"Where the beauty of our senses is realised" by DINESH R MAKWANA

Caribbean Sunrise

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Thank you for the azure, aquamarine silhouettes, the memories and all those gifts,
Thank you for loving me the way you do,
I guess the emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and topaz all hold true,
Thank you for sharing the serene chimes of the morning blues,
And all those pink and yellow brick houses in the coves of yachts and merry sailor tunes.
Thank you for being my friend, and my consort and my partner,
And living in our special palace where my privilege is yours for happy ever after,
Thank you for bringing me joy when rain dampened sorrows,
And crying and laughing when hurricane worries battered the tomorrows,
Thank you for holding my hand when the casino asked its call,
And those dices raided our yacht of gold and yet divine and righteous mall.
Thank you for being so alone; so I could comfort your every solace,
And holding together the challenge of mountains of green and volcanic choice,
Thank you for breathing the same somnolent lonely air, so clear, so dear,
And prizing the horizon holding the seas of beautiful deep blue air,
As we both shared the same glass in the forbidden hours in our rocking chair.
Thank you for enlightening me when the darkest regions of despair haunted,
And how you thrilled me in visiting those sports and scuba and those planted and taunted,
Thank you for sharing that story of Columbus and the coconut tree,
And making me feel so special and extraordinary with serrations of being free.
But above all, thank you for loving me the way you do.
Dinesh R Makwana
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