Ellesmere Animal Rescue Centre Pembrokeshire

Rescuing unwanted pets and feral kittens

Sponsor a Pen Scheme

Due to the accomadation needs for our rescues we have started a Sponsor a Pen Scheme, this will help us cover the cost of the up keep of our present pens and also pay to construct more when needed.  The scheme will run on a level basis of Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on how much you would like to donate.
Level 1 Bronze - costs £15 per year.
For this you will have your name entered in to a book of sponsors which will be available to read at the place of which your pen is situated.  This will include a memory section so you can sponsor it in memory of a loved one or much loved pet. A certificate of sponsor and a monthly newsletter.
Level 2 Silver - costs £25 per year.
For this you will get all of above, plus a quarterly report on whos using your pen with their full story on the past and their progress. And picture of animals using that pen at time of sponsorship.
Level 3 Gold - costs £50 per year.
For that you get all of the above plus a birthday and christmas card.
The payment will run for 12mths from the date of your sponsor, it can be bought as a gift for family or friend.
How about you club together with friends and sponsor a pen (only one cetificate and picture will be sent in these cases but extra can be purchased)
Or maybe a school could fundraise the amount and have it in the name of their class etc.
This is an ideal opportunity to have a direct effect on saving animals lives.
Please consider this and thank you all for your continued support.