No Matter How Hard The Rain Pours Down, We'll Still Fight!

FireClan Warriors


The Warrior's Of FireClan Hunt,Fight,Defend and Protect our clan. They keep enemies away,and make our clan one pawful better! Remember,you must train you're apprentices at least two times a week!

ist2_1971859_white_cat.jpg Bright blue cat eyes image by TawnyleafSnowbird- A gorgeous,slim snow white she-cat with glittering,bright ice-blue eyes with unusual amber flecks in them.Has thick black lining her eyes,making her have an intense gaze. Very attractive,but an excellent fighter and loves to hunt for her clan.

Firestorm- A handsome,musculer and strong flame-colored tabby tomcat with dark emerald green eyes. An amazing fighter and hunter,and is extremely loyal,caring and compassionate.

Watersong- A sweet multi-colored she-cat with blue, blue eyes , that is very nice. She loves to hunt and play. Watersong sometimes acts like a kit but during battle she can rip you to strips.

 Mossheart-A beautiful young calico she cat with bright lush green eyes. She loves to joke around and can be serious at times. She is swift and sly with fast paws and silent steps.

Tundrastorm-A mostly white but tortoisehell she-cat with brilliant blue eyes. She is stern and has no patience for kits or apprentices, she is not afriad to bend the warrior code to her liking and is often punished serverly for it. She has no mate and does not wish for one.

Lunashadow-completely black she-cat save for the white cresent moon spot on her chest and deep wise blue eyes . Very wise and tacful she is be cold to all cats she doesn't know due to her past. She can create some of the best battle strategies and doesn't demand respect but she feels she derves it. History: Her brother, Shadowstalker, killed her parents, Rainshadow (mother) and Falconeye (father), when Lunashadow was three moons and he was five moons. Once he was a warrior and Lunashadow found out, he made a plan for her and her sister, Silverscar, to fight him alone. There, Shadowstalker killed Silverscar and Lunashadow killed Shadowstalker.

Elmfur-Handsome long-haired brown tabby tom with gleaming green eyes. He is brave, wise, understanding, swift and kind but if he gets to the point of annoyance, he can be pretty snappy. He has long claws that seem like they hang out, even when they are sheathed and he has an amazing memory. He loves to hunt.

 Starpelt-A stunning sleek black she~cat with silver spot's all over her body and icy~blue eyes. Her fur looks like the night sky. Kind, caring, loyal, swift, loving and cunning. She is a very skilled hunter and fighter and an extremely fast runner. She enjoy's meeting new cat's and basking in the sun. She also loves kits and want's to have her own. She also want's a mate. She is very loyal to her clan and will protect them with her life!

Snakefang-She is a small black she-cat with a greenish hue to her fur. She has golden eyes, and quite a temper. She's quite gloomy in the aspect that she'll constently look at the down-side to things. Her fang teeth are quite long, poking out of her mouth a slight bit.

Dewleaf-An extremely beautiful,silvery-gray she-cat w/ white ears, green eyes, and a light brown tail. Stealthy which makes purr-fect because coat color blends in with the nature around me wonderfully. Nice, kind, fierce, loyal very very smart and clever, agile, strong.

Snowclaw- Young, handsome white tom with green eyes. He is loyal, brave strong and swift and he can swim very well. He hates heights, but he would do anything to protect his Clan.

Swiftbreeze-A fun, loving bengal she~cat with green eyes. Kind, loyal, and swift. She is a very skilled hunter and fighter and sheloves kits. She respects the warrior code and will always protect her clan no matter what.

Hawktalon-Huge long-haired brown and white tom with dark green eyes. He is strong, brave swift and grumpy. He is good at hunting, swimming and climbing.

Photograph:Red tabby cat.Tawnystorm-A Pretty ginger she-cat with black paws.She is mostly friendly, not afraid to let cats know what she thinks. REALLY likes Cinderheart, and is extremely shy around him.

Cinderheart- A dark gray tabby tom with green eyes. Has a short temper,and has impatience for cats who doesn't get his point

Featherwhisper-A very beautiful silver tabby she~cat with green eyes. she is kind, caring, loyal and nice and would love a mate.

Fangslash-I'm a fierce tom who loves adventures. I'll stick fight for my clan whenever it needs me. I love my family and friends. If you annoy me or get on my nerves you'll be sorry. I'll take a fight any time of day with anybody. Make sure you dont mess with me or you'll really be sorry.

DSC04746.jpg Cat #6 (black cat-B): Billie.  This cat joined the fam while we were in Japan, so I don\'t know her that well.  She loves to be outside and has some awesome green eyes. image by emisterSilverblood-I used to have silver fur, but a few moons ago, i dyed it midnight-black to hide the blackness in my heart. I don't make friends easily, and i have more enemies than I do friends, but if you are one of my friends, you can count on me to stick with you until the end of time.