Ultima Online Event Arc

By Lady Flame

Passwords and Hidden Places on Europa


Hedge Maze, North East Tower Roof to Buc's Den Tunnels – “honor

Hedge Maze, Room Under Central Building to Trinsic, Blackrock Obelisk Room – “hattiienk” 

Burnt Tree outside Ricardo's Cave to Ricardo's Cave – “bhulpwer” (Password no longer needed)

Vesper, Island South of the Beekeepers to Ice plateau South East of Kos Heb “sanvoran” (77o 21'N 113o 33'E)

Vesper Beekeepers to Vesper Forest – “Golan

A Rock East of the Dead Forest (Ilshenar) to Void Demon Area –“roclasmpy

Wisp Dungeon level 1, Red Wisp Statue to Void Maze – “manifestationsofwisdom

An archway in the Dragon Isle ruins to Pirate Cave – “rhumbaba” (133o 30'S, 18o 42'W Trammel)

Shame Level 1, Dragon Statue to Shame Level 5, Mage Tower – “wisdom

Britain Sewers, Signpost in North East room to Lower sewers – “charvory

Rock South of mountain, north west from Ancient Fortress "Hannah"

One Eyed Pete:

Southern Island on the North sands "Dig" (155o 55'S, 73o 24'E Trammel) 

Inside Dig site above Drow Mining Hole "Fretyup"

Southern Islands beside the pirate hut "Shipyard" 159o 36'S 73o 11'E Trammel)

Grass mat on Guard Tower North of Britain Island "Ankh"      (67o 9'N, 5o 54'W Trammel)

Drow Blackrock Mines:

Southern Island on the North sands "Dig" (155o 55'S, 73o 24'E Trammel) 

Drow Hole within Dig site "Fretyup"

Drow Hole South of Yew "Defgrud" (28o 45'N, 34o 31'W)

Drow Hole North of Vesper "Versnui" (65o 8'N 87o 23'E)

Drow Hole tunnels from LL to Marble Isle "Carnipt" (2o 38'S 56o 48W)

Ethereal Fortress in Ilshenar:  

 Scroll on floor downstairs -“ masteropenthydoor

Ethereal fortress 2, West Door -“painless operation

Ethereal fortress 3, North Door – “safety in numbers

Ethereal fortress 4, North Door – “futile

Ethereal fortress 5, East Door – “concerto

Mage Shops:

Moonglow Mage Shop to Papua Mage Shop – “recdu

Papua Mage Shop to Moonglow Mage Shop – “recsu

Serpent Statue, Britannia to Serpent Statue, Lost Lands – “doracron

Serpent Statue, Lost Lands to Serpent Statue, Britannia – “sueacron

 Orc Cave South of Yew:

Bottom level on train track near to Mericles secret area – “bubhosh mojo goth

In Mercicles workshop to inner chamber – “bahd mojo guk

Black gate in Mericles Workshop - "ojobaknuk"

Easter Bunnys Nest:

Little south from Compassion Shrine -enterthesecreteasterbunnyhole  (Trammel 61o 58’N, 39o 1’)