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 Welcome to the Homepage of St.Annes Baton Twirlers, Fettercairn

In the early 1980’s, an extremely successful band and majorette group was formed in Fettercairn of West Tallaght in Dublin. By 1985, the amount of members in the majorettes eclipsed that of the band. As a result they decided to break away and pursue their desire to develop as Baton Twirlers. Lorraine Merriman and Karen Ronan one of Irelands most successful athletes in the world championships representing Ireland took on the opportunity to mould these young girls into baton twirlers and went on to be head coach in 1997. The group became formally known as St. Anne’s Baton Twirlers or more commonly as Fettercairn baton Twirlers.

In 1987 we became members of B.T.S.A.I which is affiliated with the W.B.T.F and stayed with them for the next ten years.

In 1998 St. Anne’s became members of A.B.T.I . With the skill of Karen Ronan and the eagerness of the girls of Fettercairn she produced top athletes now ready to compete on the European floor. The first lady to take centre stage in the European arena was Celine Halpin who competed in the junior women freestyle section in 1998 in England and was selected the following year to compete in Spain.

In 2000, three new coaches took charge of Fettercairn Sharon Billings, Claire Woodlock and Aimee Roach and soon following was Gillian Harris and Deborah Mc Carthy all of whom had trained with Fettercairn Baton Twirlers since they were young and are skill involved in coaching and competing today.

In 2001 two athletes from Fettercairn once again took the European Floor. Sharon Billings (senior women) and Deborah McCarthy (Junior Women) in France.

In 2003, Fettercairn sent its first team to the European cup of clubs in Meath. This was a great achievement for the girls and they did their coach Claire Woodlock proud.

In 2004 two of the Fettercairn coaches merged with Bat n High to produce a world class team and preformed in Osaka Japan.

2005 proved to be an exciting year for Fettercairn Baton Twirlers. 15 athletes travelled to Slovenia to represent their club and country competing in the junior group and senior team categories as well as Aimee roach in the senior freestyle and Danielle Rooney and Stacey Farrell in the junior freestyle category. We also became the 2005 abti champions in our nationl championships!!!!

2006 has been a very eventful and exciting year so far. we came in 2nd place in our national championships in april. we also sent 7 girls to cup of club championships in Belgium in July. fettercairn really raised the bar this year with their outstanding preformance. the girls were well rewarded with the scores they recieved and placed 8th out of  a total of 15 teams, a real achievement for an irish squad.

In 2007 Team Destiny consisting of Claire Sharon Laura Janis Niamh and Leanne took the floor in Canada Representing Ireland in The International Cup Contest.

2008 was Claire and Sharon turn and they Travelled to Germany to compete in the Cup of Clubs Contest representing Ireland in the senior Pair division.

So far this year we have seen our club go from strength to strength, So the skys the limit for St Anne's in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









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