Farodell Cats  -  the Best of British Shorthairs

Aberdeenshire,  North East Scotland

 Established 1982 

From time to time it is necessary to re-home one of my adult cats.  I like to neuter the stud boys by the time they are 4 years old and the girls between 4 and 6,  sometimes earlier if they are not cut out for motherhood.   If they are suitable to re-home I seek a permanent indoor home preferably in a household with no other cats.

Re-homing fee is normally between £150 - £250 depending on the age of the cat

Any available girls or boys will be posted to this page

Tel:  01346 561715  (home)

07599 958614 (mobile - please text me)  

email:  farodell@msn.com

Farodell Cinnia  Fawn self female neuter

Cinnia has been neutered and is looking for a lovely home.    

she is just 3 this year and having given me some wonderful babies, its now time for her to retire to a loving permanent indoor home where she will live a life of luxury and be a pampered pet

If you think you can offer Cinnia the luxury lifestyle she deserves,  please get in touch by telephone or email.

Cinnia is a very loving girl,  and I would like her to have a home where she is the only cat.  She is absolutely fine with dogs, and children over toddler stage are fine.

Alternatively,  she could be homed with a kitten for company.

Farodell Clootie Dumpling - Chocolate spotty neuter boy.

What can I say about this lad -  he's just a big daft lump.   soft as butter,  not a mean bone in his body and just loves being fussed and cuddled.  

Dumpling was neutered 4 months ago and I thought he had a lovely retirement home waiting but sadly that has fallen through due to unforseen circumstances.

I want an indoor home for Dumpling, he loves human company but is also great with dogs and other cats though prefer females .  He would be fine with children who are good with animals and could certainly go with a kitten or young cat.  Its really breaking my heart to know he must go and the longer he stays the harder it gets.

Dumpling is 2.5 years old

Laurel and Boo will shortly be ready for a new home.  Laurel is a brown tortie tabby and Boo is a black silver ticked tabby.  Both of these girls are an unusual colour/pattern.   

They are the most loving sweet natured girls,  totally devoted to each other, therefore I would really like them to stay together.   They have grown up together,  birthed and nursed kittens together - they are never apart.   They would like a loving indoor home with no other cats but are fine with dogs. children over the toddler stage and respectful of animals are fine

Both girls will be neutered before they leave me 

They are both 2 years of age and only had 1 litter of kittens each.