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Rhodesia - Intaf

Callsign - Lighthouse

Links to other sites with Intaf information short cut to the British based UDI period Rhodesian forces site.  Has a specific section on Intaf. short cut to an excellent New Zealand based site on the Rhodesian Forces.  short cut to the excellent website on Guard Force. short cut to the publishers of David Saffery's book Rhodesian Medal Roll  short cut to an excellent website on Rhodesia by a good friend and Intaf veteran - Gerry van Tonder short cut to Carl Keith's great site on recipients of Rhodesian medals and Rhodesians who have received medals while serving in other forces. short cut to Eddy Norris' excellent website on the Rhodesian Air Force.  short cut to Eddy Norris' website on the Rhodesian army short cut to Eddy Norris' website on Umtali  short cut to Dave Cushworths website which keeps the memory of Rhodesia alive through film, audio and books.  There are many historical treasures to be found. short cut to Wayne Kennerley's excellent site on the Rhodesian Prison Service.  short cut to John Edmonds excellent site.  A must for all Rhodesian music lovers.  short cut to an excellent website on all matters relating to military insignia and emblems.   short cut to another great website on life in Rhodesia. short cut to Gordon Poultneys site. rickards/viscounts/adf.htm short cut to Rob's Intaf air wing site. short cut to DC Hemans book “Those were the Days” short cut to the New Rhodesian Forum.  Link to allied website by the Intaf webmaster.  The corps he served in after Rhodesia.  The Intaf face-book group  Link to the face-book group Rhodesia Military



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