Ultima Online Event Arc

By Lady Flame

Europa EM Events 2005 & 2006


For those that do not know what Event Moderated events are, they are story lines that all can join in run within Ultima Online, on Europa our EM was Elendrick who is help by much more powerful beings than normal players. I attended a few of the events in 2004 and more in 2005, these tend to run for a few months at a time. Elendrick Role Plays Commander Jordan Jurrel the leader of the Royal Britannian guards. New guards he recruits from time to time and awards them with a gold sash. These recruitments tend to take place outside of the very busy main story line events, but only during the event season. For his main story line he put a lantern out in Britain castle approximately an hour before the event started, the lanter said "event tonight". At some point after each event he would do a small write up in his council notes found at his Minoc office, situated west of the unfinished statues in Minoc Trammel. He also wanded the lands from time to time interacting with players during the week and recruited more guards. You did not however need to wear a sash to be welcome at the events or to interact with him. His non event wanderings he recorded in his Journals that can also found at his office. You can still read his books for these 2 years at his Minoc Office.
I  also have all the books copied along with copies of event books in The Guards Rest tavern on the top floor for anyone who wishes to read them. You will find the Guards Rest by going north out of Luna till you reach a row of barrels, follow these NE through a mountain cave. The Guards Rest in the tavern right in front of you. You will find chests on the top floor with all the relevant Journals, Council notes as well as books found during the event and a rune book marked to relevant locations.
All that being said I was not able to be at all the events and would like to thank many who have filled me in on what took place and everyone that has let me play along with them.

Just a little note the EM events themselves are printed in green.

Sadly the Elendrick is no longer are EM and we all wish him well and a very big thankyou from everyone on Europa.  The  new event moderators are EM Sarakan and EM Emile Layne and we wish them welcome.   

Here is 2 years of EM Elendricks events, with greatfull thanks to EM Elendrick and his assistant when needed EM Xena for some great times and memories.

2005 Glade and Father Antos

2006 Fallen Stars

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2005 Father Antos and Glade

1 Keffer Joins Council

2 Glades Nightmare in Minoc

3 Father Antos Asks For Help

4 Jurrel Leaves and Glade Sets Guards A Task

5 Father Antos Opens Ripe In Space

6 Inu Reveals Travesty

7 Visit Princess Merille In Heartwood

8 Guards Visit Sanctuary

9 Rescuing Glade

10 Epic Battle Killing Antos

11 Celebratory Office Party

12 Duel To Save Lady Carolin

13 Elendrick & Xena host a PvP tournament


1 Keffer Joins Council

Commander Jordan Jurrel returns from his travels searching for Minax and the missing parts of Bright Blade stolen from Zento in Tokuno. On his return he travelled the lands meeting with many and catching up on what had been happening in his absence. As he travelled he continued recruiting for the Royal Britannia guards and of course meeting with various rulers as he needing to know where there allegiance lie.
He informed the Guard that an invitation had been sent out to the Meer to come to Britannia Palace and they were to await the visit.
Whilst waiting for the Meer visit Commander Jurrel continued to travel the lands, on one of these travells he happened to be visiting Trinsic where he saw Lady Caroline that he had meet on a previous visit being manhandled. When asked she told a tale of being treated badly by her ex-husband, apparently Duke Irvyn of Trinsic. Being a man of honour and compassion Jurrel took Lady Caroline to Minoc and found a small house she could temporarily stay in, then he left entrusting her to the guards that were present.

After what seemed a very long wait the guards were finally gathered to Britain Castle as the Meer had at last sent emissary Keffer. It was at this meeting after the normal formalities were over that an offer of a position on our ruling council was made. This offer did not go down very well with all present, especially as it was the Meers bundling of a corruption spell that had left our fair city of Yew infested and a swamp. But after Commander Jurrel had explained that the Meers help was nesssary if Yew was ever to be restored most in the crowd reluctantly agreed it was at least worth a try. No sooner though had Keffer accepted the seat then he started throwing his weight around, telling Commander Jurrel that a girl called Glade needed rescuing immediately and Jordan was to get the guard to Dungeon Wrong and get the job done. It turned out that Glade had been kidnapped from a Meer town by the Juka. Despite Keffers attitude  Commander Jurrel hasteded to Gades aid leading the guard off to Dungeon Wrong.
No sooner had they set foot in Wrong then they were beset by Jukas etc. Fighting there way forward it was in a central back room on the first level that they came under attack from swamp creatures as well. But strangely these swamp creatures were attacking Jukas and guards alike. Despite the added danger they now faced a guard called out that there was a book on a table. On examination they read that Glade had been moved to the deepest part of the dungeon. Also a strange dust was collected here by a few guards.
Advancing as quick as possible the guard raced to the lowest level of the dungeon and found the poor girl locked
in a cell. Thankfully a locksmith was present within the guard and they had her released and secure in there care. But no sooner did she leave the cell then they were set upon by a huge titan like creature by the name of Overseer Khal. Many took great injuries in the great battle that followed, but all fought valiantly till they were victorious.

 Glade was obviously confused, not quiet sure as to what was going on and seemed half asleep, but thankfully she followed as the guard lead her to safety outside the dungeon. After a short debate with Glade requesting that she be taken home to Yew, the poor girl not realise its swamp state, that Commander Jurrel decided she was to stay in his office for her own safety. At this point a guard pointed out that around Glade seeds would fall to the floor from time to time. When asked about it Glade said it had always happened and knew no more than that, a strange girl indeed.
Commander Jurrel then lead everyone to his office, here the guard was given leave to ask Glade questions, but due to her tired state she often was not able to fully explain things and the guard was left with many questions unanswered.

Talking to Glade:

Hello-I’m Glade. Please forgive me. I’m so tired
Your tired ?
I don’t want to sleep. I’ll just dream again. It scares me.
You don’t sleep ?
When I close my eyes, the dreams begin. The horrible dreams.
Horrible dreams ?
The swamp, the corruption, the shinning light *yawns* and…
You dream of the swamp ?
Yes-I used to live in Yew with my family before the corruption
You lived in Yew ?
I worked in the centre of the town, with my family.
How many was there in your family ?
My mother, father and sister. I miss them so much.
You also dream of the corruption ?
The curse that the Meer released-by accident, it wasn’t their intended plan.
You have been staying with the Meer ?
They took me in, after my family died. They are kind to me.
It was an accident ?
They feel so bad about it, and I’m worried they can’t do any more.
You said they have been kind to you?
It’s strange. I feel that they’ve - no, that’s unfair, they are kind to me.
What’s strange ?
It’s just that I feel that they expect something from me.
You are worried ?
They’ve had so many meetings recently, as if they’ve exhausted their options.
You think they have exhausted all their options?
As powerful as they are, there’s only so much they can do.
But you feel as though they expect something from you?
Its just me being silly-I’m over tired, please pay no attention.
You also mentioned a light in your dreams.
I saw it in my dreams in the centre of the swamp. A fire? *yawns*
A fire ?
I don’t know, its all so fuzzy, and I’m so tired? *yawns*
When you were rescued some people found this dust *shows dust*
Where did you find it? How odd- I don’t know what it is.
We also saw seeds on the ground.
Really? Seeds growing around me? Things always have seemed to bloom near me.
Can you remember much about the Juka ?
They grabbed me that leader of theirs asking all strange
They asked questions ?
He asked about the dream. About the swamp and about the light.
These dreams sound like a real bad nightmare .
Yes they’re like nightmares, its awful. So oppressive in my mind.
I am sorry you have such oppressive dreams.
Like there’s something out there waiting. *stifles yawn*
I can see you are exhausted I shall not question you more today, my thanks Glade.

It seems the Meer have been sighted wandering around various cities as if looking for something, who can know with these strange aloft beings what there up to as they do not confide anything to anyone. 
Commander Jurrel has visited his office a few times recently and has listened to everyone that has spoken to Glade. With so many questions still unanswered the Commander has decided to arrange to have a sleeping draft made for Glade by Clanin. Perhaps after a good rest they will be able to get to the bottom of all this.


2 Glades Nightmares in Minoc

Several guards were on duty protecting Glade in Commander Jurrels office, also hoping that she would say something new that would shed some light on some of the many things they still wanted to understand. 

The room suddenly went deftly quiet, Glade had gone, vanished from right under there noses. Staring eyes wide open the guards glared at her now empty chair, then at each other. Was it the sleeping potion, the Juka, the Meer, so many questions rush between them. After a shocked moment that seemed an eternity an urgency set in. Some guards were sent to check the rest of the office whilst others were sent to Britain Castle to inform Commander Jurrel of the guards failure to protect Glade. One guard was left watching over Glades now empty chair.
As soon of Commander Jurrel heard the news he summoned the Royal guard to Britain Castle. Many came rushing to his aid leaving everything they were doing. How could the guard have failed so badly. Arriving at the Castle before the Commander the guards told others of Glades disappearance. The atmosphere got tense as they waited, but not for too long as the Commander Jurrel appeared. He told them that his lines of communication with Minoc had been broken and something must be wrong. So wasting no time Commander Jurrel took everyone to Minoc to find out what was going on. When the guards arrived at Commander Jurrels office they were greeted by rats. Where had they come from? who had sent them? where was Glade? The guard had to find out what was going on and quick, so Commander Jurrel sent them searching the town for information. It was not long before everyone was beset by all types of swamp creatures, intent on there deaths. The fighting was hard and intense and after a short while Glade was spotted strolling amongst the swamp creatures unharmed. She was wandering the town in a dream like state, talking in her sleep as she wandered. She was rambling on about her mother, the swamp and also something called the Heart wood. But frighteningly as she dreamed of the swamp, beasts appeared around her and engaged the guard in more fierce battle. This happened several times before Commander Jurrel whilst talking to others about the situation had an idea. He explained how they needed wake Glade to stop the spawn from returning, but they also needed to keep her safe as well. It was decided upon finding something that would remind her of happier times in Yew to end her nightmare. Yes a smell that would remind her of Yew and home, perhaps the distinct smell of Yew wine from empath abbey winery would work, so Commander Jordan Jurrel sent a contingent of guards to acquire the necessary wine from the Abby.

At the Abby Thomas the merchant could not understand the ramblings of so many people desperate for a bottle of Yew wine, he had no idea of the battle that was going on in Minoc. It was not long though before the guards discovered how much he loved meat pies and how he would trade a bottle of wine for a simple pie. Now able to get the wine several guards hastened back to Minoc bottles of wine in there hands. Once the wine was opened in front of Glade she started to come out of her dream and the spawn stopped apering. It was now that poor Glade saw what she had done. Very sad and full of guilt for the pain and destruction she had caused Glade returned with the guard back to Commander Jurrels office. It had been such a hard night for all. After they reached the office Commander Jurrel had a chat with the very upset Glade and she once again returned to the study, waiting to try to answer more questions. 

Once Glade was settled Commander Jurrel mentioned that there was 2 books he could think of that may help, one was to be found in Nujlam the other in Trinsic. The guard set off straight away in search of the books. They were justly rewarded in there efforts by finding 5 books in all. As well the guard was able to glean yet more information from a still very tired Glade, will there be no peace for this poor girl.

The books can be located in:
First house south of Yew bank. 60. 12N, 47. 57W, called Picture book
Nujel’m graveyard, 41. 55N, 157. 37E called the Dreamspeaker’s will.
West Trinsic Swamps, 68. 59S, 34. 37E called On Redemption.
Meer Village, East of Ishena Sacrifice Moongate, 40. 14N, 10.49W, called Keffer’s Journal..
Lyceum Moonglow, 55.1N, 151. 32W, called Cult of dream speakers. 


During the next few days the guard took time to talk to Glade and were able to glean a little more information from her.

Hail Glade
Yes…. How can I help you.
It’s good to see you back here safe. I’m so glad that the smell from the Yew wine made in Empath Abbey Winery worked.
I worked at the Empath Abby winery when I was younger well, I helped.
Are you still concerned by the dream?
I’m worried. If I fall asleep and dream again will I endanger another place?
You have not slept at all?
I haven’t been to sleep for days too scared , because I see them
See what Glade?
The monsters, Yew, the shinning light, the whispering words.
The monsters you saw were they the same as what attacked Yew?
I’m so sorry. I saw them while I slept, and then they came here.
You also saw Yew.
Yes, the call it’s coming from somewhere within Yew. I don’t know where.
And you heard whispering.

Yes, just on the edge of my perception.
What words did you hear Glade?
I can’t make them out, it’s like a song, a calling.
Can you sing it for me?
I haven’t sung since my family died - it wouldn’t be right.
You called it a calling?
It’s difficult to explain. I was walking, trying to find my way toward it.
Whilst you dreamt you mentioned the words heart and wood.
I’m too embarrassed to sing it now.
Hmm I see, what do you know of the redeemer Glade?
What I’ve heard that before. What doe’s it mean?
Simply put it means rescuer. Have you heard of the word elf before?
I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
Don’t concern yourself over it Glade, it was something from a story book.
You found my picture book?
A picture book?
My picture book? I had one when I was a child.
You liked to draw when you were a child?
It was so long ago……….. *looks sad*

I don’t want to upset you anymore Glade try to think on something nice. I will let you rest again.

