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So I was watching an episode of the old Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries on DVD.  It was one of the Nancy Drew episodes with the delectable and underrated Ms. Pamela Sue Martin (a real beauty) about a vagrant who claimed to be Santa Claus.  There were these two little children in the story--a brother and sister pair.  The little boy seemed awfully familiar to me, but I just couldn't figure out who he was.

It wasn't until the credits started rolling that I realized it was Sparky Marcus, the young lad who played Arthur Carlson's son on an episode of the classic WKRP in Cincinnati.  I should have realized that a lot sooner, especially since I had just watched that episode not long ago.  Nice work.

The little girl, by the way, was Missy Gold, who later played sweet and adorable little Katie on Benson.  I sure didn't recognize her, possibly because of how she matured during those intervening years.  I sometimes wondered what happened to her, and whether she went on to play anything else after Benson.  Her IMDB entry says that she did, but not much, which is a bit of a shame.



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