Dragon Miniature Railway

Marple Garden Centre, Marple, UK

Rolling Stock

Rolling stock on the DMR currently consists of 6 rakes of carriages. All our rolling stock is turned out in LMS maroon, with DMR logos on the sides.

Blue Pullman Coaches

These coaches are a set of three sit-astride coaches built new for the railway by B. Lomas in 1999. They served the railway on their own for our first three years, before two-train operation dictated the building of more carriages. Originally 6 were built, but 3 (nos. 4-6) were moved elsewhere in early 2001.
These coaches are our Heritage vehicles they where the frist to be bulit and are 12 years old!

These get a lot of use each vehicle is nine feet long, and can seat about 7 adults or 12 children, and are numbered 1 to 3. These have been modified with suspension to improve ride quality.

"First Class" sit-in coaches

After the toast-racks were considered unsuccessful, coupled with the need for a higher capacity than that offered by the toast-racks, three more sit-astride coaches were bought in 2003. These vehicles are lower than the original coaches, and passengers' feet are kept inside as well, making them safer. Since their introduction, they have been indispensable and as such are also heavily used. These coaches are eight feet long each, and weighted with concrete ballast, making them very heavy and noticeable behind the loco.

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Covered coaches

A further set of two carriages was built in 2002 as toast-racks. These were not initially successful, and were re-built between 2005/2006 into covered sit-in coaches which is how they currently run. Each of these coaches is eight feet long, and can seat either four adults or eight children. A further 3 of these coaches have been built and painted into a new livery of cream and red.
The picture on the left illustrates these coaches as originally built. The one on the right shows them in their re-built condition with David.

Covered "Pullman" coaches

The latest addition to our fleet are the covered "Pullman" coaches built in 2010 to a similar design to our original covered they where heavily used over the christmas season and where proven very popular with passengers.

Coaches Livery: Maroon and cream

Above: Clayton with the new coaches stabled at the grotto.

small sit-ins

Constructed in late 2007 to complement Jack and Goliath, this pair of coaches are both 8 feet long, and were built with suspension from new. Put into service at the start of the Christmas break without any formal testing, they're high riding quality have mean that they are considered successful and will see significant use with Jack and other smaller engines, or simply when needed or desired. Another set has been built and have DMR logo's on the side. 


Other rolling stock

There are currently three small wagons kept at the DMR; a freelance tanker wagon and two slate trucks based on those which ran at the Dinorwic quarries in North Wales. Pictures below illustrate these vehicles.

The two slate trucks are currently used for storage in our train depot, the tank truck is at the back of depot out of use.