During the week Commander Jurrel was sitting in his office when some guards approached. Looking up at them Commander Jurrel asked if they had any more news for him. The guards looked at each other a moment then admitted that they had no more news. They then discussed all the information that had been gathered so far and any possible conclusions they had come to. But they had to admit they had a lot more questions than answers. After listening to there various ideas the Commander rose from his chair and walked round the table to join them. He then explained how it had come to his attention that there had been a few people in Trinsic who had been having strange dreams. The guards attention was grabbed immediately, could there be some answers to be found in Trinsic. Commander Jurrel then lead the guard to a Moongate and they travelled to Trinsic together. After being meet at the gate by a Trinsic guard on duty they were introduced to Duke Irvyn  and were escorted to a room where they could discus recent events. It indeed did turn out that some had been having strange dreams in Trinsic and one had written a book called Travelling books. The book was supplied to the guard which they gratefully received. It seems that there is two different type of dreamers, firstly Glade who’s dreams could manifest themselves and those in Trinsic who had suffered from a thankfully tempery effect of dreams. Commander Jurrel was unable to stay for all the conversation as he was needed back at the castle, but he left his guard to find out all they could.

3 Father Antos Asks For Help

Commander Jordan Jurrel called the guards to the castle for an update of the weeks findings. After discussing the discovery of the 5 books and there contents the meeting was dramatically disturbed. An old man rush into the throne room gasping for breath with several undead mages hotly pursuing him. Immediately the guard swung into action, some pulling the old man to Commander Jurrels side and safety, others removing the undead mages. Gasping for breathe the man introduced himself as Father Antos the last of the Druids. Very disturbingly he exclaimed that the mages were Minax’s minions and they were trying to take him to Vesper Museum where Minax was trying to subvert some recently discovered power in her laboratory. Thankfully Father Antos made his escape before they reached there destination. It was evident from his exhausted condition that Father Antos could be of no more assistance at this time, so Commander Jurrel sent him to rest up. Wasting no time Commander Jurrel immediately takes the guard to Vesper and into definite danger. Once in Vesper museum Commander Jurrel stopped to talk to a dithery curator called Craigain Bell who was more interested in his exhibits then his visitors. But after a few words he explained how some strange people had been visiting the museum recently and been chanting words about “Minax’s glory and triumphed over all that is good” in front of the portrait of Minax. It was Zagroth that discovered saying “triumphant” in front of her painting that transported him into a dungeon full of creatures ready to devour anything or anyone who came near. Keeping a cool head he returned to the Commander’s side to inform all how to enter Minax’s lair. Once in the lair fighting these creatures the guard passed a strange portal and many suffered terrible injuries from numerous traps. The guard fought ever more valiantly deeper into the dungeon and found a sense of unease coming over them. This sense grew stronger the nearer they got to a room that the guard could not enter.

Commander Jurrel taking control of the situation held his shield tightly as he used the power within it to break the force that bared the guards way and everyone was then able to entered Minax’s laboratory. They were now face to face with an aura or shadow of Minax, beautiful but so utterly cold. Dread and fear filled the room, but still the guard and Commander Jurrel stood strong. Boldly Commander Jurrel demanded to know what she was doing, only to be ignored as if no one was there. The aura exclaimed that her work was now complete and gestured to a glowing blue sword on the anvil. She then continued by saying “This facet makes for imperfect creations-the legacy of that idiot Nystul.” Then she looked at the guards all watching and said to them, “you flock to your pathetic little hero, as he dithers about the fact of some lost little girl.” At this Commander Jurrel rushed forward to attack her, but before he could lay a single blow on her she laughed and transported herself into the midst of the Royal guard causing great injury and death. It took tremendouse strength and determination of the guard to defeat the aura of Minax. Once the battle was over the guard took only a few minutes to regather themselves and aid the injured. They then turned there attention to the blue sword that lay on the anvil. Commander Jurrel took the imperfect blue Brightblade to be studied by Clanin, what had she created? Also he took some broken fragments of blade from the floor as did a few guards. Then taking a few moments Commander Jurrel examined a sword pommel and some wire which he decided not to take. This was a truly evil place and the guard could not wait to leave, thankfully it was not long before Commander Jurrel lead the guard back to the Castle. Once at the Castle Commander Jurrel gave Zagroth a blade fragment as a reward for his quick thinking by finding out how to enter Minax’s lab. He then sent the guard home to rest and heal after a successful days work. The Commander and the Guards had proven themselves a formidable team, but they were left with yet more questions needing answering. He then left the Castle promising the guard that he would speak to Father Antos on what Minax was making and why she was interested in Glade as well as Father Antos.


A summary report was written by Mord Mhor.
Summary of investigations so far.

First of all let me say that what I write here is by no means absolute. as my knowledge of ultima lore is by no means complete. In fact I’m rather hoping you the reader may be more informed than I, and may be spurred on to correct where I’m wrong of make other perhaps more informed suggestions.

Flame and myself had run out of ideas as to where to gather more information and so had resigned ourselves to studying the information gathered thus far. Some interesting ideas have come from this. First I want to talk on the subject of dreamspeakers.

I would suggest that dramspeaking was at one time considered to be an asset/blessing at least by the cult members themselves . (one of the books argues why form a cult if the practises of it guarantees certain death for all members?)
However it is now considered a curse. (Corrigan Blue a cult member admits as much when he leaves his belongings to the few remaining cultists explaining that he didn’t want to endanger the rest of his family
Why the change?
I believe that the corruption of the swamps interferes in someway with the dreamspeakers dreams making their dreams materialize and thereby killing them.
Of interest one of the books mentions that the only thing left of the cultists was some dust found in their beds. I will discuss the dust next.

Why is the dust significant. Well because it was found in Wrong also (I would like to know exactly where as I was unable to retrieve any, was it perhaps the cells?). Any way at this point we have several ideas & questions.

1. The dust is the remains of other dreamspeakers.
2. Could the Juka have dreamspeakers.
3. Were the dreamspeakers at wrong other prisoners (cultists) the Juka had captured for whatever reason (they are looking for something).
4. Is the girl Glade the cure to the corruption and the Juka know this and are trying to prevent the Meers attempts to correct matters?
5. Keffer’s journal was all smudged (he is not likely to have just discarded it) and was left in Lakeshire and has all the hallmarks of a struggle. Have the Juka got him to try to recover the girl glade?
6. Why is Glade special?

Simply put what makes Glade special is she has the ability to walk amongst her dreams and survive them. Also as a by product of Glade dreams she seems to produce seeds and not dust. How significant she is remains to be seen. What we do know is she was living in Yew as a little girl with her parents at the time the decay spell was cast by the Meer and was separated from them. At this point father Antos mentions that the Meer perceive themselves to be saviours (Redeemers) but were in fact not, nor anything like the true Redeemers. He also mentions callings, Glade mentions callings, does Glade have the potential to be a Redeemer? Were her parents? So many questions I’d like to get hold of father Antos. At least Glade may have the potential to communicate with these true Redeemers and thus by be able to cure the corruption.

Father Antos
Father Antos appears to have been a significant character in past Ultimas and I am continuing to research him. Whether he is a NPC in this event or not I’m not sure but I believe any knowledge on this character could be beneficial. I hope you the reader may have more idea than us.

Mord Mhor

During one of his regular office visits Commander Jordan Jurrel was surprised by wisps appearing. Taking his sword in hand he defeated one of these wisps only to find a reaper appear when he dealt the final blow. These are very strange times indeed. Taking shield and sword in hand he then travelled the lands to see what was going on. To his surprise he found that a number of towns had had visits from the wisps, namely Trinsic, Vesper and Yew. Each of these towns reported that reapers appeared if the wisps where defeated.
After the Commanders earlier visit to Trinsic with some of the guards it was decided that the dreams people were having needed to be looked into. Some research was done into them and an invitation was issued for people to aid in an expedition to the lighthouse in the lost lands. So many formed up outside Trinsic to help in any way they could. Everyone was on there guard as these were indeed strange times, also as they travelled to the lighthouse wisps kept appearing. Finally they arrived at there location and gathered on the roof of the lighthouse. Then a small group was sent to search the caves below the lighthouse. After a while the searchers returned carrying a fresh bunch of flowers and a human skull. Everyone was given chance to say what they thought about the find, till finally Drax Drodun informed everyone of what he knew. He was a wise man with some knowledge of the Dreamsenders, having every ones full attention he explained that the skull must belong to Lucien the eldest of the dreamsenders. He explained that Lucien was buried in the caves below , but the find raised yet more questions. Why had the skull come to the surface now? Who was putting flowers there? Was the dreams people having recently connected with his skull resurfacing? Could any of this be linked to Glade? These were just a few of the questions that now faced all that were present. The guards after listening about a little history of Lucien decided that they could not help any further into the investigations here but were interested if any more information came forward. They then thanked everyone for allowing them to be present at this investigation and returned to report all that had taken place to Commander Jurrel.



4, Commander Jurrel leaves and Glade sets the guards a task

Commander Jordan Jurrel once again summoned the guard to the Castle but his stay was to be very brief. In short he appeared and said that Father Antos had a lead for him alone to follow in Tokuno, he then instructed the guard to care of Sosaria, especially Glade and Father Antos and he promptly left.

It was good to have such faith put in the guard but a bit of a shock to everyone as his leaving had come so abruptly. Shortly after he left the throne room Glade walked in asking for the guards help. They listened intently as she explained how with Father Antos’s help they might be able to heal Yew from its cursed swamp state. The guards roll in this was to gather pure untainted Yew soil but at a price. There was apparently 5 naturalists that held the soil and wanted resources as payment, a lot of resources. After giving the guard a clue to the naturlists where abouts Glade left.

This was most strange, Commander Jurrel had not instructed the guard to follow Glade’s or Father Antos’s orders but just to care for them. Also if Father Antos knew how to heal Yew swamp why had he arranged for Commander Jurrel to be else where? Why had Father Antos not told the guard of these things himself instead of using Glade? The guard liked non of these questions and the only way to get the answers was to collect the resouses and gather the Pure Yew soil. With reluctance but vast determination they sort out the naturlists and started gathering what was needed. Such was the guards determination that the necessary resourses where gathered in a very short time. But when they returned the next day to speak to the naturlist and to there great annoyance the naturalists had upped the price when they saw the hard effort that the guard was willing to do. The guard had a choice to either walk away or double there efforts, after careful consideration they realised they only really had one choice and set about harvesting the extra resourses.

The resources gathered and donated was:
120k arrows deliver to Occlo Library in Felluca
60k logs to the Malas Inn
120k Ribs to Britain Library
360k Iron ingots to Gargoyle City in Ishena
The 5th naturalist explained that he was not going to tell the guard his price until they had completed all the other 4 naturalists orders.
It was also noted whilst collecting the resources that Commander Jurrels notes had been updated informing them of his going to Tokuno. But very desturbingly in someone else hand writing was added “Answer the call.” This only lead to heighten the guards suspicion, but everyone still continued till they had done all that was asked of them. Very disturbed with so many troubling questions still not answered the guards were hoping that they could deal with whatever problem arose from there cooperation.


