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   "All The World's a Stage, the Men and Women Merely Players" - Shakespeare

The Featured Players Theatre Co

About Featured Players

The Featured Players Cabaret is located at 3178 Hartford Hwy. in Dothan,  Al. We were gone for over 3 years, following the closing of our theatre in Downtown Dothan, but we're back now! We have Improv productions, live music, open mic, and more. We welcome new artists of all sorts, our motto being "Everyone's Famous At Featured Players!" We are now 19 to enter, 21 to drink.  For more details, call 334-805-6288 or follow us on Facebook

 Hours Of Operation: 
Tues - Thurs: 6 pm - 10 pm
Fri-Sat: 6 pm - 2 am

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, May 10: A Lesson On Marie Laveau, taught by Ashley Nicole Davis - 8 pm

Thursday, May 11: Game Night!  6 pm - 2 am

Friday, May 12: Snoog Lacky and Admiral Blues in concert, featuring appearances by Foxpaw, Tink Raquel, The Super-Elevators, and Scotty's Platoon!  Admission is $8. Show starts at 8 pm

Saturday, May 13: Featured Players Improv Theatre Show!  Hosted by Mike Spectrum, and starring Amy Prichard, Ashley Davis, Jeff Shock, and Earle Shaw III.  This is an improvised theatre comedy show in the style of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" in which actors perform scenes based on audience suggestions. Audience members will also be asked to join in. Show starts at 8 pm.

Tuesday, May 16: Taylor Brown Trivia Tuesday.  Do you have a mind for trivia? Well come and compete for prizes in Taylor Brown's Trivia arena! Entry fee is $5 for competitors.  Prizes provided by Bead Geekz of Dothan! 

Other Opportunities
The Featured Players Cabaret has space for rent! We have a small private room ideal for friendly gatherings, birthday parties, meetings, etc. It has a one-way mirror with a clear view of our stage, and is rentable during shows for private viewings. 

Have a bigger event? We can rent out the entire building for parties, private gatherings etc. Full rental is generally only available during off-hours, without plenty of advance notice.

Room rental currently is available for the low price of only $50!
Full building rental currently is available for only $100! (note: prices may vary depending on length of event)

Stop by anytime during business hours to examine the facilities, and consult with any Featured Players member for a tour and information about the venue. 

Support the cause
As a new business, Featured Players is slowly but steadily building... and as an artistic venue, sometimes that building process can be a slow go. But with the support of the community, we can create the kind of place where the arts can flourish and minds can be opened. Even a small contribution would help so much. Visit our Gofundme page below to make your donation and to learn about the exciting perks offered to those who donate: 

In Charge

Michael C. Prichard: Entertainment Director
Ashley Davis: Publicity and Human Resources
Adam Davis: Bar Manager


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