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As of 6-10-2017 this page will most likely have no games linked here and can be found where many of the games are being uploaded too now.

PrincessLuna and the Jungle shrine

This is an adventure where PrincessLuna and Siluna set out to save the Jungle Fairy World.

Link to the GameJolt page

PrincessLuna's Adventures

A simple get from Point A to B game

Luna's Little Venture 1:

A simple to play run and jump game.

Link to the game

Luna's Little Venture 2

Luna and Siluna are on a quest to a Neoworld to get a grand neocrystal

Candy Pop Shot

A simple and fun puzzle shooter like the game Zuma featuring a new JatoStyle Char. name Sugar

SkyRealm Quest

A flying adventure game with PrincessLuna and Siluna.
This game features a full story and newly added right before publish BOSS ATTACK,
In Boss attack you can fight all the bosses and if that is too easy for you than try the not impossible but nearly
impossible boss attack X.


Link to the game

Luna's Little Venture

This is a simple run and jump game and the 1st new PrincessLuna game made with the new engine made for newer games 
with better color and sprites and graphics and gameplay features


Acorn Mania
Princess Deedee is being attacked by a barrage of acorns and she has to evade them...
May sound very simple but let's see how long you last.


Acorn Mania Version 2:

This version is the same game but better score system and .wav music and has a better

Link to Version 2:

Acorn Mania 2

Now PrincessLuna is in the game and she can attack as she evade acorn goons


Link to the game:

Acorn Mania 3:

This time Luna-PrincessNinjato is not forced to escape acorns but now Deedee is under the line of fire again and now she has new
tricks to pull off.

Play it online as a flash game:

Pumpkin Mania (Acorn Mania 4)
Link to the game:

Sprite Stacker 

A simple drop and stack puzzle game.

Mowtee Pop'n Magic BATTLE

This version of Mowtee Pop'n Magic is a BATTLE version where only the 1-player vs CPU and 2-player mode is fully playable.
This is not a demo but there will be a version with a story mode but till then you can enjoy the BATTLE version.

About modes:

Free battle:
In free battle there are no bomb balloons if the ball falls below the bumper and all you need to do is pop as much balloons to win.

Normal battle:
As you pop the balloons a sword power up will appear that send bomb balloons over to the other player to mess them up.

Fast battle:
As you pop the balloons a speed power up will appear that makes the players ball move fasteer for a few seconds

Slow battle:
As you pop the balloons a speed down power down will appear that slows the players ball down for a few seconds

Crystal Reaper battle:
As you pop the balloons a skull power up will appear that summons a crystal reaper to the other players zone,
Until the ball hits the crystal reaper they will wonder around and pop the other players balloons and not add to the points and 
can slow down the player and need to be removed at all cost

Mixed battle:
All items above will spawn as you battle to collect 100 points

Without a USB Controller in the PC the 2nd player's bumper will emulate the keyboard

*Update* A bug was fixed on free battle 2 player mode now you can download the updated version.

Fairy Angel Bubbles

After these screen shots the mode 7 was too much for the game and had to be removed, You can see the game changes in the videos


A puzzle shooter project by JatoStyle,

Link to the game:

Version 2 Update:
(Add's fever mode and an updated how to play text file)

Version 2.3 Update:
The V2 version had a major flaw that freezes the game when you are ready to fight the extra boss
This version fixes that issue

Version 3 Update:
This version fixes an issue where if you defeate the extra boss that sends you back to the victory of the last boss
that has you having to restart the extra boss again in an endless loop.
Also Losing to the Extra state boss causes you to not get the bad ending and fight the final boss again with no chance
on the extra stage boss.
All these has been fixed

Version 4 Update:
A how to play stage was added and stages 3 and up have new 3D backgrounds and the endless fever section too.
This version was also polished up for GameJolt


GameJolt Link:

Other link:

Version 5 Update:
The audio has been replaced in many areas so now let's players will not get hit with content ID clames on
some of the audio

Fairy Angels Bubbles FEVER!

A speedy 60 second game to pop as many bubbles as you can game.



Lil' Luna Series (Also the GoGo Princess Luna series)

PrincessLuna's Mermaid Adventure
PrincessLuna is on a mission to save Aqua Realm and the evil Acorn brigade is back with more to deal with.


Lil' Luna's Adventure

Just a simple run and jump adventure game


Mowtee Magic RUSH

Bounce the mowtee orb and pop as many balloons as you can.


Ruru Guu's Bump N Battle

A pinball style puzzle battle game.

Link to the game:

Ruru Guu's Rolly world


RuRu Guu's Bump'n Adventure
A bumping fun arcade adventure game with simple controls.

Super Princess Luna series

Super Princess Luna 

Luna and Siluna are out to go collect Star berries and Neo crystals but while they are out having fun
so are little fairy folks who mean no harm but love to mess with Luna and take her Neo crystals so
look out for them.

