Welcome, friends, to site of Tolkien/Rowling-ness. I offer information on the magical worlds these two wonderful people created, awards for your own sites, a fan section where you can submit things to be seen on the site, Graphics for you to use, and much more! Please read the rules before browsing.
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Terribly sorry for the lack of updates! My computer has been doing through some problems that are now FINALLY fixed. Weekly updates should become more frequent now. Thanks to all of you who still visit!

Hullo everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. With the Harry Potter craze in July I was just a dazed fan breathing and reading the books. Now that I'm more focused I'll be able to update all the sections of the site I've been needing to get to. Thanks to all the visitors who still drop by. New layout and hopefully a forum coming soon!

Site is now back in business and ready for some major renovation. I'm going to kickstart the HP and Pirates sections and fill all the blank pages and spaces. I'm hoping to find something new to add to the Lord of the Rings section as well. If you have any ideas, please tell me. Also, I still haven't recieved any entries for the challanges. Please take a look at them and enter!! Site forum coming soon as well!


Site Rules:

*If you absoluty have to take information off this site, please remeber to link either back to me, or to the source provided.
*If you take any graphics from the site, please link back to me or the person who submitted them. Do NOT claim them as your own. That's mean.
*Please support the site and advertise if you would.
*Last but not least, enjoy the site!

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