5 Father Antos Opens Ripe In Space

It was not long after they had the requested resources in place that Father Antos and Glade summoned the guard to Britain Castle. Father Antos was in an excited mood and could not wait to get on with things. So he lead the guard straight to Britain library to the first naturalist and eagerly accepted the pure Yew soil that the guard had earned. Handing the soil to Glade he then opened a gate to the Occolo library in felucca. It was here that the guard came up against there first opposition in the form of ratmen. These were no match for them and they immediately removed the threat. Father Antos then quickly hurried to get his reward of another sample of pure Yew soil, which he once again passed to Glade. Then the guard was off again, this time to the Gargoyle city in Ishena. Here they came up against much stronger opposition in the form of exodus minions and a mechanical horror. The guard pulled together and fought as one to defeat there latest foe. Whilst the battle was raging Glade seemed disturbed, although still in her dreamy state she did not make much sense. With one eye on Glade the guard fought hard till there foe lay at there feet. Father Antos then proceeded to explained away the guards opposition by saying they were out to steal the iron ingots. But the guards fears increased as Glade seemed yet more and more disturbed, even more worrying was how Father Antos was not going to let this stand in his way as he hurried her along. Unsure about his explanation, the guard still pressed on though, they had to see this through to the end, if there was but the slightest chance that Yew could be cleansed. Ignoring murmurs from the guards about how he was now treating Glade Farther Antos just pressed onto the next naturalist in the Inn in Malas. Yet again they were set upon, this time by a very tough foe indeed. A diseased tree stood in there way and the guards numbers took there toll. Father Antos seemed very uneasy at this latest foe and stayed well back looking as though he felt practically under threat by it. After a very tough battle the guard finally prevailed and the tree lay at there feet. Father Antos now eager once again hurrying in to accept the pure Yew soil, which he once again passed to Glade. He then very hastily opened a gate to there last destination, the naturalist in Tokuno, all the time getting more agitated at Glades reluctance to continue. The guard followed with uncertainty as Father Antos was talking down to Glade yet more and more. But still they stepped through the gate expecting yet another battle and a request for some incredible amount of resources from this fifth and final naturalist, but they were to be shocked by what they found. The naturalist was dead, Killed by a twisted plant growth over his body. Unperturbed by this Father Antos told Glade to search the body for the sample of Yew soil as well as a seed. It made the guard feel sick to think he would ask such a thing of a young innocent girl, but she complied to he demand. After some unpleasant moments had passed she turned to Father Antos and explained neither were there. Unshaken by this turn of events Father Antos still said there was a chance the cure would work and lead the guard to the centre of Yew. Glade was now faltering though and complaining. She had heard a warning in the call that sometimes came to her. The guard shouted to her to heed the call and not to plant the soil as Father Antos was now demanding her to do. Everyone stood helplessly unable to do anything accept tell Glade to stop as they were held back by a force surrounding both Father Antos and Glade. Father Antos continued over the shouts from the guard and rebuked Glade calling her a silly girl. Much to the guards dismay all they could do now was watch as Glade under pressure from Father Antos placed the 4 parts of pure Yew soil he had given her into the ground. Suddenly Father Antos hurried forward and place a fifth piece of Pure Yew soil and a seed on top of Glades. It was done and the guard was helpless and unable to prevent anything as they watched in horror as a gate opened up before there eyes. A gate like no one had ever seen before, Yellow of centre and blue on the outside, it was truly some kind of corrupted gate. Glade then screamed “No” as Father Antos rushed into the gate. It was with great horror that the guards watched Glade also vanish into the gate chaseing after Father Antos, in a blink they were both gone. The guard thought they could handle anything but they were so wrong, things could not get much worse, or could they?

It was at this moment of stunned silence that Commander Jordan Jurrel arrived back from Tokuno. He was incredibly angry with the guard for what had happened and held everyone responsible for not handling one simple thing, to keep Glade and Father Antos safe. The guard tried to explain how Father Antos had deceived them. But he was having none of it, as far as he was concerned the guard were responsible as if they had planned it themselves. He then stormed off leaving the guard in great fear for what had happened.
They were also now concerned about how the Commander had reacted. Yes they had messed up things big time, but the way he responded to it was so unlike him. Where they seeing a different side to him they had never seen before, or was something wrong with Commander Jurrel. After voicing there concerns to each other they gradualy drifted away to recover from there injurys and to try and think upon what had happened.


Disturbingly the next few days continued the same with Commander Jurrel. Whilst in his office a loyal guard asked him if he was unwell. A reasonable question under the circumstances of his behaviour. Shockingly Commander Jurrel called her a traitor and ordered another guard present to immediately execute her. Unable to comply the guard pointed out that everyone was deserving of a trail and said that also her question was not unreasonable. At this Jordan Jurrel became more enraged and listed all in the room traitors. He proceeded to names these in his journal to warn other guards against them. Over the next days more came to visit Jordan Jurrel hearing of his changed behaviour and everyone had to agree he was not at all himself. It was also noted that his sash had changed as if mirrored. It used to read “Commander Of The Royal Britannian Guard” but now read “DrauG NainnatirB LayoR Eht Fo RednammoC”. Another thing that was obviously not real but a copy was his shield the Paladins heart. It has been noticed that when used the original shield use to have a crake of thunder, but this copy did not. It became very disturbingly obvious that this was not Commander Jordan Jurrel but an impersonator. Zagroth was checking on Jurrels condition one day when he was pulled along side him and before anyone knew it Zagroth was holding the Broken Bright Blade in his hand that was given him from Minax’s lab. To the horror of those present he started to side with this Jordan Jurrel calling every one who questioned him traitors. What had Jurrel done to this loyal guard? No amount of talking could convince Zagroth of Jordan Jurrels true nature or to get him to put that blade away. The guard desperately needed help, so many tried to search for Clanin, and they also asked Jordan Jurrel to speak to him. This fake Jordan Jurrel also went further by threatening to replace the Royal Guard with a Black Order that he meet in Tokuno, he called them an exclusive coherent network of informers who carry out the contracts honourably. The guard feared it may be a bunch of cutthroats and thieves. This could not be allowed to happen. This thing also claimed that the guard was hiding the Bright Blade from him. Thank goodness that the real Commander Jurrel had hidden it before leaving to go to Tokuno. It was obvious that this fake Jurrel needed the blade desperately as he continued to accuse many of hiding the Bright Blade. Then he decided that Duke Irvyn of Trinsic had it and threatened to send the Black Order into his city in 3 days if he did not hand the sword over. Poor Duke Irvyn could not do this even if he wanted to as only the true Commander knew of the swords location. A lot of people from all over Sosaria meet in Commander Jurrels office even putting aside wars as they listened to what was happening. Three days later many then gathered in Trinsic for this confrontation between Duke Irvyn and this fake Commander Jurrel. Duke Irvyn stepped forward as Jurrel approached Trinsic and offered a replica sword in place of the Bright Blade. This thing calling itself Commander Jurrel was not fooled and explained how the Black Order had already infiltrated Trinsic and named some who were there as members of the Black Order. So he planned to cause division in the ranks, as he was trying to cause division in the Royal Britannian Guard. But thankfully everyone saw through his attempts and the guards rushed forward as one to detain him, but Sadly he used that shield to make good his escape.
The next time the guards saw Commander Jurrel they demanded that he spoke to Clanin, much to there dismay he replied that he already had and was given a clean bill of health. This could not be, anyone could see he was not himself. So pushing him even harder to let the guard speak to Clanin to hear it for themselves, they were given the very disturbing news that Clanin had been chained up and no one would be able to speak to him. Where could the guard turn now, they must save there true Commander.

The guards had also stated to noticed that wisps were still visiting Commander Jurrels office and a Royal guard pointed out that they appear at times in the past of great events and importance.


6 Inu reveals Travesty and Commander Jurrel is rescued

The thing calling itself Commander Jordan Jurrel summoned the Royal guard to Britain Castle. Much to there disgust he demanded the guard to return there Royal guard sash’s to him as he was disbanding the Royal Britannian guard. His so called reasons to disband the guard were as he put it, “Firstly - your awful conduct due to Antos and Secondly allowing poor Glade to be killed when she went through that rift”. All present refused to acknowledge him as there Commander and confronted him as an impostor. But the Commander continued by saying “The Meer have also demanded that Vesper and Trinsic be handed to them. Yew…well, it can just burn for all I care. Oh, and Haven would make an excellent training place for Orcs. People will hardly notice the difference. I am the supreme power here in Britannia. I am the ruler now. I demand that you return your sashes. Now. The guard is officially disbanded”
It was at this moment that Inu the Crone strode up to the Commander and demanded that he be gone. Rummaging in her bag she pulled out some powder, then throwing it at the Commander he vanished. With great cheers from all present they were hoping that the threat was now completely gone. But during this celebration Inu turned to the guard and explained that Commander Jurrel had been kidnapped and that the thing that had replaced him was a powerful being called Travesty from a Tokuno dungeon. The room was now silent as she went on to say that Travesty had been gathering forces in Blackthorns castle here in the city. The guard now knew that they could do something and where to fight at last. Everyone turned and rushed out ready for the intense battle that they knew they must faced. 

It was indeed a hard fight with many falling, but the determined battle hardy soldiers and peasants alike from all over Sosaria pushed on, moving forward very slowly, with every step costing them dearly. The guard fought there way through paragon Ogers and Cyclopse , followed by Phoseph the controller, Tavurk the Controller and Calvin the Brigand. Each costing them more and more, but still they pressed forward ever determined. I do not know if I saw all the foes that the guard faced as the battle raged around them but on the second floor of the castle they came face to face with the impostor Jordan Jurrel again. He put them under yet more attacks but this time from the “Town Guard Shadow” and “Bloodguard Shadow” two terrible foes indeed. After eventually dispensing with this most dreadful dangers the guard then turned to face Jordan Jurrel himself, but he was gone. The guard raced upstairs and there he was standing on top of the table. This Jordan Jurrel screamed out “You haven’t faced me yet. Commander of the Royal Guard! Travesty of the Highest Order!” The room was light up by bursts of flames, and then came the terrible poison clouds. Many fell back chocking to be healed by comrades. This was the moment the guard had been waiting for though, they were going to kill this abomination calling himself Commander Jordan Jurrel. Lightning rained down on the guards and the poison clouds seemed unceasing. Inu thankfully set up a healing centre in Blackthorns old bedroom and others joined her to aid the guard as much as possible. Many times people returned to the battle from that room determined to finish what they had started. Then all went silent, despite the pain of their wounds and exhaustion of the battle a united victory cry went out, as this fake Commander Jordan Jurrel lay at their feet, dead. Then news soon reached those in the battle room that there true Commander Jurrel had fallen from a cupboard in Blackthorns chamber as soon as Travesty had died.

Racing as fast as the guards wounds would allow they entered the bedroom. It was true, he was alive and back with them in charge again. Checking for the last bit of reassurance the guard looked at his sash. It read true it really was him.
Thanking Inu an exhausted Commander Jordan Jurrel ordered the guard back to the palace. Once there he explained how he had seen all that Travesty was doing in his name as if he was watching through the impostors eyes. He had been held in a sleep like state that could only be broken by the impostor being removed. Then saying how sorry he was and that he now needed to regain the trust that Travesty had lost him, he turned to Inu and asked if Travesty was truly dead. Much to there horror she explained how Travesty can never truly be destroyed and that he would return one day. It was at this point that Commander Jurrel was reminded about the gate that Antos and Glade had made. With ever deepening concern across his face he said how upset he was at the sacrifice they had made giving there lives, even as he said it was not for the right motives on Antos’s part, the sacrifice was still made. But now they faced the immediate problem that the energy from the rift needed to be channelled properly. After a moments silence he then mentioned how Travesty knew the Bright Blade had something to do with the cutting the world. Exclaiming that he needed to fetch the Bright Blade he was stopped short as Inu said “its simple then, Blondie. Go cut a hole in Yew”. He then left the throne room to fetch the Bright Blade and Inu turned her attention to the guard. She wanted to know where Clanin was and was obviously very upset when the guard explained that Travesty had chained him up somewhere. Then on Jordan’s return she explained to him of Clanin imprisonment somewhere. Concerned at this Jordan went on to explained that he needed to sort one thing out at a time. So he took the guard with him and travelled to the rip in space in Yew. Commander Jurrel took the sword and made a deep cut, then planted the sword firmly in the ground. He informed the guard that he would channel the energy from the gate to complete the healing, at last some good news. But sadly he acknowledged that nothing could have survived entering the gate. So he wanted the guard to gather flowers ready for the next time he called them to hold a memorial service to Glade. Then very tired and with much to catch up on Commander Jurrel bade farewell to the guard, once again apologising for his actions. Many still injured then returned home relieved in the knowledge that they were no longer held as traitors and that the true Commander Jordan Jurrel was back in charge.

After only a few days rest Commander Jurrel started to check back on things that needed his attention. Just one of these things was a letter sent from Baron Twothumbs of Vesper. It seems he took offence when Commander Jurrel took the guard into “his” city to sort out the problem with Minax, apparently he considered that his permission was needed first. What follows is an article that appeared in the Sosarian post regarding the visit.

