What is Down Syndrome?


Did you know, most people with Down syndrome...

• Live independently
• Are fully included in school
• Go to college
• Are employed as artists, actors, child care workers etc.
• Get married

Myth: Down syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. 
Truth: Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring genetic re-arrangement. One in every 800 to 1,000 live births is a child with Down syndrome.

Myth: Having a child with Down syndrome will be a burden on a family. 
Truth: Children with Down syndrome have many gifts and talents. They bring joy to their family’s lives and enhance the world. There are many families currently seeking to adopt children with Down syndrome.

Myth: All individuals with Down syndrome will have severe developmental or intellectual delays.
Truth: Most people with Down syndrome have cognitive delays that are mild to moderate. IQ is not an adequate measure of the functional status of people with Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome have great potential when given the opportunity to succeed.

Myth: Individuals born with Down syndrome do not experience full or productive lives.
Truth: Individuals with Down syndrome live at home with their families, in group homes or in homes of their own. They are integrated into the regular education system and are active participants in the vocational, social, religious and recreational activities of the community. Many individuals will go to college, work and lead meaningful lives.