"Where the beauty of our senses is realised" by DINESH R MAKWANA

Venus Insignia

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Eros spoke of only one man destined to conquer,                           

Whose wisdom and strength and virtue and acclaim,

Whose mind and ego and wealth and fame,

Whose knowledge and religion and belief and shame,

Would have to scale every mountain from heaven to ocean to seven seas of sinned waters and darkened horizons,

Where mortals died and immortals lived and mortals gave way to immortal dreams.


You know she was that beautiful, that Athena and Aphrodite silken and brazen and twice unshaken,

She knew all virtue, all beauty and all immortality,

She was the great Hope of Pandora's one charity,

She knew wealth as ruling nations, and in surname, she knew the imagination of creation, inevitability in destruction

and the birth of a generation.


If you shook her hand, or touched her voice or gazed at the diamond vanity of divine choice,

They sure said that they had earned the real Lord’s choice,

Her hair was gold, her mind unsoiled; she was beyond the wealth of yonder and the seven famous seas of wonder,

But you know what, she knew her man too, who could be poor, mortal of simple means but virtuous deeds,

Of smiles, clean and clean with aspiring aisles,

So what did Eros surmise in the tale of Man’s quest for life’s great surprise,

Well, Eros meant that the lady of well, was the majestic conquest and insignia,

Indeed the Man who’d marry would have earned the supreme ring of Venus Insignia.


Dinesh R Makwana


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