Jordan and the Baron
Vesper ain't big enough for the two of them - A Poste EXCLUSIVE!!! - By Betty Badoodle

After a seemingly successful trade meeting with Magincia, Baron Twothumb and his wife were heading for an early evening on arriving back in Vesper
Meanwhile down the road to Vesper a sudden bolt of lightening flashed through the sky opening a blinding blue gate through wich stepped none other than Commander Jurrell. Yours truly, who had just been fending off the undead in Vesper cemetery hurriedly began to scribe the Commanders words as he marched along the road with his band of merry followers
"We can head over the bridge, then past the Graveyard, if I remember..." Jordan Jurrel called out to his men.Arriving at the Swaggers,all seemed quiet and ........deserted.
" Is there any way to send word to Lord Twothumb?" Jordan Jurrel asked politely.
Before long however, an elf dressed as a Militia Captain arrived

"Alot of.. ill dressed foreigners.. here this evening", he mused looking them all over.
Jurrel narrowed his eyes " Hmm. And you are?"
" Olk Samsca, traditionally, although names mean little "
"Ah..... " Jordan Jurrel nodded his head.
"Do you know where I may find Lord Twothumb? He sent me an... anguished letter. I wished to explain my recent actions"
" I am sure if you care to wait he shall arrive"
"Of couse. Thank you for your indulgence"
" Or he may not.. that is his desire,"...Olk Samsca
" Of course. As it is mine to come here and explain myself."
"I doubt that" replied Olk
"Well... It's my choice, at any right. Only... polite."
"Ah." Jordan nodded his head as the Baron and his lovely wife entered the Inn
"Hmm,well well " muttered Kain Twothumb, " If it aint Jordan"
" M'Lord " Tae'nu Ver curtsied politely,
Jordan nodded to Tae'nu Ver then turned back to Kain as he asked
" Coming here to... invade... again, or just.. plundering .. this time" ?
"I've come in response to your letter, Kain", replied Jordan glancing at Little Garret, the parrot, who was intent on mimicking every second word.
" Perhaps " replied Kain " we shall move into the other room "
"I believe you may have been... mislead by some of the actions you have seen recently.", said the Commander,
"I do not belive I have been missled at all I see your actions for what they have been,but please convince me otherwise,I just cant see how I can be wrong tho " retorted Kain
" You refer to an invasion in the Vesper Museum... That was a matter of the security of the realm. It was not your concern, although I did, of course allow all those who listened to the Criers to travel with me." Jordan explained
" What do you call an armed force from another state sneaking into your town in the night ,armed to the teeth into the soverign state of Vesper "
Jordan Jurrel blinked at Kain,
"We did not sneak. We marched....Obviously. The threat was removed, and we left. Of course."
"Without asking for permission thus .. an act of war " Kain answered
" You would not think to fight against the Dark mistress unarmed? As to what you were doing sheltering the evil sorcererss here... Well, let us ignore that for the moment,hmm?" smirked the Commander.
" Hey " retorted the Baron, "you opened the doorway.. we had it pretty good locked down"
" Well, if you have such a grip on your town, you should have taken care of her much sooner! Or did you need the 'rest of Britain' to do it for you?" the Commander snapped back folding his arms and looking annoyed.
The conversation intensified-
" We had, till you let her out, there was no trouble until you brought it here "
" And have you seen any hide nor hair of her? No. She's been removed."
" And by doing so you did an act of war against Vesper,thats just typical of you, you just act, you dont think" replied Kain Twothumb:
" Pah! Typical "?
" You think just becuse you have a big army you can do whatever you want"
Jordan Jurrel stood looking down at Twothumb
"You wear Vesper's badge of 'freedom' as something to beat anyone not like you around the head with! You're being entirely unreasonable!"
No I'm protection my town, something you clearly cant do with your towns. I remember the invasion of Britain a few months ago "
Jordan Jurrel mumbled something under his breath and stepped forward with a vicious look in his eyes,
" How dare you !! "
" I dare alot of things ", retorted Kain angrily.
" So I can tell! " came the reply
Tae'nu Ver,seeing things were going from bad to worse put an arm on her husbands ,"Kain dear, calm lleself ", she said worriedly.
With the sound of some one chanting ' execution' the two men continued their verbal war...
" You dont walk into my town and tell me what I can say or do"
"I face threats that would wake you up screaming!.. And you just accuse me of trivialities!" yelled Jordan
" Oh please..." laughed Kain. "My entire family been fighting off threats in Vesper for years and years"
"My entire family been fighting off threats in Vesper for years and years" ...chirped Little Garret.
" Commander...Kain... please !!!! " Tae'nu Ver implored the two
" You are just a newcomer. Who belive you can do what you want. But you are wrong " Kain carried on ignoring his wife
"You can sit in that big castle , And order your troops,but your right to order.. stops in Vesper!"
"I have the authority of Britain. I am the Commander of the Royal Guard. I did not intend to upset your 'town. I had more important concerns than your petty quibbling " Jordan scowled at Kain
" We are not part of your kingdom.Get that into your head " said Kain.
" Vesper's state of freedom is a state of Grace,and you do nothing to endorse that by arguing all the time" Jordan informed him
" No ! Its a state of fighting for it constantly . Right now for instance," Kain shouted angrily.
" you have two of your towns armies waging war on Vesper"
"No?" asked Jordan " I think you'll find according to the succession...That there is a document in the castle vault that relates that to old Vesper,On the dark facet."
"What you call that?.... peace and love," laughed Kain
Jordan folded his arms.
"Go ahead.. I dare ye " challenged Kain " I got history books too "
" I'm surprised you can read them." snorted Jordan.
"You may be surprised but so are all who come to Vesper...we dont need you...we dont want you!!! " Kain told him .
" No, sadly, I come to expect this same treatment each time. You've made that clear."
" You can't start a war on someone and then expect them to like you Jordan "
" It was not war...It was an action to protect the wider interests..." Jordan reminded Kain.
" Then your the fool here.. and not me.Tell me Jordan Is Cove under your rule? Is Yew under your rule?"
" I beleive Cove, like Vesper, declared independence. They are welcome to ask for assistance" said Jordan.
"However if there is a threat to the world at whole in YOUR towns ' I ' will deal with it if deemed necessary."
" Only becuse you open a gateway to the threat there was no threat before you did put it there", said Kain Twothumb
Jordan Jurrel glared.
" You are determined to use this as an excuse to isolate Vesper!"
Kain Twothumb laughed
" Better men then you have tried or whatever you are "
" In that case I have nothing more to say to you. You wish no interference, you'll have it." conceded Jordan.
"Although you'll no doubt view that as a victory."
" Good.. then I will ask you to leave Vesper and never return "

Jordan Jurrel narrowed his eyes
"I am sorry you feel that way. But I must admit."..........at this point the Commander marched out of the town and was last heard muttering and scowling to himslef."Arrogant... rude...Evil twisted."

That was the last seen or heard from the Commander as he dissapeared through another blazing portal ,to who knows where....

Thankyou Sosarian post for this information

A few days later the gate had vanished along with the Bright Blade and an Elven Podeum now stood near to where the Gate once stood.


7 Visit Princess Merille In Heartwood

The guard were called once again to the Castle by Commander Jurrel. They came with flowers in hand ready to place them at the mommorial service to Glade the Dreamer, recently lost to them through the corrupted gate in Yew.
But much to there surprise Commander Jurrel seemed remarkably happy when he met them. With a smile on his face he told everyone the good news that Glade might still possibly be alive. He then explained how he had been invited to meet with the ruler of the newly discovered Heartwood one Princess Merille. It was there that the guard learnt how Glade had wandered into the Heartwood a bit worse for wear but alive. Finding she had similar traits to the elves they had cared for her and made her welcome. But when Commander Jurrel asked if we could speak to Glade he was told that she had vanished during a recent bad storm. The elves had heard her scream during the storm and on checking they found both Glade and a group of renagade elves were missing. These renagade elves were apparently unhappy living under Merilles rulership and also blamed humans for there imprisonment in the tree. Merille then mentioned that the renegade Elves no longer listning to the beat of the tree but to something else instead. A terrible thought crossed the guards minds, if Glade had made it here could Father Antos have made it as well? Could these renegade Elves now be listning to him? Why was Glade still important? Yet more questions to add to the guards list. With no time to waste Commander Jurrel said his goodbyes to the charming Princess Merrille and along with the guard followed a trail of blood that was pointed out to them. The Guard searched for more blood once down from the Heartwood tree and soon repors came that it lead short distance north to a house.

Inside the house the guard discovered a map on the table that was “A Roughly Drawn Map Of Sea-Swept Rocks And A Pillar Of Light.” With this new discovery Commander Jurrel sent the guards out to find Glade or at least as much information as they could gather. Also he instructed them that if anyone should see Father Antos that they must immediately apprehended him
. The guard had a great task ahead of them which everyone hoped they could succeed in and perhaps redeem themselves after failing so badly by loosing Glade in the first place. It did not take too long though for the guards to realise that the map was of the lighthouse located in the lost lands. Once within the lighthouse the guard found a bail of cotton with a label on it that read “A Label Reads Fin*st Pr**uce Of **l****.”

Shortly after having a small problem deciphering the l not to be an I, some of the guards found a shepard in Delucia that must have supplied the wool. He was located just outside the towns northern gate.
The Royal Britannian guards then procceded to question the Shepherd

Hello there
You sell much wool?
Finest wool in Delucia my hurd
Ah this is your Hurd?
Aye they roam the feils here .
Have you by any chance seen some Elves?
Y’know some of those new beggers were here the other day.
You call them beggers?
Yes those pointy-ears. They were acting suspicios
In what way suspicious?
Looking at the trees and cooing in their heathen language .
They were taling in a strange language?
Aye, kept on singing the same word.
They were actually singing?
They did it for a while and then stopped, and left.
Can you repet what Word they were singing?
Here, let me remember “Esc Lel Corp” that was it.
And after sining that they left?
Headed off in the direction of the swamps they did.
Have you happened to notice any blood?
Only if you shave the sheep a bit too much.
Ah I see, thank you very much you have been a great help, bye.

It was whilst the guard questioned the shepherd that Commander Jurrel left the them to continue the search whilst he returned to his office to complete nessasary paper work.
With another lead the guards searched the swamps as directed. They were rewarded for their great effort of having to put up with both the smell and monsters of that dreadful place. It was with relief that they came upon an injured Elf. The relief was for two reasons, firstly they were sure that the blood trail was not that of Glades but this Elf’s and secondly that seeing this Elf ment they must be drawing closer to rescuing Glade.
The guard then set about questioning the Elf.

Go away.
You must be very badly injured.
My companions left me - the weak are no use to us.
Your companions left you?
They’ve gone - you’ll not catch their trail
What trail would that be?
You think that I would give you a clue? Hah!
You think we cannot find Glade without you giving us a clue?
You’ll be stuck here! They left from here, but are not from here!
Here you say.
Hah, you’re too stupid!
Is Glade still with them?
You’ll never find her.
Is Father Antos with them also?
I don’t know who you refer to!
Why do you protect them when they have left you behind just because your weak?
You weak humans wouldn’t understand insects.

Sadly that was all the guard could get out of the injured Elf. It then took the guard a while to discover what the Elf ment by “You’ll be stuck here! They left from here, but are not from here!” Eventuly there was joy within the ranks when a guard reported that on exactly the same spot in Felluca he had discovered a scroll. The scroll read “A Partial note: …researcher….hidden….palace”.

At last another lead to investigate. The guard spread out through out all of the lands searching every palaces for a researcher. Thankfully with so many eager to help it did not take too long before a report was made of a researcher being found in the library of Nujelum palace by the name of Errol.
The guard continued there investigations by chatting to Errol.

I’m working, leave me alone.
What are you working on?
Many useful books here. Lots of lost knowledge.
Many useful discovories have come to light recently.
And you are finding some of this lost knowledge here.
Yes if you shut up and read you might improve yourself.
What lost knowledge have you found recently?
For example, the arcane art of spellweaving!
You know about spell weaving?
Some of the elves in Heartwood speak of it.
You’ve meet the elves?
I told them about the lost knowledge I’d gained.
Have you found anything else as well as the arcane art?
Many other magical effects and items have been opened up to us.
There new items?
Myself I’m looking for some glasses!
Also what kind of effects do you mean?
Take the healing of Yew, for instance.
The healing of Yew will be well investigated for many years I’m sure.
The healing energy of Heartwood can be channelled into a spell.
Juat a single spell.
Yes, a spell that can scour corruption from the face of the land!
Totally scour all the land?
The target of the spell would be completely cleansed.
What corruption would the spell scour?
Any type! Oh yes, anything the caster identified as corrupt.

It was whilst some guards were talking to Errol that a group were chatting nearby and one of them happened to mention Orcs. This simple word gave them another lead as Errol had some interesting information about orcs. He stated:
Orc’s? singing? don’t make me laugh. But it says they can.
What says they can? Errol how can anyone find out more? Sadly the researcher had had enough of there talking and returned to burying himself back into studying a book, ignoring everyone.
Hmm perhaps if the guards were to check out anywhere there were orcs. It was a long shot but worth a try ,so the guard once again separated to search the lands. Success again a guard returned with the news that a book had been found in the orc mines. This book was called Da Book Uv Ugwong and was written by Ugwong Da Bard. It talks about Orcs sining and mentions repeatedly the sentace “Vor Am Lel”. What could this mean? To be honest the guards had no idea so they returned back to Errol the researcher and told of there find.

The guards tell Errol about the book and its chant “Vor Am Lel”.
Hmm. Sounds a little off key to me.
Errol then once again buried himself into studying his books.

Feeling a little frustrated at being stuck again the guards tried to think of anything to do. Then one of the guards came up with an interesting plan. Perhaps if they randomly called out different races names it might trigger some more interest from Errol. After what seamed an age of calling out words like, “Titan, lizardman, ratman, Juka, Meer” there was no response until someone finally craked it and said “undead”.
An old, old mage in Tokuno who desired Lichdom held that chant.
Another chant like the orc chant?
Three chants are located in the world.
So if the Orc had one, the Mage had another, who had the third?
One of the Elves, one of the undead, one of the Orcs.
Do you need anything else to make this spell work like some kind of ingrediant?
I’m afraid I havent located that information yet.

The guards knew now that they must act very quickly to get these chants. What if they were to fall into the wrong hands, unimaginable disasters could be brought on the all humans.


