Farodell Cats  -  the Best of British Shorthairs

Aberdeenshire,  North East Scotland

 Established 1982 

Falco makes up to Grand Champion!!

Gr. Ch. Farodell Saor Alba -  only the 2nd cinnamon self to make Grand Champion

Edinburgh and East of Scotland  - 18th July 2015

Champion Farodell Saor Alba gains his first Grand Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and goes on to win Best in Section !!!

Farodell Silver Moon gains her 3rd CC and BOB to become a Champion -  wonderful news - well done Ameera and Jane xx

Farodell Merlins Magic gains his 3rd PC Certificate and BOB  to become a Premier - well done Maya, Joan and of course, the lovely Merlin

What a lovely day for the Farodell Clan -  two new titled cats and a Best in Section winner

Lakeland Show - 20th June 2015

Farodell Saor Alba gains his 3rd CC and BOB to make him a Champion in 3 straight shows -  well done lad!  

Durham County and Northern Counties Joint Show

Farodell Saor Alba gains 2 CC's and BOB's - 
well done lad 

Nor East of Scotland -9th May 2015

Farodell Silver Moon gains her 2nd CC and BOB -  well done my lovely girl -  congratulations Jane xx

Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland - 18th April 2015

Farodell Silvermoon gains her first CC and BOB in her first adult show.

Well done my little darling and well done Jane for taking such wonderful care of her and showing her xx

Joint Scottish Cat Show - 17th January 2015

Farodell cats had a brilliant day at the double show!

Farodell  Merlins Magic gained 2 x PC's and 2 BOB's

Farodell Saor Alba was awarded 1st and BOB in both his kitten breed classes

Farodell Silvermoon was awarded 1st and BOB in both her  kitten breed classes 

Well done devoted owners and cats  

Scotia Cat Club Show -  20th September 2014

Farodell Carina (lilac self - owned by Anthea Wandby) gained her first CC and BOB

Farodell Silver Moon (choc. silver spotty - owned by Jane Scaiff)  gained lst and BOB in her kitten class

both girls also gained places in side classes

I am very proud of my girls and very grateful to their owners for showing them  

Edinburgh and E. of Scotland Show - 19th July 2014

Farodell  Merlins Magic gains first and BOB in his kitten class -  seen here with his very proud owner Maya 


Lakeland Show 21st June 2014

Ch Farodell Day Without Rain gained her first Grand Challenge Certificate and BOB - plus a lst and 2 x 2nds in decent side classes

Ch. Farodell MaidofChocolate gained her 3rd CC ad BOB to make her a champion

A great day out with wonderful results

Shorthaired Cat Club of Scotland  21st April 2014

Stryder gained his Merit and BOB and 2 x 1sts and a 2nd in side classes

Farodell Carina (owned by Anthea Wandby) and Farodell Mystic Merlin (owned by Maya Chukwuma)  both gained first in their breed classes, with Merlin just pipping Carina to the post for BOB

Well done to the lovely owners/slaves for presenting the kittens in such lovely condition. 


Cumberland Cat Club Show 
- 12th October 2013

Poppy (Champion Farodell Day Without Rain)  gained her 3rd CC -    delighted !!!!!
Many thanks to Grace Denny x

Edinburgh & East of Scotland Show - 20th July 2013

Poppy gained her 2nd CC and BOB - just one more to go and she will be a champion - fingers crossed
Many thanks to Linda Walpole

Stryder's first show.  He gained lst, Merit,  BOB and a 1st and 2nd in side classes.  He absolutely loved the show,  purring all day, except when he was fast asleep!

Lakeland and District Cat Club Show - 15th June 2013

I had a lovely day at the Lakeland Show -  there was a shortage of stewards so I stewarded for Joyce Green,  such a lovely lady and so very knowledgeable about so many different breeds.  We handled at least 12 different breeds of cats!   Plus, we had a really lovely lunch.

Nellie (Farodell Maidofchocolate) gained her 2nd CC and BOB - many thanks to Margaret Walkden
Poppy (Farodell Day Without Rain)  gained her first CC - many thanks to Rosemary Fisher

Nor-East of Scotland Cat Club - May 2013

Farodell Sosmokey (Theo) owned by Maya and Joan gained his first PC and BOB -  well done to Theo and thanks to Joan and Maya for showing him and giving him such a lovely home.

Shorthaired Cat Club of Scotland 20th April 2013

Farodell Day without Rain (Poppy) made her show debut and hit the ground running!  first in all her classes,  BOB.  and Best In Section British Shorthair!  To say I was delighted is an understatement.  This was a very good achievement for a lilac silver tabby kitten.

Farodell Harvest Moon (Harvey)  gained his 2nd CC and BOB plus 1st and 2nd in side classes.

Scottish Cat Club - 16th February 2013

Farodell MaidofChocolate gained her first CC and BOB at her first show!

Premier Farodell Red Ruben gained his 3rd PC -  well done to Maya, Joan and Ruben




(Farodell Harvest Moon (chocolate silver spotted) gained his first CC and BOB (plus 1st & 2 x 2nds) at his first adult show - aged only 9.5 months.  (shown left)


Farodell Red Ruben (red silver spotted) gained his 2nd PC and BOB (plus other good placings)

congratulations to Maya and Joan, his devoted slaves!



Farodell Red Ruben gained his first PC and BOB plus 2x 1sts and a 2nd in side classes.  Well done Ruben, Joan and Maya and thanks to Grace Denny for awarding.

Thankyou also to Maya and Joan for showing Ruben and for giving him such a wonderful and loving home. xx