Fable: Tale of a Hero

Fanfiction from the world of Albion

The Tale of a Hero

Welcome to my site for my Fable fanfiction. I have thought about doing one for a while, and now the oppertunity has presented itself I thought I'd take it. I'll update it regularly and keep you posted on how things are going with the story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story...

Prt II up now - www.freewebs.com/fableheroprt2

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www.britxbox.co.uk - www.weareversus.com - www.bungie.net - www.battle.net - www.freewebs.com/talesofdiablo - www.freewebs.com/talesofdiabloprt2

Fable related sites

www.fable-2.com - Great source of Fable information with a good community.

www.lionhead.com - Homeland of our beloved Albion.

http://hometown.aol.com/wotcherscamp/fmain.html - Source of very handy information for quests and general Fable problems.

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Main Character List: Updated when new characters are added...

Orpheus - The Hero of our story. Born in a fated family...his life was over when his parents were presumed dead after a Bandit Raid. But, after reaching the Heroes Guild he has been given his chance for Revenge...or Justice.

Whisper - Not only Orpheus's friend, but his challenge...always on his back making him push further. A kind girl, but has she taken the wrong path?

Maze - The most powerful Mage the Guild has ever seen in this era of Albion. He took Orpheus is, but do his plans match the boys...or is there something sinister behind his choices?

Guildmaster - The Teacher, the scholar, the helper...there for all heroes in their time of need.

Briar Rose - A young, quick witted woman...always more at home in her books than with a sword in hand.

Blain - Briar's faithful companion. He stays with her through everything she wanders into...hoping that one day his affections will be returned by her.

Faustus - The ill-fated Bowerstone Guard...what was a simple life, has just got a lot harder...

Ricckle - A young trader, whom Orpheus met in Bowerstone South on his first night away from the Guild.

Bardo - A first time trader, but do his allegiances lie elsewhere?

Jack of Blades - The nemesis of Albion, a cloaked man with a mysterious past and plans for the future

Scarlet Robe - Mother of Orpheus, presumed dead by all...

Teresa - Sister of Orpheus, with extraordinary powers...

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