8 Guards Vistit Sanctuary


Commander Jurrel summoned the guard to the Palace in Britannia once again. He still looked tired and was obviously not fully recovered from his encounter with Travesty. Since the news of the Travesty incident had spread and now the possible destruction of humanity people flooded to help from all over. The guard knew that everything could be linked all the way back to rescuing Glade from the Juka, killing Minax's Aura and taking the Bright Blade right down to us needing to find Glade urgently now. But some also realised it went even further back, right to Minax taking the blade from Zento around the time of the despise invasion into Britain.
The guard had to sadly report that they still did not know the where abouts of Glade. They then proceeded to explain all they had found out about Father Antos plans and what he needed to completely destroy humanity. It was during this discussion though that the castle came under attack by whipper vines. These were quickly defeated by the guard, then Father Antos himself walked up to Commander Jurrel to gloat and reveal his plans. Father Antos gleamed as he told everyone how along with Minax and some elves that they would soon annihilate all of human kind totally with a single spell. Some amongst the guard pointed out that Antos was also human and would die when the spell was cast. To this he just said it was a small price to pay, or could perhaps Father Antos have been the first human to have reclaimed his eleven heritage. This visit did not last long however as after a few more words Father Antos vanished. Commander Jurrel immediately readied the guard to go to Sanctuary and the lair of these renegade elves. Once there they found it as unforgiving as ever and it was a while before all the guard could reach the place the renegade elves where held out. It was not too much of a surprise for them to find Father Antos was already there and waiting for them, then the much expected battle ensued. However no matter how hard the guard hit Father Antos he seemed to hardly take a scratch. On top of that gas clouds formed around the guards, issuing up from the very ground they walked on causing them to cough and some to loose consciousness. Thankfully a healer was there along with a contingency of guard that stood back. This group of guards cast counter spells to the poison clouds and healed any affected by them. Everyone was kept extremely busy. It was only after great loose of lives that Commander Jurrel noticed Antos was drawing power and regenerating himself from the creatures summoned and pets brought by the guards. Immediately as soon as he realised this he informed the guard. The message quickly spread through the ranks, and summoned creatures and pets were urgently pulled out of the battle. Much to the guards relief they started to now see Father Antos weakening. Then at last a great cheer rang out as Father Anto’s finally fell, defeated at there feet. It was with shock however when the guard could only observe as Father Antos rose from the ground he had fallen on. He then stopped and called to the Guard saying “You underestimate the power of nature!” Whilst the guard was still in shock at what they had just witnessed Father Antos rushed to the Arcane circle there and casting a short spell he vanished taking the knowledge of the corruption spell with him. Father Antos had grown incredibly strong, but thankfully he did not have all the ingredients to complete the corruption spell yet, but what he had achieved so far was very fearsome indeed. How could the guard defeat him now his powers had grown by so much already, let alone when he became stronger. Could there be any clues here that could aid the guard. Whilst some continued to help fallen comrades other started to search the elves hideout. Suddenly a voice called out “there’s a letter here Commander.” This letter was addressed to “Mistress” and told of how he had the necessary chants and that he was sending them to her. It also explained how he was collecting the necessary ingredients to complete the spell to irradiate mankind. Interestingly it also mentioned how Glade a necessary ingredient to the casting of the spell may also have the power to counter it in some way. The urgency to find Glade had just intensified beyond belief as the guards read on. At last Father Antos had made a mistake in his letter giving them a clue as to Glades where abouts and the guards could not wait to check out the lead, the letter was signed “Your servant, Antos of the Green Circle.” It was while the information that was read in the letter was slowly sinking in that someone pointed out that there was a scroll dropped on the Arcane circle. Commander Jurrel walked over and promptly took the scroll. He informed the guard that the scroll was called the “Ancient Power of the Life beat,” and said he would make arrangements to visit both Princess Marilee and Inu the crone regarding it.

Once again returning to the palace Commandr Jurrel voiced his concerns as to the powers Father Antos now had at his finger tips. Also that they had still failed to find Glade an innocent and very important girl to both humankind and Father Antos, with everyone’s lives now hanging on her safe return. With this new information however the guards raced out of the palace to once again search for Glade. But this time was different as it was not too long before some of the guards returned to say “we found Glade.” They then explained that by travelling to a small Island in Vesper, Commander Jurrel would find a gate that sparkled, at that point he must say "sanvoran" and would be instantly transported to a cold place where Glade was held in a very deep sleep and protected by a force field.  Immediately when Commander Jurrel heard this news he ordered that he be taken to her hiding place. On arriving he tried as had the guards to waken Glade but sadly he too was unable awaken her. The guard were left totally numb by the fact that they had found Glade but were still helpless and unable to rescue her. Commander Jurrel then gave the order to keep a watch on her as he returned to write out his report in his office and make arrangements regarding the scroll.

It has been noticed that since Travesty’s removal Lady Caroline had been often seen hanging around Commander Jurrels office, always after sympathy for her sad situation and not of the perils of what else was going on. Still Commander Jurrel tolerated her presence or enjoyed her company, offering kind words of comfort as he endeavoured to keep on top of what was happening within Sosaria.
As the days passed there came reports of people seeing Father Antos and how he was summoning foul beasts and setting them upon any human at hand. He was even bold enough to enter City’s across the lands. It was time for humanity to unit.


9 Rescuing Glade

Commander Jurrel once again called the guard to the palace. He took a moment to update everyone on what he had been doing. Firstly he had contacted Inu the Crone and sent her to see Princess Marilee about the scroll. The rest of the time he had spent searching Clanin’s Lab for any kind of help he could find to release Glade from her captive state. He then lifted a large tomb excitedly so that everyone could see, it was called “Tome Of Apotropaic Purity.” Once he was sure they had seen the book he proceeded to open it and read out aloud. “To cause interruption in powers both magical and empowered by nature, one must gather items that are both anti ethical to nature. I believe Anti ethical means opposite.” Commander Jurrel then listened to the guards suggestions and very soon agreed with them that this spell needed machinery parts to work. So he proceeded to lead them through a Moongate to the Honour gate in Ishenar. Just a little way north he entered an empty Inn called Duce’s Vinculum. Once there he informed the guard that this was where he would perform the spell and where they were to collect as many clockwork assemblies and power crystals as possible. He also explained that for the spell to work that it had to be completed within 45 minutes. Commander Jurrel then lead the Guard through to Exodus Dungeon with instructions for them to aid each other in collecting as many components as possible and then take them to the tavern.

The guards entered the perilous dungeon and were immediately set upon by golden unnatural things. Many were hurt and a healing post was quickly set up. It was not long before the guard had to set up a second healing post as the onslaught was vast and never ending. Valiantly though the guard kept fighting back and runners started taking the vital components back to the tavern, then immediately return to collect more. The guard kept doing this for some time whilst Commander Jurrel who was not normally a user of magic started to read the spell. Whilst he cast more and more power crystal were being added along with clockwork assemblies, all the time the piles grew. It was noticed though that Commander Jurrel still was not fully recovered from his ordeal with Travesty and was also having problems reading the spell correctly. Frequently stopping and sometimes repeating some of the incantation, but he still pressed on. The room now had piles of clockwork assemblies and power crystals from floor to ceiling, and the guard was now gathered around helplessly watching Commander Jurrel as he struggled on. Unceasingly Commander Jurrel kept going now with the occasional glow of magic surrounding him and with each glow he seemed to tier a little but he struggle on. Not only was Commander Jurrel now very visibly fighting to continue but the guards faced there own battles. As if some kind of power was out to stop them they came under wave upon wave of attack from exodus creatures, some of these being gold in colour and frightfully fast. With each wave they defeated only moments could they rest before yet another wave ensued.

Each time they defeated the enemy they stopped and turned to check that Commander Jurrel was safe, each time they saw him untouched but growing weaker and weaker as the incantation grew nearer and nearer to its completion. Yet another dreadful wave of attack came crashing in upon them as there Commander started to stumble now unable to hold his own weight, the minutes ticking by. As the last creature fell lifeless to the floor a slight glow started to fill the room. Then from the glow a white gate slowly took form, a gate of pure energy. Commander Jurrel studied the gate a moment then in an exhausted state he exclaimed “we have done something”. Staggering over to the gate he once again studies the tomb that he could now barely hold. Then he turned to the guard and said very weakly “this seems awfully strange, it says we must call out to her.” The guard immediately started to shout “Glade, GLADE”. With the room filled with the shouts for Glade the gate shimmered and there she stood before them at last. Glade was at first happy to be free then she was afraid because she knew that Father Antos had the chant and what he intended to use it for. Commander Jurrel gathering all the strength he had left and tried to comfort Glades worries by telling her how we had the life beat scroll and that Princess Marilee and Inu were looking into it. Some of the guard looked sadly upon Glade, did this young girl know what her place was in the corruption spell, that it was her very heart that was needed.

Commander Jurrel and the guards had accomplished a great fete this day and at last the tides were turning in there favour. Also they had some excellent news for Glade. Commander Jurrel smiled at Glade and said that he now wanted to take her to see Yew. To this news some of the guards started to chant “Yew, Yew.” Together they moved as quickly as Commander Jurrels exhausted state allowed, but in an exhilarated state it seemed as though they were at the Moongate in no time. Exiting from the Yew Moongate the guard marched towards the centre of Yew. It was soon realised however that not only Commander Jurrel was unable to keep up with the pace but Glade was also visibly struggling. Steadily they reached the Heartwood gate and Glade seemed visibly relieved as she was able to take in Yews cleansed condition. Soon as they all reached Heartwood Commander Jurrel without hesitation instructed Glade to go into Heartwood and get some much needed rest. Glade turned to go then hesitated and looked back at Commander Jurrel. Looking yet again for reassurance before she could rest she asked if he was going to stop Father Antos, then she turned also to the guards asking them the same question. Commander Jurrel told her that the guards would remain vigilant and that he would return in a week to see both her and Princess Marilee. He then repeated to Glade to go and get some rest. As soon as she left he instructed the guard to report to him in his Minoc office if there was any sighting of Father Antos. He also stated that he would patrol as much as possible. Still looking absolutely exhausted he thanked the guard for helping to succeed in such a critical job. As he was about to leave though a guardsman asked for the Tax’s, Commander Jurrel took one last moment to state that the Britannian Guards are due a discount and then he left. The guards many of them also in a bad way gradually went there way to rest or patrol as there health allowed.

With so many resting the guard was spread thin over the land. To cap it off nature herself seemed now to be uneasy. The weather had changed and the lands everywhere were now under some kind of spell. The wind wailed throughout all the land the sea was unnavigatable at times as if angered into a furious rage. But even in these terrible conditions the guard still remained vigilant, and they needed to be. Father Antos was in no mood to rest, being seen in one city after another. Where ever Father Antos was seen trouble followed in his wake. The weather angered more and more with each visit and attacks from his summoned minions kept everyone busy. Progressively the guard could feel the weather still getting harsher and as it got harsher the minions of Father Antos became more dangerous, he was now drawing poison itself from the ground and forming it into spinning balls of poisonous wind that he sent to reek death and destruction. It was obvious his powers were growing at first day by day but now it seemed hour by hour. Commander Jurrel needed to do something and fast, was Father Antos already too strong to be stopped and with each passing hour his strength increasing was his possible defeat slipping further and further from the guards grasp. 


10 Epic Battle killing Father Antos

A few of the guards were at Jordan’s office talking about recent events. Once in a while someone would check on Britain Castle looking for the lantern that they all eagerly anticipated, they needed to put an end to this crisis, as that’s how bad things now were.
While they were discussing the attacks the temperature in the room dropped suddenly and the wind outside thumped ever harder at the office walls. Looking at one another uncertainly they were shocked to hear a rushing surge of air intensify on the other side of the office door. Hurrying without hesitation the guard now raced over to the door to open it and face whatever was on the other side. Turning the handle the door burst open towards them. There outside was some of Father Antos’s poisonous vortex’s obviously sent to kill them. The guard without a word being said swung into action and were quickly victorious, it was strange, why such a small force? what was he up to? A guard was sent to check on the Castle and when he returned with great anticipation in his voice he stated that Commander Jurrel was summoning every able person. Today was going to be a make or break day, as they went forward to answer Commander Jurrels call at Britan Castle.

