Ok. I've decided. I'm putting EGS on a little hiatus.
First off, I'm SUPER SUPER SORRY to all my affiliates for what I bad person I've been V__V;; I've haven't talked to you, visited you, done anything to keep in contact with you; to all those still linking me, and all those not linking me for my lack of updates, I apologise to you.
Next off is my visitors. I apologise and hope you can all forgive me. I've been engrossed into the fanlisting world and just seem to be stuck in it... I have over 74 fanlistings I can't find the time to run this.
Lastly is the file time. FTP is so much easier to use than this freewebs storage space with the domain __ it takes over TEN MINUTES to load, and this time can be spent doing stuff that doesn't take as long. Maybe it's just my laziness. But it doesn't help.
THIS DOES NOT MEAN I SHALL BE GONE FOREVER! I am NOT letting my baby die! *hugs it* My first site, something I payed so much mind into.. I'm not letting you go yet. I shall try to be back. When? I don't know.. I need to move this domain off freewebs... I need to move into to another host.. I need to save all the content and revamp a large part of it... make a new layout.. graphics (ok maybe I won't do graphics).. blah... we should be back before the second birthday of the site, in June of 2006. So, until then; I bid you farewell. And once again, I'm super sorry.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my other sites and fanlistings.



Wow, we may be getting somewhere! >_<;; freewebs has changed its uploading style and stuff, but I still think ftp would be better. I am in the process of saving all files & moving the domain. Thank you for your patience! *bows*

Ok, maybe we won't. Father is taking a long time on deciding everything, though we do have a place to buy a domain from now ^^;; so expect something before August at the latest!