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British sleeping beauties

Sleeping beauties, named after the book about a farm house in France where a lot of extreme rare and expensive cars are falling apart after years of standing in the barn. Stories about cars which are used as chicken barn or flower pot. Cars and bikes which have been in barns for many years under straw and after turning the ignition key starting again even after many years of stand still. Stories which are more often told, but will be told less and less and only a few of them are really true. Is it not the dream of us all to find a forgotten Bugatti in the barn of an old woman who wants to clean up the trash in the barn. So now and then I have found cars in the field for which I wondered why these cars were standing here just waiting for some attention. 

Below you will see some movies of a Bentley barn find. See how much fun a barn find van be.

Would it not be possible to get this sleeping beauties on the road again. Below you will find some photographs out of the field which I have found on the internet, only a few of them were spotted personally in Holland, or during holidays in foreign countries.

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Aston Martin DB


Pre War MG




























































MG Midget









Healey Abbot

Healey 100





Healey 3000











Healey Sprite Bugeye









Austin Healey Sprite

Jaguar MK V


Jaguar XK140


Jaguar XK150


Jaguar MK VIII

Jaguar MK IV


Look dad we have pimped your car !!!!!

Jaguar MK I


Jaguar MK II



Jaguar S-Type

Jaguar 420

Jaguar E-Type









Jaguar XJS

Rolls Royce

Triumph TR3

Look at this virtual restauration of a TR3





Triumph TR4 & TR5




Triumph TR6


Triumph Stag

Triumph Spitfire


Some forgotten Italian super cars


Renault Alpine