CAE/CL/Brucellosis Negative
DHIR 2014, 2015, 2016
LA 2015, 2016

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Welcome to Firestone Creek

NC Nigerian dwarf dairy goats!
Firestone Creek Farm

AKA On Firestone Creek

We ship in the US!
 Registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for pet, breeder, show, and milk in the Sandhills (Sanford) of North Carolina. Bottle-fed or 'Mom-fed.' We offer 4H discounts on wethers and does!
Whole 'adult' herd CAE/CL/Brucellosis Tested Negative
DHIR Milk Test, Linear Appraisal!

We are also the original home of the Silkichin. I have been breeding these chickens for several years now, selecting only the best to work with. I am on third generation Silkichins and now ready to write an American Poultry standard. Fresh eggs are available for hatching, as well as for eating. More info available on request.

WE ARE NPIP CERTIFIED Pulloroid, Typhoid, and Avian Flu free!! 100%

French Angora Rabbits for fiber available.

Home of SG On Firestone Creek P Palisade. Former home of Rosasharn HNC Uproar +*S

We are located in Sanford, NC, an hour South of Raleigh, North Carolina. Goat kids and adults for sale. Rosasharn, NC Promisedland, J-Nels, Gypsy Moon, Sugar Creek, Proctor Hill, Old Mountain Farm, Sugar Moon, Caesar's Villa, Muddy Creek Nigerians, Kids Corral, Woodhaven Farms, Lost Valley, Piddlin Acres, Twin Creeks, Gay-Mor, and more! Reserve your kids today! Also silkichins and French angora rabbits

Owned by Angenette Lilly-Vasquez and Michael Wills
Angenette is also known as Angie Lilly (maiden) and Angie Wills (former marriage)