Gameplay footage

Link to the file

Super Princess Luna 2

PrincessLuna and Siluna are back and this time
a lot of the things in the 1st game has been changed
for the best.
Now you can shoot better then most JatoStyle Games,
The animations has been refine
You can still choose to run fast or go at a steady pace.
Get ready to save the Crystal Kingdom


Promo video:

Treasure Huntress Luna

A simple run and jump adventure game with a flying and swimming level
where all you need to do is reach the goal to win

Link to the game
Link to the flash version

Treasure Huntress Luna 2

Link to the game:


SkyRealm Justice

The Jato Girls are taking on the forces of evil in this projectile base fighting game,
With tons of ways to mix up the game you can enjoy great battles



Version 2
(Version 2 is a harder type where the CPU has a better chance to KO you, Also Luna's attack speed has been fixed so she can attack as fast
as the other Jato Girls in this version)

GoGo Princess Ninjato series

GoGo PrincessNinjato Crazy Pyramid
*GoGo Luna*


Luna-PrincessNinjato is out to stop an evil sand Empress who has taken Princess Azul and Prince Azura 
and is about to perform a ritural on the two water fairies to gain a dark power so now its up to Lunabell to
stop Rulara from performing the ritural

This game features a system to fly at will and drop back down and start running.

Note:There are some odd bugs to this such as entering flight mode on land will often
get you stuck in the floor for a few seconds so its good to move up and try Jumping as
you enter flight mode

Link to the game:
Gameplay footage

GoGo Luna2 Treasure of the Amber Queen

Now Luna can fly on command and run and jump as she finds the treasure
of the Amber Queen as she explores her realm and takes on her challange

Video of the game:
(Some levels was improved since this video was made)


GoGo Luna 3 *AquaRealm Crisis*

Luna-PrincessNinjato has been summon to an AquaRealm to help the Queen
save their Neocrystal from MagigaOrbs who have invaded their realm.
This game is still a run and jump game but is entirely underwater and instead of
turning into a fairy she turns into her mermaid state to move around freely.

Video gameplay footage *Title music was changed in the final*

Luna's Treasure hunt Game

Luna's Treasure hunt:
you can play the flash version

Luna's Treasure hunt 2


Luna-PrincessNinjato is out to get her treasure that was jacked by Princess Deedee and her 
Nutjob friends



Luna's Treasure Hunt 3

Luna and Silun are going treasure hunting in the jungle

Video(Game changed since this video)


Luna's Treasure Hunt 4

Luna is on an adventure to find treasure and this time she is on her way to
a strange tower.

Luna's Treasure Hunt 5

PrincessLuna and Siluna are at it again but this time you can only run and jump your way through 
this world to win


Luna's Adventure

Luna and Chichi are on the way to stop Deedee from taking over a world

Link to the game:

Jato Girls Chibi Rumble 
(has some bugs but was still requested)

This is an old 2 player only fighting game based on a very old style PrincessNinjato series
so many looks and styles are not the same as the recent version "Fairy Wars R"
The read me has tons of info about the bugs....There are 2 mina ones that can be avoided but 
the rest of the game is A-Okay



The Bride of Alucard

About: Luna-PrincessNinjato is on her way to stop the evil Prince Alucard from
forcing Princess Demonica to merry him so it is up to Luna to use her powers
to stop the guard batzo's and break up the unholy union and save the day.
The game is a survival game and the more hits you take makes it harder as
you go up more floors.



Surfing Luna

Help Luna evade a heard of Mowtee Booms while she is surfing for a highscore

Link to the game:

Mowtee Magic Enzia

This is an endless puzzle game where you aim your mouse on the Mowtee balloons
and gain points and more if 2 or more are the same color and are popped at once,

Link to the game

Cloud Castle in the SkyRealm *Unfinished*
Link to the game:


Some of my old project games when JatoStyle was D*Stuffgames and PrincessWay

GoGo PrincessNinjato 1-4
games are pretty much the same some are run and jump and shoot, Some
are fly or swim and shoot, Titles are the same but the number but here are the snapshots

In this game PrincessNinjato is done taking her dog Demonic for a walk and now
she is going to go find treasure.

GoGo PrincessNinjato 2
In this game PrincessNinjato is flying around to a treasure hunt after walking
her dog Demonic

GoGo PrincessNinjato 3
In this game PrincessNinjato left her dog Demonic before going into
an underwater mine and turning herself into a mermaid to explore for
the treasure

GoGo PrincessNinjato 4
As PrincessNinjato was exploring the city she found out a treasure 
near by and now out to fly and find the treasure


(GameMaker Games)

Princess Luna's GoGo Adventures

Super Princess Luna 

PrincessLuna is off to save Planet Ramen from the evil fairies who want to use
the Neocrystal of the world for evil deeds.

Link to the game:


My 1st ever PrincessNinjato games with this software

These are called Speedy's and they are one level but are not easy and was ment to be for very causal players
The gameplay is fast but unlike most of my games you press up to jump.
Also PrincessNinjato turns her foes into girly objects

Super Pretty Princess Ninjato *Quest for the Hidden Valley*

Super Pretty Princess Ninjato *And the Lost factory*

Super Pretty Princess Ninjato *And the Lost Pyramid*

3D Games

GoGoPrincessNinjato and the Aquatic Temple

These 2 games was made with a help file and I was able to change the music and crash noise and 3D layouts...
These beta like games are fun to try.

GoGoPrincessNinjato Manic Highway 

These 2 games was made with a help file and I was able to change the music and crash noise and 3D layouts...
These beta like games are fun to try.