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About Us

A.A.D. is a network of Dublin accommodations (Hostels,B&Bs and Hotels) that show up to the minute availability. We were established in 1991 as a solution to the real problem of finding available quality Dublin accommodations.

As most visitors seem to want to visit Dublin at the same time during the year and most enquiries are met with a response that the property is already booked we felt that it would be incredibly useful if rather than simply putting the phone down the property owner could refer the visitor to a free service that maintained availability information for many other Dublin accommodations.

A.A.D. is based in Dublin and are also Dublin Tour Operators. We sell discounted entrance tickets to all the main Dublin Tour attractions. These can be purchased online or on arrival to Dublin.

Nowadays there are so many accommodation agents reserving Dublin accommodations (at higher and higher commissions) that are based not only outside of Dublin but outside of Ireland!!! You will be pleasantly surprised by the vast local knowledge and speedy free service A.A.D. provide.


All of our testimonials from Dublin accommodations are clear to be seen on the internet when Almara is searched but two that we like best are :-  "Joining Almara Accommodations Dublin is like taking out Prize Bonds without paying for them - you never know when a good booking will be sent your way."

"We send all our surplus enquiries to A.A.D. in the Summer Time and they fill us in the Winter time it's bliss!"

 Almara Accommodations Dublin