Dr. Fenton Heirtzler

Ph.D. Organic Chemist in Central New Jersey

         Organic & General Chemistry Tutoring by a Pro

Org.Chem. Tutoring by F. H.


Dr. Fenton R. Heirtzler

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You work with someone who has  four years of lecturing experience as a university faculty in Organic Chemistry:

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Previous knowledge of the exam strategy of your lecturer or professor.



Not a T.A., pre-med nor student.



Already knows the typical issues that confront students (electron pushing, naming structures, molecular orbital symmetry, 3D-visualization and so forth).



Can help you to budget your time and attention span during the exam.



Knows the textbooks well enough to point out the errors that are still uncorrected after seven editions!



Can pick out errors made by T.A.s and Adjunct Professors in correcting your homework or exams. This happens more than you can imagine.   



Speaks American English as mother tongue. 'Nuff said.   



Can also tutor in General Chemistry.





You get someone who's taught out of these textbooks & at the following levels:



Vollhardt-Shore, Solomon-Fryhle, Wade, Jones and Clayden - Greeves - Warren - Wothers.



General Chemistry, Organic I, Organic II, Electrocyclic Reactions, Heterocyclic Chemistry and Asymmetric Synthesis



Because I know how expensive textbooks can be for students, I can also teach from scratch.





The tutoring strategy that so far works the best is:



We initially discuss your problem areas over the phone. The more information that you can send me ahead of time, the better. For example: copies of your course syllabus, homework assignments and prior exams.



We meet for a first time to understand the nature of the areas that are troubling you.



In following sessions, we go into detailed explanations that address your weaknesses and re-enforce your understanding of the principles. I do not teach "to an exam"; instead, you learn how to think according to chemical principles.



We identify tricks, cues, clues or additional homework questions that are particularly suited to help you, in particular, master the subject material. This allows you to approach real-life assessment situations in a thoughtful and reasoned way that will give you at least partial credit. Student participation requested!





The arrangements for rates, communication & travel are:



My rate is $ 40/hour, because  I'm a pro. Two students can split the rate. Just so you know.



If we have an ongoing arrangement, then you can also consult with me over the phone or Internet at no charge.



Initially, please either e-mail me at fentonh [at] gmail.com or call me at (301) 312-5145 (cell). To plan a session, we need to talk over the phone.



I can travel up to ~ 20 miles from Burlington, and also to Philly. Have car, but if possible I prefer environmentally sustainable transportation (bike or public transportation). The following GoogleMap  locates some of the places where I've tutored (there are others). Please read the comments that I've included with each location marker. If  you  live  either in New Brunswick or a northwestern suburb of Philly, then we will either have to meet halfway in between, OR special arrangements will apply. See the GoogleMap for locations within my normal travel range.