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APP's for your android devices

Mobile games and APP's to use on your android powered phone,
Click the link and you will have the info needed to download the file to your phone to install the game or app.

Some games run on the phone or tablet browser and depending on your version of android can affect the speed of some games,
Some games run on the unity engine so they play VERY well.

Also these apps have no AD's

JatoStyle Games APP:

*If you use the app and you are taking to some place called "DUDA" just click
Classic mobile to see the website like in the video*

You can get the app here:

Fairy Wings
Its a flappy bird game....Nuff said....ENJOY!


Luna-PrincessNinjato 2048

The number matching puzzle game 2048 now with PrincessLuna Fairy Wars
panels with the same gameplay as 2048.

Mermaid Fishing
PrincessLuna is fishing....As a mermaid....Dont think about it...Just let it happen....
Tap to cast your Siluna lure to aim for the fish to get points.

Link to the game:

Fairy Warz

An arcade game where you tap on the acorn fairy folk to use PrincessLuna's wand to blast
them and hurry before they blast you with their acorn ray guns.

Link to the game:

Luna's Cube Jump
Tap the left or right side of the screen to make Cube shaped PrincessLuna jump and avoid
the red blocks and walls and try not to fall or get hit.

Link to the game:

Luna's doll flop

PrincessLuna is testing how durable her doll is by magically tossing the doll across blocks
to see how it flops.

Tape the doll and watch her flop.


JatoGirl Puzzle
You can get the app here

CrossRealm Puzzle
Same as JatoGirl puzzle but with Guest stars in chibi form

Luna Skyrealm drop

Tap or move with your finger and help PrincessLuna collect neocrystals and avoid
blue spikes and getting left above or going to the bottom and get a highscore

Link to the game:

Games I could not record and had to take snapshots using a webcam making canned shots.
They may be a bit blurry but play perfectly fine.

Luna Doll Runner:

A runner game where PrincessLuna magically controls a doll to run and break walls.

NeoCrystal Maze:

A 1st person maze game where you find the NeoCrystal portal to exit.

Typhess Q's Odd job

This is that classic game of snakes but this time you press the two circles to turn clockwise
and counter clockwise to collect eggs as Chibi Typhess Q doing a job helping out some nice
bird folks.


Magiga Wars

In this game PrincessLuna and PrincessDeedee are going to have a weird playdate
and make their dolls battle with magic by running on the blocks.
Using the arrows you can make Luna's gold doll tap the JUMP button to cover as
many blocks turning them into moon emblems before Deedee's doll turn the other
blocks into acorn emblem blocks.

Siluna ball
In this game PrincessLuna is playing basketball with Siluna her fairy ball and all you need to do
is use your finger to flick the ball to get it in the hoop like playing tiddly winks


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights is a puzzle base game where you swing your finger and a beam of light moves in that
direction and bounces around and you have to solve each puzzle.

Fun fact:
Fairy lights are lightbub fairy monsters that appear in some of PrincessLuna games that aid you by
acting as a wall to keep Ghost fairy and projectiles away.

Link to the game: