"Where the beauty of our senses is realised" by DINESH R MAKWANA

Daughter Daddy

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A crescendo shatters the fragrant smell of the freesia,

Taking the harpooned girl into the silence of amnesia,

Furore, uproar, discordant display of the vagrant scare,

The hundreds run as the quake screams its affair.


The helpless, destitute homesick child yearns for the one relative Father,

Distraite and humbled to the quiet of the distinguished dissident,

Crying and imploring a miracle to reinvent a life as the loved and coveted one child and daughter,

Yet saluted by the masses as living in wisdom of hope and nullity with the sad falseness of scent.


The Papa lives on the other side of the fighting East,

His pain of twelve mighty years hidden in the grace of a cross for him to please,

He wears the same colour as his baby daughter, the same hide of the successful scholar,

He cries three times a day and both shed the same water in a pot, crazy as it says.


Imagine how much enchanting this love and endearment the Papa and the Baby endure,

When two are chasms and World apart and yet show and share the same so pure,

Imagine the colours, the cloths and suits all matching the very same,

Imagine the blood born two playing the very, very, very same game,

Imagine it true that Papa sees her Mama in her lost face and Baby sees Mama in daddy’s face and grace,

Oh how each want to cheer each other and embrace.


No chance or dice can efface a truth in a journey,

Destroyed in disturbances of nature and sad, sad injustices,

Or ignite renaissance at will or majestic order,

There is divinity on any extreme border,

Where a child to a Man has shown the same; when away from the paternal and loving propriety grace.


She sings in glee and pain too,


Papa, Papa wherever you are,

You are mine forever,

Papa, Papa wherever you are,

You are mine forever,

Papa, Papa wherever you are,

You are mine forever,

Papa, Papa wherever you are,

You are mine forever.


Dinesh R Makwana


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