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The Castle


I say sir what's that awful noise ?sounds like load of chickens fighting over something.

::Humph::Chickens::humph::No! but it is a bunch of mad Birds!! Mad Birds sir? ::humph::Witches::humph:: here every Thursday night::humph::get up to all sorts

of mischief::humph::Oh! is this the place you said we should try and join?

::Humph::Only a select few could get in at one time::humph::but now I believe

that if we cross the right palm with silver we might be allowed to join in the ::humph::

activities::humph::Careful now,see if we can see anything through this window::humph::

Yes sir there they are, the witches and I think thats Tone Fox just by the door with his book,It's either his Manual or his Dictionary::humph::more like his spell book if you ask me

::humph::might be the night they are brewing up a spell to get Oozats Boots for TTC

::humph::Spell Book,Isn't that the same as a Dictionary??::humph::

keep the noise down young badger and lets see what becomes of this::humph::


Inside the Castle

Right Foxy what else do we need?Well what have you got so far Mia?

A good jar full of winkles to start with,a handful of jaffa cakes,coverd in fluff they're the best,more mature you see.Oh! yes Tiger nail clippings,He went bonkers when I cut them, He's just a big soft pussy now!! What next Foxy? 2 Fur Balls Mia!

Ah thats you Minx how are you doing?Won't be long Mia Moggies about to cough up.

Next Foxy?

couple of Fury Nuts! Thats Rogers department,He's has the fury Nuts,be here shortly he's just changing.

Next? Erm,Hairs from a Scotsmans legs! how are we going to get them Mia?

Tell him Trish!Ah yes well, you know the film Braveheart? Yes,Well Mia took some

snap shots of the film,where they showed their "er hmm hairy legs"Keeps them in her

"Arstistic Snap Shot Collection"sent Jacqui to sort through them to get the hairiest,

She should be back by now Mia"A snap shot Mia will that do?does the trick for me

Foxy!! Anything more Foxy?Yes, eyes of toads,tongues of newts,and empty that

Pooper Scooper in,thats the best thing for attracting Boots.

Ahh! here's Roger and Jacqui now,right rest of the ingredients in,

Eyes of Toads Tongues of Newts

At the Double Cauldron Bubble

Come To Me My Lovely Boots.

while that brews up,

Break out the Whipped Cream and "Let's Party"

Mia, yes Trish,What "IS" that in the cage on the wall up there?

Thats just "CJG" keeping an eye on things!!

(Roger's a crack shot with the cream can, one quick shot and that will sort him out)


These Boots are made for walking and Dispensing

My word sir that must be a very powerful Brew! there's Boots appearing from everywhere!!

::Humph::Yes! That Pooper Scooper Thing::humph::overdone it a bit there I think::humph::Mind you the Hairy Arstistic Snap Shots are a bit strong::humph::

Let's see what happens next young badger::humph::can't see if Oozats Boots

have turned up yet::humph::could be a lot more trouble brewing::humph::


They're still coming Mia! Yes and so they will untill Oozats are here,then we
drop one Boot into the cauldron and that will break the spell. Just any Boot?
No Roger the one Sandy got from TTC! Erm, I didn't get any Boot from him Mia
Dear me that means we will be up to are eyes inBoots before long.
AHhhh Long Thigh Boots!!! NO Foxy I said Eyes NOT Thighs!! Thats not the only
problem Mia!! come and take look in the next room........... 

Well that will come in handy if we have a headache or run short of TENA Ladies

::Humph::More problems young badger ::humph::Gets better by the minute
Yes sir! what was that about the other room and Tena Ladies are there
singers in there? ::humph:: No! No! they're not Singers they're "Ladies Things"
you know "Hygiene-Sanitary things and all that" ::humph::OH I think they've
all Lost their Sanitary already sir!! ::humph::Sanity::humph::very good young
badger,very good::humph:: Hello what's afoot here? if I'm not mistaken These
look very much like Mr Oozats Boots ::humph:: and not in avery good mood by the
looks of things ::humph:: My word sir they do look Angry!

I think young badger,somebody in there is in for a good old "ARSETISTIC KICKING"