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DV NEWS 6-19-17

celebrate 25 years of kombat.

DV NEWS 6-13-17

This has been on my mind for some time now. and finally made a comparison vid.

DV NEWS 6-2-17

How is everyone?

I'd like to present the latest chapter in the MK Gibberish Series. MKX Edition

be sure to like and sub to the channel. Keep an eye out as I plan on doing live streams soon.

DV NEWS 1-10-17

Been over a year since i have updated..

I've been very busy with many different things and projects. I actually worked on some mugen stuff

not that long ago. One being a archery based character. Very early stages and hard to tell if it will ever get done lol

basically just started messing around as i miss doing mugen very much.

Also had a new Mortal Kombat Gibberish video released. It's basically ones that didnt make the cut in the first 2

but still worth the watch as theres some gems in there.

be sure to like and sub to the channel. Never know when im gonna just pop in with something mugen related.

SITE NEWS 1-23-16

Finally got around to doing some much needed fixes on here.

There's still a lot that needs done here and there, but its good for now.
Old sections were removed and a few redone. Mugen DL Links should be working now.

After the link is clicked, you may get an error, just let the page refresh.

DV NEWS 1-22-16

The long wait is over. New MK Gibberish video is now available.

Check out the original video as well if you havent seen it yet.