Eden Hill Dog Fellowship

One Sport to Rule Them All

Domestic Rules

Below are our domestic rules.  Please take the time to read them before you decide to become a member of Eden Hill Dog Fellowship.

General Information

  •  Training will commence at 7:00pm and finish around 9:30pm or when you feel you and your dog have had enough.  
  • ALL Club Members wishing to train are responsible for the setting up and taking down of the equipment. If it is noticed that this is not occurring on a regular basis the offenders will not be allowed to train.
  • Handlers must be financial Members of the Club.
  • Dogs exposed to any infections or contagious diseases prior to seven weeks, are not permitted on training grounds.
  • As this is quite a physically demanding sport for your dog, please do not bring any sick or injured dogs to training.
  • Please be mindful of other people who are training and keep dogs on lead or in their crate whilst you are waiting for your turn.
  • No correction/choker collars are permitted whilst training (including all limited slips).
  • Dog droppings to be cleaned up immediately – owners responsibility. 
  • Positive reinforcement training, using food or toys, is encouraged by the club. Hitting or harsh treatment of dogs will not be tolerated. 
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times.  
  • Due to growth plates still being open in young dogs and the risk of arthritis being greatly increased, it is encouraged that no dogs under 12 months of age be permitted to train on any equipment, with the exception of tunnels.  
  • Dogs that have demonstrated aggression or a strong tendency toward aggression to people or dogs will be required to be muzzled whilst on the training ground. If the dog in question is still not properly controlled it will be asked to vacate the grounds until such time as it can be demonstrated that it is no longer a danger.  
  • Tethered dogs are not to be approached.  
  • All training will be cancelled if the temperature exceeds 35 degrees at 5pm or 6pm during daylight saving months
  • Please ensure your dog has an adequate supply of water at all times whilst training, particularly during summer months.  
  • For your own comfort, please wear suitable footwear while training.  
  • Everyone has a voice in this club so please speak up if you have any ideas or grievances to help make the club a better place to train.  
  • Please be considerate of other handlers, rudeness will not be tolerated.  
  • I know this is a tough rule for some, but please keep dog noise to a minimum if possible.

Policy on Dog Aggression

Unfortunately from time to time aggression in dogs can occur, whether it is dog to dog or dog to human.  If a problem occurs Eden Hill Dog Fellowship will deal with aggression in the following way: 

  • A management meeting will be held to decide if a particular dog is a risk to other members of the club. If the dog is a risk, then the owner will be then asked to muzzle the dog during all training classes. It will also be suggested to the owner that s/he get further professional training for his/her particular problem. 
  • If a dog appears to be too much of a problem, Eden Hill Dog Fellowship holds the right at any time to ask the owner not to bring that dog back to class until they can prove that they have corrected the problem. 
  • No dog that has been reported to ADAA or CAWA for aggression will be permitted to train with Eden Hill Dog Fellowship.