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Electrosonic Amplifiers Builds all of our amplifiers to order. Cabinets, woods, chassis, electronic components, speakers, controls, and circuitry among everything else, are all built to a player's specifications. If a player is not knowledgeable on the effect all of these components have on the amplifier's sound, we will work with the player to achieve their desired sound.




Ultralinear operation option now available

KT77 and 7591 output tubes now available

Supernova EF86 pedal now available.

WeberVST repro amp kits now available.

New Hybrid EF86/12AX7 preamp available

Auto Air Color special FX paints now available.

Logo T-Shirts Available on 'Other Products' page 

Mirror logos available for all amplifiers and cabs

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Winter Poll

Which reproduction amp do you like the best and would be most likely to purchase in the future?

Amp descriptions:

Tweed Deluxe: 2 x 6V6, 15w, 112 combo

Tweed Deluxe x 2: 4x6V6, 30w, 212 combo

Tweed Bassman: 2x6L6, 50w, 410 combo

Low Power Tweed Twin: 2x6L6, 50Ww, 212 combo

Standalone Reverb Unit: External reverb for any amp

Marshall 18 watt: 2xEL84, 18w Head

Marshall JTM 45: 2xKT66, 45w Head

Marshall Plexi: 4xEL34, 100w Head


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