Many gathered at the Castle, from peasant right up to Lords prepared as best each could be for the inevitable epic battle. Some joking as they waited nervously, whilst others were eager to get on not caring if we had enough gathered yet. In what was only a short time but seemed an eternity Commander Jurrel stepped into sight along with Inu and Glade. The guard was told how Princess Marilee had realised that Father Antos must have a focus for his power, similar to the Elves with there power focused on the great tree.
Inu then explained that Antos's powers where stretching over all the lands even as far as Tokuno. Following Ine’s terrible news Glade explained that the great tree was also suffering but for the moment was holding steady. Commander Jurrel follwed her saying that “It's getting worse. Nature has been turned on its head. Animals are going crazy, storms sweep the land. It's Antos's doing. His corruption chant is destroying the fabric of the world.”
The guard watched in absolute silence pinning the hopes of all humanity on the three that stood before them. Inu then explained how she had found a way to stop Antos. As if one the guards stepped forward, none daring to miss what she had to say. But instead of carrying on she paused and first asked if the guards could do the task without messing it up. A roar went up as everyone reassured her that they would succeed, so she then continued. “The mad Druid's power has raised three pillars of corruption. These are the main fulcrums that channel his energy. They must be destroyed and in doing so , they will temporarily break his hold on the land .” Weaken , temporarily words the guards did not want to hear but at least it was better than nothing.
Glade then took a step forward and said “the tricky bit is... We've got to split you up into groups. We need to destroy the pillars as fast as we can, otherwise Antos will know what we are doing. If he finds out - he could cause them to regenerate!” Commander Jurrel then continued by saying “When the pillars are removed, Antos will be forced to manifest himself. He'll have access to some of his powers - but his hold over nature will be broken. He'll appear near a source of magic that he's used before.” The guards gave several suggestions as to where that may be till it was mentioned about where Glade was held. Thinking on this Commander Jurrel replied “The gateway was in Vesper. Once we have defeated the pillars we should head to Vesper Bank. The square there would be a good place to defend ourselves from him and prevent him getting to his power source.” It was so obvious that it was Vesper that he would manifest himself, as he had not only made an access gate to where Glade, but it was Vesper Museum the Minax’s aura had her laboratory concealed.
Now the guard had some idea as to the work that faced them. Glade then took a group of the guards through a gate and went to Yew Mill. At the same time Inu lead another group to a forgotten temple on an Island. The rest of the guards followed Commander Jurrel through his gate to a Jungle location.
It was not long after exiting the gate that the stench of a corruption pillar meet the guards nostrils. With the weather almost fighting against them they pushed forward following the trail of the stench. With the rancid smell growing ever stronger they finally came face to face with a hideous beast.
The guard knew that they must act quickly and ran forward smashing hard into the Corruption Pillar. Hardly scratching it they fell about gasping as all came away poisoned. Regrouping they attacked again, the sound of battle ringing all around, along with the sound of a harp. When the last note of the harp was heard the beast seemed to be weaker but not by much. Heartened this time that it could be hurt, many attacked whilst others healed and cured. Knowing that they were getting the upper hand the beast called whipping vines to its aid. A group of guards swung round and swiftly cleared away the vines and returned to the main battle. They were winning! Then with great relief it fell, they had accomplished what they needed to do here. After healing and regrouping Commander Jurrel then returned his group of guards to the palace to meet the others, but no one was there. Commander Jurrel immediately told his group of guards to go through another gate to help both Inu and Glade to win there battles, knowing they needed to bring there corruption beasts down with great speed. Splitting up the guards ran forward through the 2 gates to join into yet another hard battle. After more tough fighting the guards had succeeded in there first missions to bring down the 3 Pillars of Corruption.

With great relief the guard returned to the Castle, they had taken some injuries already and all were breathing heavy from the fighting. Surely Antos was no match for them especially in his now weakened state. They were very soon to discover how powerful this mad man had become.
Commander Jurrel told the guard that “Princess Marilee will be holding the power back. That means Father Antos is cut off from the power of corruption. So now we’ll go to Vesper and we'll put down this Druid once and for all. It will not be an easy battle! I will open a gate to Vesper Bank. Ready?”
Amongst cheers from the guard Commander Jurrel opened the gate and they surged forward to save all of humanity from total destruction. Arriving just south of the bank the guard proceeded to make there way looking carefully for Father Antos. But he was no where to be seen, the weather still raged in turmoil around them. Then without any kind of warning Father Antos appeared behind Glade, surly he would not harm her she had already suffered so much. A few words passed between them. Then he turned his attention to the guard, without battering an eyelid he started to unleash a ferocious power that they had never experienced before. Many fell, others spluttered from the poison he sent out among them. How could he still be so strong after the guards had already dealt him such a colossal blow by removing his Corruption Pillars. Then he vanished, suddenly reappearing beside some poor shaken guard felling him in one swoop. Commander Jurrel and Glade realising the guard needed all the help they could give them, passed magical orange petals to the grateful guards. Consuming the petals many once again raced into battle, they had to keep pressing forward no matter what. The guard pounded hard at Antos all the time taking a great beating.
Father Antos was using a power the guard had never experienced before and hope never would see again. It was an ooze that scorched the very body without leaving a scare, setting both body and equipment ablaze. Many an armour piece succumbed to this immense weapon and fell destroyed to the ground never to be used again. At last Father Antos was getting weaker but then as the guard thought they were about to win they were shocked to see Quagmire beasts starting to appear. No it could not be true, was he regaining his hold on nature, was the Pillars of Corruption starting to renew, Pushing as hard as they could the guard continued relentlessly forward. Those that could not aid with the killing of Father Antos dispensed with these beasts and continued to aid the guard as best they could.
Then the weather suddenly changed, the storms had gone. The sound of battle had died also, could it be, was Father Antos dead. Then with a triumphant cheer the guard called out "Victory Sosaria is saved". Many trembling with excitement, all exhausted from the battle they rested a moment to gather strength and thoughts.

Several guardsmen that marched into battle fully armoured and well prepared for fighting,  now stood after the blazing heat from Father Antos spells their armour standing no chance and they where left in only kilts and a cloaks. Bodies laid everywhere, Pets as well as those of Sosarias strongest warriors and mages. No one had got away unscathed. Then a ringing noise was heard and amazingly money appeared all around where Father Antos had fallen. Many guards feeling reinvigorated at this rushed around collecting all they could. When they had finished Commander Jurrel lead the triumphant guard back to Britain Castle.
Commander Jurrel stood in front of the guard and said that they had accomplished a great deed by putting an end to Father Antos once and for all. His grip over the powers of nature had been removed, so no one would need fear him using that chant to corrupt the world again. He also explained how what the guard had achieved was priceless beyond gold and thanked them.
Glade then stepped forward and pointed out “that the storms may have uncovered hidden secretes.. One doesn’t escape unscathed from such things. But that’s something for another time. We've all done well this night.”
Commander Jurrel looked at Glade then back to the guard, he continued again saying “Glade is safe now. I will complete my report and write it for you. You may read it in my Minoc office tomorrow. You've performed great services here tonight.” Waving his hand to the guard he once again stopped just before leaving and said a last few words to the guard saying “Congratulations once more,” and then he left.
They had done it, Sosaria was safe. Commander Jurrel had lead the guard once again through to a great and victorious time.

The guard talked for a while exhilarated at such a monumentouse evening, but gradually the aches and wounds took there toll and they drifted away to heal and purchase new armour.

It was decided that they would hold a joint Victory and Commander Jurrels 1st years anniversary party. Preparations got underway and invites were sent out. Many were kept busy all week preparing for the party and suddenly the day was upon them.


11 Celebratory Office Party

Many guards arrived early to help with the preparations. Flowers were placed both inside and outside of Commander Jurrels Minoc office. Row upon row of tables were covered with mountains of food, whilst a side room table was covered in bottles of drink to suit all tastes.

Slowly the office filled with celebrating guards, some came dressed as Commander Jurrel, they all chattered endlessly about recent events whilst enjoying the provided feast.. After the feast a treasure hunt was started which had the entrants travelling all over the lands for 10 specific items. After some time two happy contestants raced back in the office clutching a bag between them, with faces aglow from rushing around and joy. The room cheered the winners Tom Lorn and Nasshina as they were given a cake to commemorate there win.
Slowly others that entered the hunt returned and everyone chattered whilst waiting for Commander Jurrel to join them. But before he was to arrive there was a quiz game for everyone to enjoy.

The questions were:

1. what’s the name of the Meer emissary that joined the ruling Council?
2. what was Glades relationship to Keffer?
3. What attacked us upstairs other than the normal Juka residents in wrong?
4. What was the name of the Juka trained Overseer that attacked us when we rescued Glade?
5. Which town was the Dreamspeaker Cult popular in?
6. What’s the name of the last member of the Dreamspeaker Cult?
7. When Glade vanished from the office what caused Minoc to be attacked?
8. what did we have to seek out from Yew Monetary to stop Glades nightmare in Minoc?
9. Why were Wisps suddenly been seen around the lands?
10. Where did Minax get the Fragments of Blade from last event arc round?
11. For what reward did we go collecting so many resources?
12. After Father Antos and Glade entered the Corrupted gate, what shock did we next have to face?
13. What was a way to recognise that we are talking to an impostor not Jordan?
14. Who came to our aid revealing Travesty?
15. Who invited Jordan to visit the Heartwood?
16. How did she know Glade was still alive?
17. After much searching what was the name that revealed Glades place of concealment?
18. Why did Antos want to destroy all humans?
19. What did we have to do to weaken Father Antos?
20. What aid did Glade and Jordan hand to us in the final battle with Antos?

The guests did not have to wait much longer as soon after the quiz finished they were rewarded by Commander Jurrels arrival. In a happy mood he laughed with the guard as he saw both male and female versions of himself throughout the room. He went behind his desk to address the party goers and called the fancy dress duplicates of himself to stand behind him. At this point a new pub song was sung to all present.

Our commander Jurrel
Has golden hair like a gal
Its legend throughout all of the land
And where ever he goes
In his flamboyant clothes
The maidens do offer their hand

But he's a man of his word
And if you have heard
Of his eating, wenching and drinking
I say unto you
Its mostly untrue
Of his duty he only was thinking

But what I hear you s****
Of the girl with the full figure
The one from Trinsic I hear you mention
Well I stress it again
Though it seems all in vain
A diplomatic mission was his intention

See he’s sought to unite
Sosaria for a fight
One of cata-clys-mic import
And though it was hard
To raise enough guard
A very great battle was fought

What else can I tell
We will follow Jurrel
Indeed even to Hades
Though we be drinking strong mead
We keep one eye on his lead
While Jurrel keeps one eye on the Ladies

This was followed by a lot of excited shouting when Commander Jurrel explained that he had a mission for anyone who wish to join in. This mission was to be optional and not one of defending against impending disaster. The party goers all excitedly asked for more details and Commander Jurrel proceeded to explain. There had been an infestation of monsters into Hythloth and some of these monsters carried special daggers. The guard was to clear the infestation and collect as many daggers as possible within an hour. Once the hour was up they were to reconvene at his Minoc office. Commander Jurrel then opened a gate to Hythloth and many a party goer hurried in to have fun with there fellow guards. The dungeon was indeed infested with forests of Reapers, and many other monstrous beast just waiting for them. The guard in good party mood ploughed through all they came across collecting daggers as they went. It was not long though before the hour was up and Commander Jurrel along with a helper Xena went though the dungeon instruction everyone that it was time to return to Commander Jurrels office. Once back at the office the guard was told that the daggers were numbered and that they had to add up all there dagger points they had each collected. The three guards with the highest scores were invited to stand beside Commander Jurrel. Anirisha had come in third and was given a sash entitled Elegant Runner up. The first and second places went to Trevalyan and Scar. Both of these were promoted to the position of Royal Explorer and were presented with golden outfits, lanterns and books fitting there new position.

With excitement in the air Commander Jurrel and Xena bid everyone goodnight and left. The party continued for a while longer before exhausted one by one they drifted off home.

12 Duel to save Lady Caroline

These were indeed happy times but Commander Jurrel still did not take time out to rest. He was often meeting with dignitaries from different cities and lands within his office. On one such day Commander Jurrel was meeting with Lady Tabbitha in a side office when they were disturbed by a lot of noise coming from the main office. They both left the small room to find a number of guards from Vesper awaiting Commander Jurrel. Some were stood on guard duty by the doors whilst others were clearly drunk. Commander Jurrel welcomed them and asked if they had any special reason to be in his office, especially since Baron Twothuimbs had pointed out that he wanted nothing more to do with him. Whilst the only real answer he got was “coz I was told to stand here” Commander Jurrel studied them all carefully. It was during this tensing moment that Hanse Davison of Vesper strode into the office and walked right up to Commander Jurrel he almost spat out the words “ Royal swine !”. Commander Jurrel was about to reply when he saw Hanse Davison remove his glove and hold it in the air for all to see. Commander Jurrel stared at Davison and said “ I beg your pardon?” " to which he got the reply
Ye dare to court my woman so I hear….” then he dropped the glove to the floor.
Court your woman?
I demand ye explain such a thing…
Who do you refer to?
*looks nonplussed*
A Lady Caroline…
Caroline? The Dukes ex wife?
She claims a certain enjoyment of your company.
She is your intended?
*smiles slightly*

She is many things, but for her daring to affront me with such vile words… Fornication with the likes of you Royal scum…
I can assure you no fornication has taken place. But may I also say… That if you and her are.. An item… why have you not been able to house her in Vesper?

She takes a liking to you..
Since she came here to me, saying she’d been turfed out of her home.
And for that great indecision she will soon be punished…
If you’re not man enough to provide for a woman, could you even claim her?
*folds arms*

*eyes narrow*
Were ye a man ye’d defend her life with your own Royalist.
I’m sure bravery is a concept only taken here in the Republic though.
There, in the Republic.
I think you forget, you are not in Vesper.
er haps I can show you the way there?
*points to the door*

You’ll find this land soon to be in the Republic hands.
I… don’t think so.
You see, for that to happen people would need to want to be in a Republic. Which I admit they enjoy in Vesper. But I don’t believe anyone in Minoc has expressed such an opinion. Or perhaps you have to claim a town like you claim woman?

