buck from a particular breeding, but I do reserve the right to decide I want to keep an extraordinary animal for my own use.  At this time, I do not ship silkichin adults or chicks. I can deliver to parts of VA, NC, and SC, and even sometimes to areas of WV. Ask. I may ship them in the future if demand is great, but right now I am only shipping eggs. I do have a 99.5% fertility rate and usually no broken eggs. :)


I do offer stud service, but I have a closed herd. I offer driveway breedings only, and only to does that have a clean bill of health from a certified vet. I need proof that you have a clean, disease-free herd. This would include paperwork showing that your animal is free and clear of CAE, CL, Brucellosis, Johnes, and preferably, Q-Fever. I know my herd is clean; I need to know that yours is, too.

Yes, I  will occasionally lease select bucks to clean herds. We can always discuss this option.

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