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Hey guys! summer's come to an end and things have been kind of crazy since spring semester ended. Check the website out for updates! Also..don't forget about our new theme for this year, "K-Unit"!! Which means..."If it ain't SERVICE, it ain't K-UNIT".


Everyone knows about the three tenets of Circle K International: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship! As the new 07-08 Vice President of service for El Camino College's Circle K one of my main focuses this year will be service! This website will be offering upcoming service projects, a record of each member's service hours, my contact information, and other things that will be of help and entertainment to you all. I hope that this year i can not only help to organize you guys, but to help you all become more enthusiastic about serving your community as well! If you have any questions, concerns, or projects you'd like to do please feel free to e-mail or call me! (Jennifer "Sunshine" Siopongco)

As one of the three tenets, service is a fundamental element of Circle K International. Collectively, Circle K members perform more than one million hours of service on their campuses and in their communities annually. Without service, Circle K International would be just another campus activity. Through service, college students are making the world a better place.

Above all else, Circle K International is a service organization whose members are dedicated to improving their schools and communities. Virtually any unanswered need is a potential opportunity for Circle K commitment and dedication.

Our mission is a statement of what CKI wants to become and for whom: Circle K International is college and university students who are responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide. Circle K inspires people to better our world. Its motto, the same as Kiwanis International's, is "We Build." Circle K provides constructive opportunities for students to become involved on their campuses and communities through service work to others in need. Circle K members have the chance to work with fellow students, children in the community, and other adults in need of special programs.


Cell Number: (310) 498-7557
E-mail: ECC.ckiVPservice@gmail.com

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