You’ll find us more convincing when we have a grip on this town.
With harsh words, and threat of punishment?
Either way, that woman who takes a liking to you, I curse her name….
She’ll be imprisoned, pending execution…
Seems to me that you have a lot to learn then… old man.
*nods to Baldrick*
Go get her…
Commander Jurrel was unable to stop the many armed guards from forcibly dragging Lady Caroline through a gate to Vesper under Davisons orders. After yet more angry words Davison warned Commander Jurrel that he would execute Lady Caroline. He then left the Commander with a truly terrible dilemma, that Davison could only be stopped in executing Lady Caroline if he was defeated in battle by the Commander or the Commanders champion and within the next 24 hours.

Commander Jurrel was angered by not being able to protect one person in his own office and wanted to know how he could protect Sosaria if he was so useless to help just one lady. He was also shaken by his own naivety, he had not seen how Lady Caroline felt about there relationship, everything was coming crashing down on him as a man. But his position as Commander dictated that he would not be able to put his own life in jeopardy and if he was to try to save Lady Caroline he would have to appoint a champion and he had just 24 hours to do so. Feeling another dilemma that he could not ask for a volunteer from within his own guard as he felt that would be abusing his position, he left to visit places that Lady Caroline was know to. The news soon spread of what had happened and after a very exhausting and restless night it was time for Davisons to return. Many joined Commander Jurrel in his office, some to offer support, some to volunteer there sword others to support Davison. This was not going to be easy for Commander Jurrel to choose his champion and it was not going to be an easy battle either as Davisons many past victories proved. After some discussion a champion was eventually chosen and Commander Jurrel informed everyone that Lurg Lanfhada from Trinsic would be fighting as his champion. Everyone then moved to the bagball arena in Malas for the duel.
A very frightened and bedraggled Lady Caroline was dragged out in front of everyone in the centre of the field, never before had this woman looked such a physical or emotional wreck. Davison ordered her to be guarded at the edge of the field awaiting her fate. With Commander Jurrel supporters along one side of the arena and Davisons along the other the combatants stood in the centre receiving there final instructions on how the fight was to be conducted. Amongst shouts from the crowds the battle finally started and ended almost as quick with Lanfhada laying defeated. With shouts from many Commander Jurrel had to admit his champions defeated, but he still did not give up and tried to reason with Davison for Lady Caroline’s life. Sadly his reasoning fell on deaf ears as Davison intended to execute her in person. It was at this last minute that Baron Twothumbs stepped forward and ordered Davison to hand Lady Caroline over to him. Commander Jurrel realised that he had been played into this situation and turned to Twothumbs stating “you are a cunning man Twothumbs”.

But Davison was not willing to go along with Twothumbs and argued the point that he had won the right to do as he wished with Lady Caroline. He then ordered her to the centre square and down on her knees, Davisons henchmen complied shoving her to the ground. Davison then swung a large axe above his head, eyes intend on the trembling form of Caroline before him. Many from the crowds screamed for mercy, whilst others called him a coward. Commander Jurrel stated to Twothumbs “if you do not stop him there will be a riot.” Lady Tabbitha had then positioned herself near to Lady Caroline to try and halt the execution, whilst Caroline could only shout out what might be her last pleading words for help. Davisons henchmen tried to remove Lady Tabbitha as Twothumbs declared that Lady Caroline was under his protection, but it was all too late. True to Commander Jurrels prediction a riot ensued. Arrows flew from the crowds to stop Davison and his men, Tabbitha grabbed Caroline out of the way whilst her Knights protected them both. After a confusing battle order was once again restored. Lady Tabbitha took Lady Caroline into her custody, at least her life was secured at last. Baron Twothumbs though confronted Commander Jurrel blaming him for the riot, but the truth be known it happened so fast that no one could say for sure who shot the first arrow. Then Twothumbs ordered everyone from Vesper to leave. Commander Jurrel tried to say sorry to Lady Caroline, as she looked sorrowfully at him he was unable to meet her gaze. It was at last all over, but this was a great personal blow to Commander Jurrel. A disturbed Commander Jurrel thanked Lurg for at least trying to defeat Davison, something he was unable to do himself. Then he thanked everyone for all they had done and explained how he had been played like a fool by Baron Twothumbs to show how weak he was, looking very disturbed he left. Commander Jurrel spoke to some guards in the office later but he seemed inconsolable and very withdrawn, try as they might to show him of how much good he had accomplished they just could not get through to him.

The guards later found a last write up in Commander Jurrels journal saying “I spoke with those in my office in a daze. Even though the people here seemed to believe in me, it was almost as if I could see through them; knew that they were patronising me, as my teachers at the academy had done.
I need to speak to sir Geoffrey.
*the quill is laid down across the book*.

Whilst still protecting the lands the guards wait patiently for there Commander to return and lead them yet again through more adventures to victory. 


13 Elendrick & Xena Host a PvP Tournament

Although Commander Jurrel has gone the events were not quiet over as this last post shows.

Some of the guards were chatting at the palace when they had a visit from Elendrick who was accompanied by Xena. They talked a while whilst more arrived to see what was going on. Once a good number of people had come to see what was going on Elendrick explained that he wanted everyone to go to the bagball arena in Malas. Very excited most hurried there and listened carefully as Elendrick explained that they were going to have a fun PvP tournament comprising of the first 16 volunteers. The first round of losers were rewarded with sashes that said Obsidian Qualifier. The winners were then pitted against each other, the losers of the second round were given Obsidian Outsider sashes. Down to the final two so everyone watched the final battle, the runner up Kiare was given a Hero’s Blade and Heros sash and the winner Andrew M was awarded a Chamion’s Blade and sash. It was a fun evening for all that took part and watched. With a wave goodbye Elendrick and Xena left with everyone chatting about what had taken place.


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2006 Fallen Stars

1 Commander Jurrels returns as stars fall

2 A Corrupted Lich

3 A New Astronomer Found

4 Blackrock Pendant

5 Father Antos Returns 


1 Commander Jurrels returns as stars fall

So much was happening around the lands with Inu’s disappearance, and now the Ophidian invasions into Papua and Vesper in retaliation for what the thief Ricardo had done. The Bloodguard were aiding where ever they could whilst keeping an eye on Castle British for any news from Commander Jurrel. It was with great relief when they saw the event lantern placed by the throne. As the news spread many gathered to offer there aid and it was not long before large Guard force was present, but as still more entered a grey haired Black robed man hurried in and raced to stand in front of the Royal Guard. He wasted no time in telling everyone gathered that he had seen meteors through the telescope plummeting down from the sky’s. He then quickly lead everyone outside into the castle courtyard to where many creatures waited to attack anyone who came close. It did not take the Royal Guards long to remove the threat , they then stopped to examine the great crater the meteor had left along with a giant pink crystal.

The Black robed man then positioned himself at a high point to address the Royal Guards and explained he had seen a second meteor that was plummeting and would land somewhere west of the Castle. Many of the Guards went searching to find out where. Then came a report that Skara Brae was under attack. The man quickly opened a gate and everyone rushed through straight into battle. Everyone fought well and soon dealt with most of the threat till they came upon a large hideous multicoloured beast. Everyone threw all they could into defeating it but it seemed to stay unscratched whilst the Royal Guards took casualties. With great relief Commander Jurrel appeared at this moment and immediately took full control of the situation. He soon saw that the Star beast was draining the life from the tamers beasts and was thus keeping itself healed. Shouting orders for the tamers beasts to be withdrawn from the battle a cheer went out as the star beast was suddenly visibly weakening. It did not take long after for the thing to be laying dead at the Royal Guards feet.

Now in full control Commander Jurrel ordered everyone back to Castle British where once there he questioned the black robed man Erisk. Apparently the Erisk had been studying the effects of the sky’s on the growth of his plants when he saw the meteors and hurried to warn everyone. He continued on to say he had seen many more heading for Sosaria. With this news Commander Jurrel told him to keep himself available in case he was needed again and turned to address the Royal Guard. He instructed everyone to keep watch for these meteors over the next few weeks and deal with whatever threat they brought. He also pointed out that much had happened in the past few months whilst he was on his pilgrimage that he needed to catch up on. With that said he stated that he was aware that Papua and Vesper were under Ophidian attack and he wanted the guard to find out what they wanted or failing that to remove the Ophidians from both Papua and Vesper. He then thanked everyone for there help and left closely followed by Erisk.

Royal Britannian Guards (Bloodguard Div)

A small group of the Bloodguard meet at Command Jurrels office in Minoc to see if the now resident Erisk had any more comments to make. But sadly we could get no more from him so we decided it was time for us once again to travel the streets of both Papua and Vesper to evacuate anyone that had stayed but now wished to leave. We posted a note to say our intentions and set off first to the Guards Rest to see if anyone was there. Finding Lady Clara Mhor she eagerly joined us and a gate was opened to Papua. Arriving at Papua bank the Bloodguard found only the bank Clarks there who were still unwilling to leave. Sadly as we fought our way from building to building it was the same. Turning the corner of one road we came upon Ishida deep in battle, so without hesitation we assisted and was grateful when Ishida agreed to join our force. Yet more intense fighting followed as we continued in our mission. It was when we rounded the corner after checking every building that we came across a pile of Ophidian corpses and the smiling face of Foxmouldy. Now with him agreeing to join our force and Papua thoroughly searched a gate was opened to Vesper bank.

Once at the bank FoxMouldy agreed to wear the Bloodguard sash whilst Ishida put on a Bloodguard robe that was issued during the Despise invasion and a new Bloodguard cloak. Now ready in Bloodguard uniforms we turned to face whatever lied ahead in Vesper. But as we turned we came across a woman by the name of Anna- Maria staring down the road from the bank. She turned and greeted us with a smile. We explained that we were on a mercy mission to help free any who were still trapped within Vesper and her face brightened even more. It turned out that she was in need of an escort back to the Swaggers Inn where she was the proprietor, so we immediately offered assistance and lead her down the road through a small force of Ophidians and Wyverns to the Swaggers Inn. It was then that an offer of refreshments was made and we followed her down to a beach side bar which had temporarily been set up during refurbishment of the Inn. Anna-Maria hurried off to arrange for more tables and chairs for us and then we received a welcome from Hans Davison if you can call it that. He made it clear that Loyalists were not welcome and we were to leave immediately. But at that moment Anna-Maria returned and stepped in before any trouble could start, stating that we were her guests and he was not to interfere. But this was still not good enough for Hans scowling at us he demanded we removed our Loyalist shields from his presence. Well we could not see a problem with this as we were hardly going to drink with a shield in our hand and disarmed ourselves. With that he stomped off, and with our tables set we sat down to enjoy not only a refreshing drink but also a well sung song from Shai’tan a bard employed at te Swaggers. Not wanting to over stay our welcome we soon left and returned to the Commanders office to see if anything new had been reported there.

It was a welcome site when Commander Jurrel entered and spoke to us. We made our report regarding our talks with Erisk and our continuing search for a Palace of Knowledge he had slipped up and mentioned. We also reported on the nights mission into Papua and Vesper with how we had hopefully improved the diplomatic situation with at least one Vesparian with our assistance. Still showing the same confidence as before he was pleased with our night work and stated how he had already decided on what needs to be done to keep Britannia safe. We also took a moment to comment on his new Paladin Armour which he explained he had taken time to collect each piece of the Ornaments of Virtue. With our nights work now complete and our report made we sort the rest we had earned that night, but who can truly rest in such troublesome times.


 2 A Corrupted Lich

Jordan Jurrel called the guards to British Castle with the intention to get an update on the Ophidian invasion but this had to wait as he had heard that 3 more meteors had struck Sosaria. Whilst he sent Erisk to investigate these he received news that some Guards he had set to watch the Skara Brae crater had been murdered, with one guard muttering with his dieing breath how a twisted creature had hacked a part of the crystal off and disappeared into a nearby gate. With great concern as to what this other world crystal fragment could be used for Commander Jurrel opened a gate in the Palace forecourt to the Skara Brae crater, and it was not long before the Guards had located a gate to the north. Leading everyone through the gate to a building east of Yew Crossroads below Stone Keep the guards soon discovered tracks leading west toward the crossroad. With ambushes of undead along the road the guards proceeded west till they came upon the crossroads where the Corrupted Lich summoned more undead to his aid as well as a Lich Minion which had the form of a bone demon although red and its powers of destruction was a lot greater.

The guards swept through the most of the things summoned although the Lich Minion caused many casualties amongst the them. Once the Minion was finally defeated it was realised that the Corrupted Lich had made its escape through an unnatural red gate it had ripped open to the dark facet. With concern that we would be under attack from others from that facet and with probable spies from there within the Guard Commander Jurrel had no choice but to follow the greater threat to Sosaria and lead the Guards forward.

