Embrace the Journey

Redefining Possible: Liam's Son-Rise® Journey

                                Liam's First Volunteers in Coal City, Illinois 2011-2013

Liam is our teacher.   The time we spend with Liam is not only intended  to help Liam overcome autism, but to help us each of us grow in love, acceptance, creativity and persistence.  As we represent the best of human relationships to Liam, we believe that everyone benefits.  Connecting to ourselves and to Liam each day is our goal! We are hopeful that the power of love can transform and inspire us all to live happier, more authentic and fulfilling lives.

You don't need experience working with children or children with autism to become part of Liam's team. All you need is an open-mind, a willingness to grow and a desire to serve. We ask our volunteers to commit to 3-5 hrs/week for at least six months.  During that time, we provide training and feedback to help our volunteers be optimal support for Liam and to benefit personally as part of a Son-Rise® team! We are more like family than teammates and we believe every one has something unique to offer Liam!


      Teresa           Tricia




       Dad               Mom

                          Team Meeting March 2012

We shared what Liam teaches us....

Teresa: "Liam teaches me that I can slow down and be in the moment.  And when I do that, I can enjoy any object and any activity."

Tricia: "Liam teaches me to listen and observe. Much of how Liam communicates is very understated so I find that if I talk less, listen and watch more, he is more willing to interact with me."

Dad: "Liam teaches me patience, positivity, adaptability and reliance.  Some of our playroom time is late at night if Liam is having sleeping issues, and I am learning to adjust and see the blessing it is to spend that time with him."

Mom: "Liam teaches me about the simple pleasure in life, the priority of relationships and how precious interaction is, patience, that love is about giving and receiving is just the bonus, how to be patient with myself and creative and solution-oriented, how to go after a dream and enjoy the journey not just the outcome."

Some of our personal goals for the playroom in March are....

 To make the most of our time with Liam, no matter what time of day it might be (related to dad staying up late with Liam at times and Mom getting up early with him other days!)

To focus more on praising Liam for eye contact and interactions.

To be more aware of green lights and utilize them to the fullest.

To listen more attentively to Liam's language and draw on current strengths.

Way to go, Volunteers!  Liam is blessed to have such an amazing team.

                 October  6, 2010 - Liam's Daddy

I just spent the morning with Liam while Autumn and Mycah were away on field trip. We ran back and forth across the play room, and he laughed each time we did it. Liam is almost always happy, and he enjoys pretty much anything we do together (except coming in from outside or getting his diaper changed). We also played with play-dough and Cars. One thing I do which he loves is I roll these stackable rings across the floor. I believe he likes the thud they make when they hit the wall. It's great to share moments with him, he will squeak and I know he wants me to roll another a ring, and I cherish that. I really do believe the words of Galatians 6:9 "We will reap the harvest if we do not give up." I believe the work Autumn and I are doing with him really does pay off and I am glad I can share in it.


Nate (Da-da)