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East Slavic Paganism is a religion of East Slavs. It is practically identical to Slavic Paganism which evolved over more than 3 000 years. Some things of East Slavic Paganism are unique, for example the name of the god Svarog is found only in this religion.

Valuable references to East Slavic paganism come from the witness of foreigners who had visited the Slavic lands in The Ancient and The Medieval Ages. A lot of information about East Slavic paganism is given by the important Slavic written sources: The Primary Chronicle, The Tale of Igor's Campaign, The Lectures against paganism. However, historical records have shown that there are not enough first-hand written ancient records of Slavic paganism, so it is also studied by the analisys of medieval and later records of oral folklore. Such records contain original religious beliefs which were passed down orally over generations.

East Slavic paganism is studied also by the analysis of ancient and medieval archeology. Many important artifacts have been found, including various pagan shrines and statues of gods.
So nowadays we have a bright picture of East Slavic paganism.

All information on this site is based on officially documented historical texts. All the articles have referances to historical researches.

Still it is important to remember that any text about Slavic paganism (in any historical book!) is a historical hypothesis.