Eldritch Might

The Adventures of Vault & Saridrina


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Campaign Background and Information 

Adventure 1 - Vault Ethro & The Assassin's Bane Mallock and his army destroy Vault's family and village. He vows revenge, and makes the dangerous journey to his homeland. 

Adventure 2 - Saridrina & The Hall of the Skull King Vault is allied with the rogue Saridrina, and begins to quest for The World Forge where they hope to have weapons made that can kill Mallock. They brave the trap-laden hall of the skull king.

Adventure 3 - Secrets in the City of Truth The journey continues. The heroes come up an Asaathi City. There, emissaries of Mallock try to recruit the Asaathi to join the evil empire. The heroes expose Mallock's evil, debating Mallock himself in front of the Emporer of the Asaathi. 

Adventure 4 - The Shadowsworn Assassin The heroes continue toward the World Forge, pursued by an assassin hired by Mallock.  They reach the world forge and defeat the assassin in a dramatic conflict by a waterfall.

Adventure 5 - Blood of Mallock Urgan, son of the dead god of the dwarves, agrees to make the heroes' weapons. But to do this, he'll need two drops of Mallock's blood. The heroes sneak into Mallock's city of Enderfel, and Saridrina uses all of her skills to trick Mallock and get what the heroes need.

Adventure 6 - Peace Forge The heroes quest for a hammer that could potentially turn Mallock's own army against him. They head into the ruins of the grey elf city to wrench it from the hands of the demon leader of the infestation of ratmen.

Adventure 7 - The Battle of Zultibar
  Zultibar is under constant attack by Mallock's demons. The heroes come to their aid and fight off Mallock himself.

Adventure 8 - Mallock's Revenge  Mallock has attacked the World Forge and cut off Urgan's hands. Our heroes try to set it straight.

Adventure 9 - Bitch Queen of the Ratmen Our heroes return to Myth Korvaire and find themselves surrounded by 200 ratmen. 

Adventure 10 - The Agents of Chaos Rescued by the Lords of Chaos, Vault and Saridrina must now pay a terrible price 

Adventure 11 - The Book of Eldritch Might The heroes are slowly becoming demons! They race to the home of Dorana, where they hope to find the book's missing spell and to shut down the Reavewind forever.

Adventure 12 - Quest for the Planar Knife Vault and Saridrina are fastly becoming beings of pure evil. They travel to a new continent in search of the one item that can save them from their demon hearts.

Adventure 13- War of Eldritch Might At long last, the heroes lead an army against Mallock's city of Enderfell

Epilogue Vault rebuilds Underwave to raise the children, while Saridrina goes on a quest for redemption.