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Meeting at Oozats

A case of Caping and Throttling

Foxy,having left his Manuel at home,obviously had something more important on his mind,

so he set off for Oozats Fine Wine establishment, where he came upon some of the Forest

Locals all sporting new head wear.'I say you lot what's with all the new caps'

'Hello Foxy Old Boy' said VGOB in a very jovial voice,'Haven't you got one yet?

they're everywhere'

Ah! thought Foxy He's got somehting for nothing that always puts him in a good mood!

' No I never noticed them,Woke up this morning with this scarf wrapped round my neck,

I've been struggling with it for ages,Damn thing was nearly Throttling Me.

'Yes Foxy, Caps and Throttling scarfs all over the Forest,even clogging up the River,

the Drivel's down to a trickle' replied VGOB 'all everybody's talking about "Caps and Throttling" 

'I wonder where they all came from'? Asked Young Ms-Miss-Mrs Mia .

'Somebody mentioned that they're from the Forest managers and that phony warehouse thingy'

said Roger 'I also think they're responsible for that monstrosity behind Mount Fup,over there'

'They're all over the Forest, Roger-Mr Lemon-Sir' piped up Badger 60' 'yes every where'joined in

young Cap badger 'only this morning I saw Numpty trying to chop one down,said it would make a mighty fine Caber'

What's a Caber Mr grumpy sir?'

'A Caber young Cap is a large pole or Tree trunk, that our highland friends like Numpty ,use in their Highland Games,

It's called Tossing the Caber,they see who can Toss it the furthest to see who's the strongest,Some mighty fine Tossers up there, North of the border.
......Mind you!
Not to be Confused with MP's and Government people! They're a different sort of Tosser altogether!!

'I'll second that' said Young Ms- Miss-Mrs-Mia ' anyway you lot let's go round and gather up all these caps and scarfs, especially from the River'
Need to get the DRIVEL flowing again to cheer everybody up!!!