Ultima Online Event Arc

By Lady Flame

Europa Seasonal Events

This is new and starts from March 2010 and as normal is how these items came to be within UO from Europa's stand point, other shards events  may differ.

All comments printed in white are from the EM web site at http://europa.uoem.net/

1. St. Patrick's Day, March 2010

2. Happy Easter, April 2010

3. Wabbit, April 2010

4. Trouble in the woods (St Georges Day April 2010)

1.St. Patrick's Day, March 2010                        

It's St. Patrick's Day and Leprechauns are being seen across Trammel. If you find one he may reward you. But watch out for Clurichauns! They've been drinking and they've got an attitude!

As fortold all over Trammel both Leprechauns and Clurichauns started to appear. Once a Leprechaun was killed you got a white fancy shirt with the name tag "A Leprechaun's Shirt [Europa, March 2010]. The item you got when you killed the Clurichaun was a green coloured jug with the tag name of "A Jug Of Clurichaun's Ale [Europa, March 2010]

20 A Leprechaun's Shirt [Europa, March 2010] dropped

50 A Jug Of Clurichaun's Ale [Europa, March 2010] dropped 


2.Happy Easter April 2010                                                  

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny has been seen in the garden of Castle British!

The Guards travelled to Britain Castle and soon discovered the Easter Bunny beside the fountain

Easter Bunny - *Hops* Hello! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter - *Summersaults* I love Easter! *Hops* I hop around and hide Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs - *Looks sad* I'm sorry! I don't have any gifts... I forgot my Easter Basket at home!

Home - I had a map but I lost it on the way here! Will you help me find it?

Help - *Hops* I had the map with me when I left home. So I must have lost it on the way.

Lost it on the way - *Thinks* I'll try to remember...

Remember - Yes! I was very hungry. So Pepta gave me some lettuce!

Lettuce - *Summersaults* It was gooood!

Pepta - Pepta works with the chef

Rabbit hole - Did you find it? You need to know the secret word before you can enter...

Secret word - Ok, I will tell you the secret word... IF you can solve my riddle!

Riddle - Here's the riddle: Why did the Easter Egg hide?

Because he was a little chicken - He was a little chicken! That's right *Hops* The secret word is: enterthesecreteasterbunnyhole

 With this information they visited Pepta the food taster in the castle kitchen. Pepta was too busy to talk but whilst there they noticed muddy pawmarks on the floor around her so they decided to ask the Easter Bunny about them.

 muddy pawmarks - Oh! Tell Pepta I’m sorry! I remember where I was before; I was in a field searching for carrots!

They went off to search the fields for the map but they found rabbit droppings amongst human bones in the field furthest north out of the west gate of Britain. With this new information they returned to speak to the Easter Bunny once again.

 skull - *Eyes widen* That was so scary!

Scary - A Skeleton was after me! Luckily a brave warrior killed it before it could get me!

Skeleton - I had to hop for my life! He chased me all the way from the Cemetery

cemetery - I know... I shouldn't have gone there. But I had to, to get to the fields with carrots!

 They immediately went to Britain graveyard and soon discovered a backpack containing a map showing Compassion Shrine and its surrounding area. Searching the area they found the rabbit hole a little way south from the Shrine, 61o 58’N, 39o 1’. Then speaking the password enterthesecreteasterbunnyhole they entered the rabbit’s hole, continuing they followed its winding tunnels till finally they reached the Easter Bunny’s basket and collected it.

(Easter Bunny’s basket, 1 per charecter per day)


3.Wabbit, April 2010                                                           


Flopsy ran for her life and cowered in fear for the bigger rabbits were coming and they had stolen all of her carrots!

In the mind of a rabbit there is only one thing more important than carrots - and that is lettuce.

But these were no ordinary carrots, they were special ones the farmer had been growing in his most prized carrot patch and it had taken her weeks to find a way in. And now they were gone! She had hoped to give them to the Easter Bunny, who it was rumoured was on his way but now it had all gone wrong.

She wrinkled her little rabbity nose, pulled herself together and made her way back to her three small kittens and explained the whole sorry tale to them.

She only hoped those nasty rabbits would be caught and cooked in a big stewpot by the long legs and that the special carrots would be taken care of and looked after by the nice long legs.

 All together there were 60 carrots stolen with 30 taken to Trammel Dungons and 30 to Felucca Dungons. So everyone Chased all over the those dungeons killing the rabbits and collected  the stolen carrots.

The carrots were dark red in colour and tagged “Farmer Brynn’s Prized Carrots”


4.Trouble in Yew Woods                                                          

Trouble in Yew Woods

Information was released that there was trouble in Yew Woods and anyone checking it out was soon attacked by Reapers and Druids. The battle intensified round Yew Crypts where they had to fight back  fire (elementals). The Crypt itself was blocked off by a barrier of fire and intense heat. Once they got control of the area and put the fires out they were able to finally enter the Crypts where they found some Rangers. They were able to rescue a Ranger and escort him to the healers near Heartwood.

Nathan Hawke called everyone together for an update on the situation and led everyone to talk Jonah the Ranger at the healers. Jonah explained how the party of Rangers were preparing a meal when they saw a huge dragon that swallowed one of the stags in one gulp. They had decided it was safer in the crypts than outside and no sooner had they entered then a burning tree fell at the entrance trapping them inside. Nathan devised a trap of placing gold and fresh meat on the ground near the crypts to being the dragon out into the open to make the area safe once more.

The next day they did as Nathan requested and soon were beset by Lesser Crimson Dragons. Only after they had dispatched with the  Crimson Dragons appeared. Many were injured and the battle lasted for what seemed an eternity before their foes finally lay dead at their feet. Nathan then lead everyone top the star room where Nathan aided by Emile Layne handed out A Firefighter’s Helmet to everyone who had aided in the battle.  

Looted items:

2 x Sleeves Made With Scales From A Crimson Dragon [St. George’s Day 2010, Europa]

2x Chest Made With Scales From A Crimson Dragon [St. George’s Day 2010, Europa]

2 x Helmet Made With Scales From A Crimson Dragon [St. George’s Day 2010, Europa]

2 x Legs Made With Scales From A Crimson Dragon [St. George’s Day 2010, Europa]

2 x Gloves Made With Scales From A Crimson Dragon [St. George’s Day 2010, Europa]