ESHOOT Freestyle Judo

And Ju-Jitsu

ESHOOT Freestyle Judo 

Eshoot Freestyle Judo is a mixture of Martial Arts. The Martial Arts included are Judo, Sambo and Greco-Roman/Freestyle Wrestling. It also includes various striking disciplines.
Eshoot Freestyle Judo can be used for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, Cage fighting) competitions, for Judo competitions, for self defence, or even just as a great form of excercise.


Freestyle Judo is "The way Judo ought to be", according to everyone who has tried it. Basically it's Judo using points and still retaining the Ippon. The rules of Freestyle Judo allow for the full range of Judo technical skills to be used... both in throwing and in groundfighting. It's a well-balanced approach to Judo competition allowing for about 50% standing and about 50% on the ground. Competition is held in both "GI" and "NO GI" categories.