Once there the Guard was set upon by more undead and it was not long before the Corrupted Lich started to call upon the powers of the crystal it had taken. Commander Jurrel called out a warning that if it continued it would cause disaster, already the gate it had made was bleeding the place dry, he shouted to the Lich “You must stop this! That crystal! We do not know what it can do!”. But the Corrupted Lich just responded with “I shell use it to crush you all!” But everyone watched as the Corrupted Lich held his head and stated “But… something’s is not… right. Noooooooooooo! I control you! You do not control me!” At this moment the Guards was beset by residents of the facets called in by the spy amongst us or this evil force. The Guards now faced these ones along with a hideous creature with devastating abilities.

Any within sight of it would be hit by ooze that scorched them and set ablaze there equipment. Not only this it had the ability to make a cacophonic sound that froze those that heard it momentarily leavening them easy targets for the resident of the facet. It took some time for the Guards to finally defeat the creature and return battered but triumphant back through the torn Moongate to Yew Crossroads. Commander Jurrel then lead everyone back to Castle British and thanked them for helping him to retrieve the crystal and save Sosaria from the Corrupted Lich. Commander Jurrel was concerned at the power that the crystal held but felt the Guards deserved to wear the emblem of the Royal Britannian Guard and lead them through a gate to the Star room. Once there he summoned everyone one by one and bestowed the sash on them, sending them through a gate behind him to his office.

Commander Jurrel left the Guards with the orders to seek out 3 new meteor craters and to watch the palace very carefully for his return very soon. The Guards set about his orders immediately. With Clara Mhor finding a crater soon after finding the first crater on the beach of Magincia.


3 A New Astronomer Found

The Guard were very quick in answering the call to Castle British and it was not long before a crowd filled the throne room. Commander Jurrel had the sad duty to inform everyone that Erisk had been murdered by an Ophidian and that we urgently needed another astronomer to aid us. He then explained how he had heard of a reputable astronomer in Zento and sent the Guards out to seek him.
Once in Zento the Guards soon discovered  Sunnansky at the bank, who explained he knew of the astronomer that the Guards sort, but it was traditional for 3 tasks to be done in exchange for such help. The guards quickly said they would be prepared to perform such tasks and readied themselves by getting in lines as instructed by Sunnansky. Many were prepared to be sent off to fight some beast but to our surprise his first request was for everyone to say “chrysanthemum” in unison. It took a few attempts to complete this unusual request but once satisfied he continued onto his second task for the Guards.
The second task was to find some sheep located within Zento and shear them, then the Guards were to bring him the wool. At first the Guards looked at each other stunned at such a request, then they rushed off to do as asked. It did not thankfully take too long for all the wool to be brought to Sunnansky to his satisfaction.
Sunnansky then prepared to leave but the Guards soon reminded him that he had a final task for them and then he owed them some information as to the astronomers where about.


Hesitating a moment he then stated how there was 7 scrolls within Zento with words on them and that it was these that would lead the Guards to the astronomer. The Guards raced round Zento and gathered all the scrolls which had written on then, “Col, Err, Ist, Diesd, Antpo, Int, Dla”. Rearranging the Scrolls the Guards realised that it read “Err, cold Ladies distant point”. So every one made hast to the northern tip of the Winters Spur on Isamu-Jima. Once there Sunnansky revealed that he was the astronomer the Guards sort and agreed to accompany them back to Castle British. Sunnansky then told the Guards that another 3 stars had fallen to Sosaria and suggested that the they went to find there locations for him to investigate. The Guards agreed that the information was necessary and urged Sunnansky to wait the news in Commander Jurrels Office in Minoc.

After Sunnansky left for Minoc Commander Jurrel appeared at Castle British to ask  how things went. Once the Guards had updated him he decided to bestow the Royal Britannian Guard Sash on everyone present and opened a gate to the star room to do so.

After being given a sash everyone went to Commander Jurrels Office where search parties were arranged and it was not long before the 3 new craters were discovered. One being in Minoc, another in Jhelom and the final one was discovered in Yew. Sunnansky was immediately informed of this, and he is still in Commander Jurrels Office discussing the situation


4 Blackrock Pendant

 Many though out the land heard the town criers call for the Royal Britannian Guard to assemble at Moonglow Beer-Garden and quickly assembled there. They were shortly meet by a confused Commander Jurrel who was unhappy that the Guard had been summoned by an unknown person. Lady Ethel spoke up that she had bribed the town criers and summoned them as she needed help in catching a thief who had stolen her pendant. Was that it! the Royal Britannian Guard was called because a woman had lost her necklace! Commander Jurrel then turned to the Guard and was in the process of thanking them for coming and was about to dismiss them when Lady Ethel revealed that the pendant was made from blackrock. With this latest bit of information Commander Jurrel then lead the Royal Britannian Guard to Moonglow Felucca in order to search the city for the pendant. Many guards found fake Blackrock earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but no one found the blackrock pendant. Now suspicious of Lady Ethel Commander Jurrel put her under Guard and had her home south of the telescope searched. There a scroll was found which lead them to Moonglow zoo where they meet Dreskin, who called himself the zoo keeper. It was not long after however that the pendant was discovered on him and he owned up to having stole it. He also revealed that was the one that had made the fake blackrock sets of jewellery that the Guards had found. After discovering that there was 10 sets of fake jewellery Commander Jurrel thanked everyone for there assistance and asked them to continue there search in case any had still not been found. He then took Berskin under arrest and locked both Lady Ethel and Berskin in a cell in Yew prison awaiting trial.


 5 Father Antos Returns

The Royal Britannian Guard quickly answered Commander Jurrels summons to Castle Britain. From there they travelled to Yew Prison to interrogate Lady Ethel and Dreskin about the Blackrock Jewellery. But before they could answer the first question a shadowy figure appeared and murdered them both. The shadowy figure then stood watching as realisation washed over those percent, that he was non other than Father Antos. How could this be, the Guards under Commander Jurrel had killed him after an epic battle, surly they must be mistaken. Father Antos complained about “those that interfered” and how they had left a trail of items out of time and place behind them, that would lead to where “those that interfere” gathered. Father Antos then vanished leaving Commander Jurrel and the Royal Britannian Guard staring at Lady Ethel’s and Dreskin’s bodies. Commander Jurrel took control immediately and told everyone to find meaning in what Father Antos had said. His attention was quickly called to an Orc imprisoned in the neighbouring cell. Realising that this Orc was out of place, a discussion started on where Orcs where normally found. After numerous suggestions Commander Jurrel decided that they would start there search in the Orc Fort South of Cove. Opening a gate he lead the Guard there. Within the fort was A Ruined Honeycomb was discovered, upon seeing it Commander Jurrel ordered the Guards through another gate he had made back to Castle Britain. He then set out the order for the Guards to find these items out of place and hopefully find the place Father Antos had mentioned that “those that interfere” gathered. The Guards formed parties and set out on the quest, making notes of what they found along .

Orc in Yew Court of Justice lead to Orc Fort at Cove and a Ruined Honeycomb.

Ruined Honeycomb lead to Beekeeper Isle in vesper where they found a Broken HArp.

Broken HArp lead to the Conservatory in Britain and a Rusty CuTlass.

Rusty CuTlass lead to Buccaneers den and An Empty BotTle Of Wine.

Empty BotTle Of Wine lead to the Winery in Yew and a Damaged FishIng Rod Damaged FishIng Rod lead to Haven docks and a Slow TimepIece.

Slow TimepIece lead to a Tinkers in Magincia and a Stained BandagE.

Stained BandagE lead to Serpents Hold Healers and a skull of An Unfortunate NecromaNcer.

An Unfortunate NecromaNcer lead to Umbra Arena and an Evil Mages SpellbooK

Evil Mages SpellbooK in umbra arena lead to Evil mage’s Relvinian’s secrete room in the maze.

There they found a crystal ball with letters swirling around within it. The guards studied there notes of the items found and notice misplaced capitol letters. So they gathered each capitol letter and formed a word “hattiienk” as soon as this word was uttered near the crystal ball then they were transported to a room within Trinsic. In fact to the upper floor to the Mess Hall in Trinsic where the guards found 4 stone chairs around an Obelisk. On what seemed like the fount of the obelisk was an indentation in the shape of a small pendant. The Guards decided to keep watch on this room and to inform Commander Jurrel of its wear a bouts.


6 9th Crater Discovered 

Commander Jurrel summoned the Guard to Castle British and soon lead them to Trinsic and the secret room that the new cult had been using. Once within the room the Guards was surprised to find 3 skeletons on the floor and a forth standing in front of them. The skeleton complained to Commander Jurrel that he had taken too long to succumb to the powers of the Blackrock necklace and he was now too late. With the 4 cult members expecting the necklace to destroy his faith in the Virtues and for him to have succumbed to its powers, they were disappointed and had to take matters into there own hands. Instead of using the prepared necklace they instead used Blackrock shards with devastating results. The power from the ritual had killed 3 members and now the last member was yielding immense power from the craters. This however did not last long as the Guards watched on lightning shot from on high hitting the skeleton. Shouting that the power was too much for him the skeleton finally fell to the floor dead. Commander Jurrel then lead the Guards to inspect Trinsic Cater, but they were soon overwhelmed before they got to the crater. With attacks from the harrower and its spawn the Guards fought hard and valiantly. With a cheer the harrower finally fell, but with shock the guards watched as monster after monster emerged from the crater. Soon the area was over run by Shadow Wyrms, Blood eles, Poison eles as well as the spawn from the Blackrock areas and much more. No matter how much the Guards pushed the creatures back more replaced those fallen.

Commander Jurrel ordered the Guards to support Trinsic in keeping the creatures at bay. Also to investigate what could be done to stop the creatures from reinforcing the position. The Guards did as ordered and kept the front line manned at great cost. A few groups of Guards also went to investigate the room used for the ritual and then went to discuses things with Sunansky the astronomer in Commander Jurrels office. It took however some time and a lot of searching to find a 9th crater that Sunansky had predicted. With Sunnansky limiting the search to Heaven the Guards finally found it just off shore off the peninsular west of Heaven docks.

Commander Jurrel called the Guards to castle British ready to investigate the 9th crater. No sooner had he started talking to the Guards then the ghost of Father Antos appeared informing everyone of his intention to accompany them. The ghost of Antos still taunted the Guards on corrupting Sosaria but also knew that the craters were of greater threat to the lands. Without wasting any time Commander Jurrel lead the Guards to the 9th crater where a bridge had been constructed. However no one was able to gain entry, as a key of some kind was needed. Thinking back upon the skeletons in the secret room Commander Jurrel took the Blackrock pendant from round his neck and pressed it against the crystal beside the crater. No sooner had he done this then anyone touching the crystal gained access to a cave within the crater.

The Guards were immediately rushed by many monsters including Blackrock elementals and poison elementals. The fighting was fierce with the monsters falling at there feet, accept the Blackrock elemental. No matter how hard and desperately the Guards attacked it, this foe shrugged there attempts off and dealt great injuries and death to the Guards. Seeing this Commander Jurrel shouted that it was drawing the life out of all summonings and pets. His orders to pull back the pets and to immediately stop summoning aid rang through out the cave. No sooner had the Guards heeded his orders then the Blackrock elemental started to show signs of damage. It was still a hard battle though and when the Elemental took its final blow it exploded knocking many around it to the ground. The Guards took a few moments to regroup and take there first look around the cave. The cave glistened with stunning beauty with many crystals within it. On closer examination 8 crystals stood out each sparkling brighter as if active and each the colour of a different Virtue. Commander Jurrel and the Ghost of Antos discussed these 8 crystals and agreed that they were connected to the virtues and needed to be deactivated.

The ghost of Antos called on the Guards for a description of what the Virtue of Valour was in order to put the Valour crystal back to sleep. After several Guards describing Valour a bright light stunned the Guards momentarily then before them stood a hugh multi coloured beast like one they had fought before, this one must have embodied Valour and the Guards set about defending themselves and Sosaria from its threat. After a quick assault on the Valour beast it soon lay dead at the Guards feet.

They were then lead from crystal to crystal describing the various virtues to each to deactivate them. The Ghost of Antos seemed surprised to find that the Guards knew of the true meaning of the Virtues, perhaps he had started to reassess his views of the human race. With each description of the Valour the crystals stopped one by one, although some took more than a simple description. When the Guards examined the crystal of Compassion a beast like the Valour beast appeared, but linking it to the virtue the guards were moved to aid it to return back home to its shrine of Compassion.

After many crystals were deactivated one needed Commander Jurrel to describe Honour then throw the Bright Blade into it to cease it glowing.

The final crystal was that of Sacrifice which when the Guards started to utter its meaning the ground began to move beneath there feet. Wasting no time Commander Jurrel handed his sash to the Ghost of Antos he took a deep breath and touched the crystal. With shocked amazement the Guards looked on as Commander Jurrel was transformed into a crystalline form, sacrificing himself.

After a few moments of being stunned by what had happened the Ghost of Antos lead the Guards away from the area, although he did give the Guards the smallest hope that perhaps one day they might be able to save there beloved leader.