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A lot of questions are asked time and again by new and prospective owners  so I thought it would be a good idea to put a few in here -  with my replies.  I hope you find this helpful.

Q:  Whats the difference between male and female kittens?

A:   Well apart from the obvious!  basically,  not a lot.  Once a cat is neutered its hormones are very much dampened.   Boys tend to be larger, chunkier and heavier. They can be a bit more loving and affectionate, but having said that I've got girls who never want to leave my lap!!
It costs less to get a boy neutered than a female spayed

Q:  I want two kittens,  should I get two of the same sex or one of each?

A:  Personally I feel the best combination is either one of each or two boys.  Girls tend to be the dominant sex.  However,  I know of plenty of very successful pairs of girls living together.

Q:  What age should  I neuter my kitten? and is it absolutely necessary?

A:  First of all,  yes, it is absolutely essential that a cat not intended to be bred from is neutered and it is a condition of sale that you agree to neuter your kitten before it is 9 months of age.
Female cats left un-neutered will call endlessly which is extremely stressful for them, they will lose weight and condition and can develop pyometra and/or ovarian cysts.  
Males left un-neutered will become sexually frustrated,  probably spray urine around the house and become very smelly!

You will need to get your kitten neutered by around 6 - 7 months of age for a boy and 6 months for a girl. 

Q:  Is it ok to have one litter of kittens from my pet female?

A:  No I am afraid its not.  A pet kitten is sold for pet only.  There may be various reasons why a breeder has sold the kitten as a pet.   Maybe it was a close mating for a particular reason,  maybe the kitten isnt of breeding quality.  If your kitten is registered on the non-active register this means that offspring cannot be registered and the breeder will have his or her reasons for this.  If you are interested in breeding,  you need to tell the breeder this when you first enquire about a kitten.

Q:  Is it cruel to keep my cat indoors all the time?

A:  No,  your cat is much safer indoors.  They are not traffic proof, and there are all sorts of horrible things that can happen to a cat allowed to wander,  getting run over is just one of them.  
You could consider having your garden escape proofed.  Alternatively you might think about having a little shelter and safe run erected so your cat/s can spend some time in the fresh air but also be safe.