The Fall of Gondolin

unofficial supplement for the GW's LOTR BSG


This page will give you a step by step guide on converting a static ‘2nd Age Elf Warrior’ pose into new ones. In this example I’m showing the conversion of an elf with an elven blade into an elf with an elf blade and shield.


These are the models I used to represent the Folk of the Golden Flower in the supplement but you can also use this guide for your own high elf force!


Stage 1:



Assemble the model as per your usual method.



Using a craft knife, carefully cut along the red lines to remove the arms from the body.



Cut along the red lines here to seperate the parts.


Stage 2:


You should have all the parts as displayed above. Using the smallest amount of superglue possible, attach the smaller arm piece onto the shoulder of the model followed by the longer arm piece once dried. Once the arm is dry, attach the hand holding the elf blade. Don't worry about any gaps that you can see- we'll deal with these later.




Stage 3:


Attach the second (longer) arm with superglue. Remove the hand from this arm inorder to glue the metal shield onto the model. (you may need to hold this inplace for a while)



At this stage you can evaluate the pose you have made. I personally wasn't happy with this one so i raised the sword arm to make a more dynamic pose. At this point the superglue hasn't set completley thus enabling you to move it slightly. You may need a small amount of glue to fix the new position in place.



Stage 6:


Finally use 'green stuff' to fill any gaps present on the model. I found it easiest to fill gaps by sculpting extra lengths of cape over the gaps.  I also added a small amount on the end of the elven blade to finish it off. Now its ready for painting!



Now you've converted them your all set to paint them in the style of the Folk of the Golden Flower