Farodell Cats  -  the Best of British Shorthairs

Aberdeenshire,  North East Scotland

 Established 1982 

Terms and conditions of sale

Prospective owners are welcome and encouraged to come and view the kittens available when they are 6 weeks or older.  I dont allow viewing before this age for health reasons. 

My kittens are only for sale to permanent indoor homes and are registered on the non-active register.  This means that the kitten may not be bred from.  If you are interested in breeding, please tell me before you book a kitten.  In certain circumstances I am occasionally willing to transfer a kitten/cat onto the active register.  However, I dont sell for breeding unless I know the person well, or they come highly recommended by someone I know well. 

Once you have chosen your kitten, I will ask for a non-refundable deposit of £100.   You may book a kitten before it is 6 weeks old and pay a deposit.  Once the kitten reaches 6 weeks of age, you will be invited to come and view your chosen kitten.  If for any reason you decide when you see the kitten that it's not what you are looking for, I will return your deposit.  If you decide you dont want to come and view your kitten, once the kitten reaches 6 weeks of age,  the deposit becomes non-refundable.

I do however reserve the right, for any reason,  not to sell the kitten and in this case I will refund the full amount of the deposit paid.

Before or upon collection of your kitten you will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to the following conditions:

You will keep your kitten/cat as an indoors only cat (not allowed free roaming access outdoors)

You will neuter the kitten before the age of 8 months

You will not breed from your kitten

You will keep your kitten fully insured with a reputable pet insurance company for at least the first year of his/her life 

You will keep your kitten fully vaccinated in accordance with best practice and veterinary advice

You will not sell on/ rehome/ give away or in any way part with ownership or possession of your kitten without first offering to return the kitten to me

My primary concern is the ongoing welfare and happiness of the kittens I have bred. I have brought them into the world and feel it is my duty to ensure that they have the very best home possible, where they will live a happy and healthy life.  In return, I feel sure they will give their new owners many years of happiness and enjoyment.

It is a condition of sale that all kittens purchased from me are neutered at the appropriate age (normally around 6 - 8 months of age).  Un-neutered males can become very smelly and start to spray their surroundings.  Un-neutered females are at risk of developing ovarian cysts - it is the duty of a responsible owner to ensure that pet cats are neutered to prevent unwelcome behaviour and possible health risks.

 If at any time after you have purchased one of my babies you find that, for whatever reason, you are unable to keep them,  please get in touch with me.  I am often approached by people looking to give a home to an older cat and I would much rather be involved in the re-homing of one of my kitties than to find out late down the line that they have been sold on or given away.

Kitten prices range from £600- £650 depending on colour, show quality etc.   The prices are not negotiable so please, dont try to barter with me,  I find this very embarrassing and off-putting.  

Whilst I appreciate that this seems like a lot of money,  when you look at the price of a pedigree puppy,  its actually good value. 

Pups - v - Kittens

Pedigree pups sell for anything from £600 to £1500 +      They leave home at 6 - 7 weeks of age, without any vaccinations and often you have to get and pay for your own pedigree certificate from the Kennel Club.  They're not toilet trained!

Pedigree kittens leave home at 13- 14 weeks (thats 6 - 7 weeks more feeding we do !)  they are fully vaccinated and have at least a 4 generation pedigree certificate supplied by the breeder. 

They are registered with the GCCF.

They are fully litter trained when they leave me and go with a kitten pack of food and a lifetime of after-sales advice if required.

On average, cats live between 12 - 18 years -  quite good value for money when you weight it all up.