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Standard Gear List

Red Young Marine Tee Shirt

Red P.T Shorts

Denim/Black Shorts ( belt must be worn if belt loop exists )

2 Plain White Crew Neck Tee Shirts

Cammie Pants

Cammie Blouse

1 Pair of Sweatpants (optional in summer)

Clean Underwear ( 1 pair for each day )

Girls (sports bra)

White Socks ( 1 pair for each day )

Black socks ( 1 pair )

Sneakers ( 2 pairs if possible )


Waterproof Poncho

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping foam mat to be placed under sleeping bag

Towels ( 2 )

Shower shoes are a must


Ziplock Bag





Swimsuit (females must wear 1 piece or wear t-shirt over top; males - no speedos)

Hair Brush/Comb

Large Trash Bags ( 2 )

Flashlight with fresh batteries

Camel packs if needed

At anytime additional items may be added to this list based on trip.