Dragon Miniature Railway

Marple Garden Centre, Marple, UK

Steam Locomotives

The ultimate stars of the DMR, our oldest locomotive dates from 1978. They are real, coal-fired steam engines, the smell of burning coal and hot oil providing an added dimension to the atmosphere of the railway. The locomotives are listed in order of their use on the DMR. Do contact us if you wish to know which engine(s) will be in use on your visit.


Princess was built in 1989 by Edgerton/Horsfield to Roger Marsh's popular design, and was immediately put into service on Brookside Miniature Railway. She came to the DMR in 1999 with our other locos, and has been in regular service ever since. She received a new boiler in 2004 and has been in regular service ever since.

Loco Profile:-  Princess   No.1   Bulit By Egerton and Horsfield 1989  Class: 0-4-2T   Tinkerbell


Lady Pauline

Lady Pauline was constructed in 1982 by Alwyn Kay, a local model engineer, again to Roger Marsh's popular design. She was also used extensively on the Brookside line, until she moved to the DMR with Princess, 47338, D1015 and Marcus in 1999. Not quite as popular as Princess due to her enclosed cab making her rather warm, and due to her being quite top-heavy.

Loco Profile:- Lady Pauline  No.3    Bulit By A. Kay 1982  Class 0-4-2T   Tinkerbell

(OUT OF SERVICE - Major Overhaul Required) 


Jack is one of DMR's privately owned steam locomotives, being completed in 2001. She is a 5" scale model of an 18-inch gauge locomotive built by Hunslet in 1897 for Mount Pleasant clay works. Jack was joined by Gwen in 1920, and was withdrawn in 1958. The prototype is preserved at the Leeds Industrial Museum.

The model was based at Millerbeck in Cumbria from new until October 2006 when it was moved to DMR.

 Loco Profile:- Jack    No.1  Bulit by P. Frank 2001  Class 0-4-0WT+T  Mount Pleasant Hunslet



Goliath was built by R. Kay in 1979. She is Based on the early George Ffestiniog engine, with slip-eccentric valve gear and cylinder drain-cocks which require a second person to open/close them whilst going along. She is therefore used less frequently than any of the other locos. A boiler examination in 2007 has seen her returned to service.

(OUT OF USE - Restoration in progress)


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