Dr. Fenton Heirtzler

Ph.D. Organic Chemist in Central New Jersey

These are my favorite "Molecular Kids":

 Unusual Hydrothermal Synthesis of a Heteroaromatic Macrocyclic Complex E. Burkholder, F. Heirtzler,* L. Orian, W. Ouellette, J. Zubieta Polyhedron 2008, 27, 3700-3702.

 Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Long-chain Quinoxaline Metallocyclophanes M. Howard, F. Heirtzler,* S. I. G. Dias Journal of Organic Chemistry 2008, 73, 2548-2553.


 In flagrante metallo-cyclophane self-assembly? P. J. Cragg, F. R. Heirtzler,* M. J. Howard, I. Prokes, T. Weyhermüller Chemical Communications 2004, 280-281.


 A di-ruthenium(II) helicene from  2,3-bis(2,2'-bipyrid-6-yl)pyrazine and 2,2':6',2''-terpyridine F. R. Heirtzler,* M. Neuburger, M. Zehnder, S. J. Bird, K. G. Orrell,* V. Sik Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions 1999, 565-574.


Steric control of directional isomerism in dicopper(I) helicates E. C. Constable,* F. R. Heirtzler,* M. Neuburger, M. Zehnder Journal of the American Chemical Society 1997, 119, 5606-5617.