Eden Hill Dog Fellowship

One Sport to Rule Them All

Membership Fees

Metropolitian Membership Fees

  • Single Membership       $50.00 AUD
  • Family Membership       $70.00 AUD

Country Membership Fees

  • Single Membership      $25.00 AUD
  • Family Membership      $35.00 AUD

Please note all new members are to pay a one off joining fee of $5.00.  Your membership will be valid for one year from your joining date.  For example if you join on 6 March 2018 your membership renewal will not be due until 6 March 2018.

Light Fee

All members are also required to pay a light fee of $3.00 per training session.  This is only payable when you come to training. 


Eden Hill Dog Fellowship is an ADAA affiliated club in Western Australia.  Being a member of our club entitles you to Gold Membership with ADAA.

"As agility is a sport that many dogs find exciting and rewarding, it is important that dogs are sociable and can work safely off lead in a stimulating environment.  To that end, dogs are required to undergo an assessment test prior to joining the club.  This assessment will be performed by one or both Club instructors with the assistance of an Eden Hill Committee Member and will be carried out with other dogs working nearby to ensure that:


·         the dog is able to wait/stay when the handler walks away

·         the dog has a sound recall

·         the handler is able to tug/play/feed with their dog to ensure it stays with its handler


In order to ensure the safety of other club members and their dogs, no fearful/aggressive or excessively timid dogs will be considered suitable to join Eden Hill Dog Fellowship."


The proposed term dates for 2017 are as follows:


Term 1 - 12 March to 9 April (incl.) 

Term 2 - 30 April to 25 June (incl.)

Term 3 - 16 July to 17 September (incl.)

Term 4 - 15 October to 10 December (incl.). 


Beginners can only commence training with the Club in the first 3 weeks of each term.